Bat – Chapter 2.2

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>.>.> Depictions of incest in this chapter (latter half of the chapter). Proceed with discretion of you can’t handle this.
There’s a type of person that no matter what they say seems like heaven’s law and earth’s principle1天经地义 fig. right and proper; right and unalterable; a matter of course, whilst appearing elegant and appropriate to the occasion. Feng Long was such a person. Thus, since he had asked him to stay, Bai Moran immediately said: “Well why don’t you just leave tomorrow then!”

Although Song Xiangli was not particularly comfortable, she also lightly added: “Since Feng gongzi has come here, why don’t you stay and keep our guest company for a day!” Her gaze secretly glanced over at her two sons. She sighed internally even if she had exhausted every possible means and exerted endless effort, her own two sons still couldn’t compare to the blind woman’s son.

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If Bai Shaoqing had even been the slightest bit inferior, she would not have been so heartless towards him; but it was because Bai Shaoqing was just too outstanding, so outstanding that at just three years old he had made Song Xiangli apprehensively fearful.

That face, that aptitude, that innate talent – there would definitely be a day that he would surpass Shaoli and Shaoxin leaving them in the dust. She couldn’t bear it but she also could not not bear it.

The Bai family had been a renowned family in Wulin for a hundred years, the family’s customs were strict. She had no way of kicking out a son that Bai laoye-zi had already acknowledged. If Bai Shaoqing had an accident, she’d be the prime suspect.

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She could only not stop him from learning the martial arts of the Bai family, so that he would have no place in Wulin. She also did not allow him to wear white robes, to let everyone know that this san-shaoye existed in name only, he could not obtain any care or concern from the Bai family at all.

But the admiration from others could not be controlled, which made Song Xiangli worried.

“Okay, I will stay for another day.” Bai Shaoqing swept a glance over to Feng Long, looked away and then said with much reverence: “Mother, I’m tired, can I go and rest?”

Song Xiangli didn’t want Bai Shaoqing to stay anyway, her face was expressionless and she nodded: “En, you can go now!”

The sound of Bai Shaoqing’s footsteps as he left were light and elegant, like a God stepping over clouds. Song Xiangli couldn’t help secretly sighing to herself: I’ve tried every method in the book to suppress him and for what? He was only kowtowing outside the hall, and that already made Feng Long go over to him to personally ask for his name. And since coming to the Bai family manor, Feng Long had only exchanged a few conventional greetings with her own two sons.

When he arrived back at his own desolate courtyard, a flash of pink suddenly floated down from the tree.   

“Bai Shaoqing, did you finish discussing with Feng Long?” Fang Nihong had already waited for a long time. But as soon as she spotted Bai Shaoqing, her face still carried an extremely sweet smile.

Bai Shaoqing replied quietly: “He’s the number one master in Wulin, what qualifications do I have to chat business with him?” He looked up at the sky, it was a bit gloomy. Yesterday there was a bit of sunshine, but it looked like the sun would not come out today.

“Everyone says that Feng Long is the number one master of Wulin, I finally saw it for myself today.”

“Not bad, without speaking about his martial arts, his character and demeanour are faultless, his appearance can also be counted as good-looking, someone like that, must be every Wulin daughters dream husband.” Bao Shaoqing pursed his lips lightly, suddenly expressing a bit of humour.

A little joke that struck the young lady’s heart.

Fang Nihong looked at Bai Shaoqing, “What about you? You don’t think you are better than him?”

Bai Shaoqing only laughed at himself, but did not reply.

“You said that you wanted to express your thanks. Well I’m here now, how are you going to thank me?”
“Do you want to eat something?” Bai Shaoqing muttered to himself: “The Bai family’s customs are strict, if my mother and father see me with a female guest, they will not be happy. Why don’t we wait until we have left Bai Manor, and then I’ll thank you properly? When you get back home, I’ll come find you in Huashan.”

Fang Nihong’s eyes sparkled: “Really?”

“I wouldn’t lie to you.” Bai Shaoqing looked behind Fang Nihong, and couldn’t help laughing, he said: “You must have come to find your shimei. Zhou da-ge is so considerate. Fang gu-niang, why don’t you go back now.”

Fang Nihong turned around, and indeed saw Zhou Rouwen looking around everywhere as he approached, as soon as he saw Fang Nihong, he immediately smiled and rushed over.

Fang Nihong’s mouth twitched: “Pfff, shixiong is so annoying, well… I’ll go then, otherwise shixiong will blabber on again endlessly.” She couldn’t resist taking another look at Bai Shaoqing, thinking about meeting up in Huashan, her heart began to beat faster.

After seeing Fang Nihong and Zhou Rouwen off, Bai Shaoqing was in deep thought for a long time, before finally leaving his room.

After telling his mother that he was going to stay for another day, he suddenly saw a person flash by outside the window, Bai Shaoqing understood and whispered: “Mother, the room is too study, I’m going out for a bit.”

As soon as he left the room, his wrist immediately tightened, and he was led by the hand into a remote rock garden.

“No one will come here.” The originally resonant and bright male voice had become anxious at this moment.

Bai Shaoxin was still holding onto Bai Shaoqing’s wrist: “You only come back once a year, if that guy surnamed Feng hadn’t said anything you would have slinked off without a trace again.” He hurriedly and hastily went to kiss him on the mouth.

Bai Shaoqing said coldly: “You still don’t know contentment? I heard that Song Xiangli has already selected you two little concubines?”

“What concubines? There’s no amorous feeling there at all, just nagging me all day to go practice and cultivate, to practice carefully my sword technique, exactly like school teachers. How could they measure up to san-di?”

