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Cold snow suddenly fell during the night, waking up in the early morning, the world was already a landscape of white.

Icicles were hanging off the silver branches, surrounding the entire courtyard, the man made creek had iced over into a jade-like crystal.

If people were born to be separated into different social classes, then, there must be one category where they were born to eat the best cuisine, enjoy the best wine, wear the most exquisite silk, live in the best housing, see the best scenery and enjoy the most beautiful women.

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For example, Feng Long.

Feng Long was feeling relaxed and comfortable, he picked up some snacks that the Bai family’s chef had made with the utmost care for him, he drank from the Bai family’s collection of good wine —— which had said to have been collected over a hundred years, he was wearing robes made from the finest silk in Zhejiang that the silk shop boss personally came to deliver to the Feng family every year. He glanced over at the delicate shutter window in Duanxu Pavilion, the place specially prepared for the most esteemed guests at Bai Manor, and appreciated the new layer of white snow that had covered the landscape overnight.

The only thing missing was the women.

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No, it wasn’t missing, because what he was thinking about right now was not women.

“Feng Jun.”

As soon as Feng Long called out, a square-faced large male flashed by behind the beaded curtain.

“Yes.” His movements were like a ghost, making no noise whatsoever, his manner was also incredibly calm, he suddenly appeared, not even exposing a single thread of panic.

“Did the Bai family come over?”

“Early this morning, Bai Moran brought his two sons over to see you, I did as you asked 一一 turned them away and said that you had had a long and tiring trip coming here so you would sleep a bit later today.

In this world, there were really not many guests who would stop the master of the manor from visiting in the early morning. But Feng Long’s status had reached the point where even if he was rude, people would have no choice but to still grin and bear it without making a fuss.

“En.” Feng Long nodded, and then had another cup of the good wine and then praised: “This wine is indeed mellow and rich, it seems the Bai family have some good stuff here.” His slender fingers were playing with the small wine cup, he seemed to be particularly interested in the wine cup that was specially used by the Bai family to greet the distinguished guests.

Feng Jun bowed and then calmly awaited further instruction.

Indeed, Feng Long quickly cast aside the wine cup, turned his head and said: “Let’s go!”

If he said he was leaving then he leave. Feng Jun knew his master’s character deeply and quickly followed him out.

The Heavens were not as prejudiced as Song Xiangli, the great snowfall that covered the front of Duanxu Pavilion, naturally also fell over at Bai Shaoqing’s desolate little courtyard.

The white snow was as picturesque as a painting.

Bai Shaoqing was not in the mood to appreciate the snow. There were only two people in this small courtyard. His mother couldn’t see the picturesque snow scene, and could only feel cold. So, because of this fact, he did not like the snow.

Plus, he had fallen ill today. He was so ill, he had no energy whatsoever, he felt weak all over, and he didn’t dare to let his mother know in case she got worried.

So, Bai Shaoqing waited in his room all alone, not even daring to get some medicine.

Feng Long turned up uninvited and opened his bedroom door, and immediately spotted Bai Shaoqing leaning against the head of the bed, his bright eyes were half-open half-closed, with a flushed face.

“Are you ill?”

He was surprised that a guest had spoken, Bai Shaoqing was stunned, he opened his eyes, “Feng gongzi?”

Feng Long came towards the bed, touched his head to see, “What is it, a cold?” Without asking, he had already put graceful but powerful fingers upon Bai Shaoqing’s wrist.

Bai Shaoqing was startled, he retracted his hand and hid it under the covers.

Bai Shaoqing didn’t seem to want to have anything to do with Feng Long, he averted his gaze as soon as the other came close. Feng Long examined closely for a moment, and then his lips slowly exhibited a hint of a smile, “One must have a companion in order to appreciate the snow, I came especially to come see you. Yesterday, didn’t we agree that you would spend the day with me, how did you become so ill today?”

Bai Shaoqing smiled bitterly: “I haven’t practised martial arts, so how could I compare to you?

“Oh really…..”

Feng Long seemed to be lost in thought, and fell silent. His dark eyes collected a dim light, he wasn’t sure – how many people of Wulin had he made flinch and cower? But at this moment staring at Bai Shaoqing for quite a while, Bai Shaoqing still remained completely unmoved with his head on the pillow, bowing his head down slightly, leaving Feng Long to eye him up and down.

“So it’s like that.” Feng Long smiled, turned around and walked towards the window, his gaze fixed upon the Bai family banner that was hung high up at the top of the main hall, he said softly: “It seems that as a guest I’m quite annoying!”

“No, Feng gongzi is an esteemed guest, I’m very regretful that I am unable to keep you company……”

Feng Long suddenly turned around and sneered: “Well did san-gongzi stand outside in the snow the entire night in order to prove that scholars are prone to illness?”

His motive had been directly discovered by Feng Long, Bai Shaoqing was not surprised and even smiled, his graceful lips slowly curved up into an arc. He looked over at Feng Long pensively, “Feng gongzi, as a guest, you actually have a hobby of spying on the masters of the house?”
It was as if his gaze could see beyond the facade of all living things on this earth, his gaze moved to Bai Shaoqing’s face again. This time, Feng Long looked very attentively, even extremely attentively. His thick black eyebrows were a little taut, the corners of his lips were not raised. When he didn’t smile, his handsome face would give people a sense of breathless oppression.