Bai Shaoqing seemed a little helpless, he frowned and said: “Have you done what I asked you to do?”

*tut tut*,san-di is becoming more and more arrogant. We haven’t seen each other for so long, but you have such a bad attitude towards me. Fortunately I’m here, you know what your old mother wears and eats is still quite costly.” Bai Shaoxin fondly caressed his wrist that was as translucent as jade. “But, you’re getting more and more refined.”

Bai Shaoqing squinted and looked at his own wrist which was still being held tightly by Bai Shaoxin, he’d originally wanted to struggle free, but decided to resist the urge, and instead smiled coldly: “Don’t worry, the thing that I’ve promised you, I’ll definitely do it. Let go, stop tugging at me.”

Bai Shaoxin snorted: “Don’t treat me like an idiot, as soon as I let go, I won’t know when I’ll be able to see you again. Plus it’s calm here, there’s no fear of anyone seeing us, can’t you just grant me that one wish this time?”

“Grant your wish?” Bai Shaoqing’s handsome face showed a hint of disdain: “If I grant your wish, who’s going to grant mine?”

His face was completely cold, there was not even a smile,  

Bai Shaoxin said: “What else do you want? All these years, I’ve been carrying out your requirements, helping you take care of your mother. If it wasn’t for me secretly helping her, would my mother have let her be?”

“That’s not the only thing I want.”
Bai Shaoxin understood what he was getting at and sighed: “You still haven’t let that go? Even if I gave the Sword Manual to you, you have already passed the age to begin training, it would be almost impossible to succeed.”

“The way I see it, father hasn’t actually passed down the entire manual to you!” Seeing Bai Shaoxin leaning closer again, and his hands caressing further and further down, from his waist slipping down to between his legs. Bai Shaoqing felt a burst of loathing, he pushed him away and then turned around: “Your skills are far from da-ge, father was right not to give it to you. But why hasn’t Song Xiangli voiced her concerns, doesn’t she dote on you the most?”

“Mother naturally dotes on me, I will find a way to get it to you.”

“We can speak again when you’ve got it.”

“San-di, stay a little longer, the past two years you’ve only let me touch you once, at least give me two more kisses. Bai Shaoxin approached and embraced Bai Shaoqing in his arms.

“Let go!” Bai Shaoqing couldn’t move a muscle in his arms, his fair jade face exposed his anger, slightly turning red, making him even more handsome.

“Only an idiot would let go.” Bai Shaoxin joyfully kissed him on the lips twice, exerting much force on his thin light red lips, watching gleefully as his graceful lips became inflamed and swollen because of him, but he was still not satisfied, he used one hand to pin both of Bai Shaoqing’s hands behind his back, and the other hand to undo his belt: “I see that your body is even more beautiful, just looking at it seems such a shame, why don’t you let me stick it to you.”

Bai Shaoqing had both his hands held down, originally he had decided on just bearing it and letting him kiss him twice, and treat it as being bitten by a dog, but hearing Bai Shaoxin talking like that, the depths of eyes suddenly became cold, not the least bit afraid, instead he sneered: “Okay, so it turns out Hero Bai’s martial arts is actually specifically used for these kind of situations.”

His tone was angry and cold, his words produced a murky and eerie chill, making Bai Shaoxin who was originally burning with desire, have a cold chill run down his spine, he let go of Bai Shaoqing, and smiled brightly: “I was kidding, don’t take it seriously.”

His body had been trained in martial arts, it wouldn’t be hard for him to overpower Bai Shaoqing who couldn’t even truss a chicken2手无缚鸡之力 shǒu wú fù jī zhī lì fig. weak, but based on his younger brother’s strong personality, if he forced himself on Bai Shaoqing, he didn’t know what the consequences would be so he didn’t dare to try it.

Bai Shaoqing was released by him, he unhurriedly fixed up his robes and said: “If I’d known how useless you were, I would have gone to beg da-ge. He probably received the Bai family sword manual long ago.”

Bai Shaoxin saw that he was unable to forget about the Sword Manual, and he shook his head, “Didn’t I already write out half of the Bai family Sword manual for you?”

“I want it all, even the masterstroke ‘Ten styles of white dew in the clouds’3云里白露十式 phew that’s a long name – it’s just the name of the Bai family’s strongest attack/skill.”

Bao Shaoxin was stunned for a moment, “You haven’t studied martial arts, so what do you want that for?”

“Never you mind. Since I’m a son of the Bai family, I naturally have the right to see the Bai family sword manual. Plus, I can’t practice martial arts but does that mean I can’t leave it for my son to learn?” Bai Shaoqing stood up, and without the slightest bit of reluctance he walked out of the rock garden. “Take good care of my mother, if someone makes things difficult for her, don’t think that you’ll be able to touch another hair on my head!”

Behind him, all that was left was an aura of coldness and lack of regard.

“Ten styles of white dew in the clouds…” Bai Shaoxin looked at his back reluctantly, sighed, and murmured: “The thing you want, I will definitely get scolded by mother and father.
Translator Note:

Oh okay, I was not expecting the second big bro to be like that….. nor Bai Shaoqing to be so manipulative… hm……

13/09/21 – Ok I just added a warning at the beginning of the chapter from a suggestion by a reader. As I have mentioned multiple times I have not read this novel so I don’t know what’s coming up but I can tell you if you have not read any of this author’s other novels – she does often use the tropes – inc*st and r*pe. Also feel free to add it to the tags if you’re coming from NU – I don’t know if it needs to go in there.

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