Bai Shaoqing didn’t try to cower away, he calmly looked into Feng Long’s eyes.

Like a sword 一His gaze was sharp, meeting Bai Shaoqing’s limpid pupils, it was as if he was looking into a pool of water —— utterly penetrating, but calm without any rippling waves.

It was not known how long had passed, but Feng Long retracted his gaze and a slight smile appeared, “I didn’t spy, it was the servants who told me.”

He smiled very candidly, and with much elegance, like an intoxicating spring breeze that blew across this low-ceiling house.


“Yesterday after meeting, my admiration for you grew, so I asked the servants to find out more about you.”

Bai Shaoqing still used the same indifferent word. “Really?”

“You’re tired, I’ll take my leave.”

“I won’t see you out.”

The old dilapidated door squeaked and then closed behind Feng Long.

Bai Shaoqing was leaning against the headboard, he closed his eyes and then silently counted thirty breaths. After thirty breaths, his regular breath suddenly quickened, his flushed face became pale.

He took out the hand that he had hidden under the covers.

He was grasping a sharp knife. And that hand could not stop trembling.

“That person can’t be provoked, it won’t be possible to get the Bilu sword.” He flipped over and got out of bed, Bai Shaoqing muttered to himself: “Leave immediately, as far away as possible.”

He took out a brush and some ink, hurriedly wrote a few words, and left the note on the table. The cloth bag that he had already prepared was firmly tied on his back, and then he looked out the window hopefully to survey the area.

As expected, outside the courtyard, there was a figure dressed in purple who was anxiously rushing over.

Bai Shaoqing’s lips moved into a slight smile, a mischievous flame lit in his bright eyes.

“Oh you’ve come, but I’m leaving now. It seems that today I won’t be able to see for myself Huashan sect’s sword technique. How annoying, it’s all because of the one surnamed Feng.”

A tall figure flashed out the window and then disappeared.

A fragrant desire, the thread of fate coiled around tighter.

Prior to becoming sick, luckily he had already laid on his romantic intention, with infinite warmth.

“Bai Shaoqing?” The sharp and clear voice relaxed a little, Fang Nihong stood outside the door and waited for a while before she boldly pushed open the door, “I heard that you were sick, I…”

The room was empty, with only a hint remaining of the owner’s unique scent.

Fang Nihong pursed her lips, walked into the room, her disappointed eyes wandered around, and finally fixed upon a letter on the table——

Fang gu-niang, thank you for coming to see me. But my status is low, and I am afraid of damaging your reputation, so I have decided to depart carrying my illness.

If you have not forgotten about our plans to meet in Huashan Sect, in three months, I will definitely come personally to see you, in order to thank you for your kindness.

Note: This room is deserted all year round, no one will come here. If gu-niang does not come, this letter will be kept here until the day I return and I will pick it up myself.

The calligraphy was tall and straight, and the strokes were round and full, reminiscent of the handsome eyebrows of the letter’s author.

Fang Nihong read the letter over and over again, exclaiming in marvel and delight, her heart was sour and sweet, in the sweetness there was also bitterness, she really couldn’t tell what she was feeling.

After exclaiming in joy several times, she realized that more than a shichen had already passed. Knowing that shixiong must be looking for her everywhere around Bai Manor at this moment, she hurriedly hid the letter in her robes and quietly closed the door of the room.

She didn’t know that the onset of Bai Shaoqing’s sudden illness was a ploy especially carried out for her.


He liked the clouds.

Clouds changed unpredictably, came in different colours – sometimes as pure white as snow, sometimes as red as blood, and sometimes like a beauty’s cheek, half-red and half-white, difficult to distinguish.

But his favourite were dark clouds. The deeper and darker the cloud, the more he liked it.

Whose fault was it that he liked black – black robes, black shoes, and black clouds.

Bai Shaoqing was laying on his back upon the hay of the ox cart, staring at the white clouds floating in the sky.

It had been three months since he left Bai Manor. The depths of winter had long passed and spring was in full swing. And during this spring, big and small matters still continued to happen in Wulin.

The larger matter was that the bodies discovered recently were all disciples of various large sects, and they all died under their own sect’s martial arts methods, which was a great humiliation to all the sects.

The smaller matter was that, it was not any of the grand masters who had died, but just the junior disciples whose martial arts skills were not particularly profound.
The situation was getting worse and worse, and even the four great sects of Jianghu could not continue to cover it up, so they had to declare the world the killer- Bat.

But what was even worse was that this murderer had become more intense. The last time, he actually marked his symbol upon the corpse —— Ninth Heaven1九天 -jiǔtiān, in Chinese cosmology, the heavens have layers – ninth is the highest one, symbolically it can mean sky-high, on top., Bat.

A bat flying over the ninth heaven, black wings fluttering, transcending the clouds.

Also, there was all kinds of evidence against the Bai family, making them hard-pressed to deal with the aftermath. Fortunately, the Bai family had status and position in Jianghu, plus Bai Moran had announced that he would definitely deliver justice to the victims, which temporarily quelled the angry masses.
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