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Reader discretion advised -incest – hmmm… unwanted heavy petting from MC’s despicable cousin for most of this chapter.
In this world, if you ask anyone which restaurant was the most magnificent, everyone would answer —— Tan Xiao1谈笑 lit. tánxiào to chat and laugh Pavilion in Luoyang.

Tan Xiao Pavilion was a place to enjoy oneself and chat with one another cheerfully, a place for distinguished talents to gather. Heroes from Jianghu, scholars and poets, all looked forward to going there. Aside from Chef Lin’s culinary expertise in the kitchen, just a few priceless treasures that were randomly placed in Tan Xiao Pavilion alone, were enough to make guests feel satisfied just sitting there.

Under the clear sky, Bai Shaoqing lowered his head as he passed by slowly in front of Tan Xiao Pavilion.

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His plain and simple black robes were a partner that would never betray him. He lowered his head, just because of his handsome appearance, which would always make the passersby suddenly look at him in surprise. But the arrogance that was hidden in his eyes was actually well-concealed.

“Well, look who it is?” An arrogant voice was suddenly heard, and a hand holding a fan came from beside him teasingly poking at Bai Shaoqing’s chin. The handsome silhouette with the resplendent sparkling eyes suddenly became the centre of attention.

The person who came up to him was elegantly dressed and handsome, accompanied by a few stocky men standing behind him, showing his noble status.

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Seeing Bai Shaoqing’s face, his eyes instantly brightened, and he laughed and said, “I can’t believe I’ve bumped into san-gongzi! I was ill during uncle’s 50th birthday and never went to offer my well wishes. How is my aunt2姑母 gūmǔ paternal aunt?”   

As soon as he heard this voice, Bai Shaoqing was filled with annoyance.

This Song Xuelan was Song Xiangli’s most beloved nephew, and he was even more disgusting than Bai Shaoxin. Why did you have to run into him here?

“Why didn’t Shaoqing didi come to find me after arriving in Luoyang?” Song Xuelan advanced forward and grabbed Bai Shaoqing’s wrist, “Look at you dressed in tattered rags, if others saw this, they’d think that my aunt is mistreating you!”

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Bai Shaoqing said indifferently: “I travel around for my studies, I’m only staying in Luoyang for a day.”

So unfortunate that we had to meet in full view of others; if we had bumped into each other in a secluded place, I would have already made minced meat out of this hand.

“Just for one day? Well, you can keep me company for one day then. Let’s go eat at Tan Xiao Pavilion.” Song Xuelan dragged Bai Shaoqing into Tan Xiao Pavilion, without paying any attention to Bai Shaoqing’s reluctance. “Looking at your appearance, you probably don’t even have enough travel money. Don’t be afraid, after dinner, gege will give you some.” That obscene face, it was as if he thought Bai Shaoqing was a plaything that had landed on his doorstep for his amusement.

It was not actually difficult to get rid of Song Xuelan. One move of the “Fortune of the East Sea” was enough to push him down on the ground and make him fall flat on his face; or another move, “Dance of the Black Dragon”, could kick him up in the air and over the golden banner of Tan Xiao Pavilion. Otherwise, he had recently learnt “The flying pair of Swallows” which could pierce an invisible hole through him with one swipe of the sword.

He was the Bat afterall, so how difficult is it to kill a mere brat with a silver spoon in his mouth3纨绔子弟 wán kù zǐdì hedonistic son of rich parents?

Unfortunately, he was Bai Shaoqing at the moment – Bai Shaoqing who didn’t know any martial arts.

“I’m leaving Luoyang now, my teacher…” Bai Shaoqing said quietly whilst he was seated in an elegant private room.

After entering the private room, Song Xuelan became even more presumptuous.

“The fun hasn’t started yet, where are you going?” Sitting beside a completely rigid Bai Shaoqing, Song Xuelan no longer tried to conceal his frivolous behaviour. “I know you have been treated badly by the Bai family. But who taught you not to find a backer? If I were to look after you in front of my aunt, would you have been so badly treated?”

The handle of the fan poked at Bai Shaoqing’s chin, and Song Xuelan sighed: “The older you get, the more handsome you become. Since you’ve been out studying, everytime I have visited Bai Manor I have missed you. Haha! Today, you fell right into my arms yourself.”

Bai Shaoqing secretly clenched his fists, shifted his gaze towards the couple of stocky men who were standing with their hands behind their backs in the middle of the room, and he slowly loosened his fists again.

In the centre of the city, upstairs in Tan Xiao Pavilion, how could Bai san gongzi, who didn’t even have the strength to truss a chicken, kill anyone?

Song Xuelan was not aware that his life was hanging on by a thread, he smiled and stroked Bai Shaoqing’s rigid back. The obscene behaviour brought only annoyance and anger to Bai Shaoqing, but his facial expression and eyes clearly showed fear and timidness.
“Don’t be like that ……”

The weak resistance seemed to create a greater pleasure for Song Xuelan, and his mouth suddenly covered the other’s thin pink lips and sucked. “So sweet. Those sweet ladies at the br*thels don’t taste as sweet as you. My little didi, be obedient and with my help, the Bai family will treat you well.”

This kind of talk was completely meaningless to him. Bai Shaoqing yawned in his head, but his body deliberately trembled under Song Xuelan.

“What is it? Have you thought clearly about it?” He reached deep into his collar and twisted at the small and nimble protrusion. Song Xuelan said triumphantly: “If you p*ss me off, it’s hard to guarantee that my aunt won’t find a way for your blind old mother to suffer.”

He deserves death, Bai Shaoqing was furious.

Anger was burning in his heart, but Bai Shaoqing suddenly smiled, it was a graceful and charming smile. He said softly, “Song da-ge is outspoken and straightforward, with your protection, who would dare to bully Shaoqing? It’s just…” He moved his gaze to the side, “Song da-ge is not thinking about performing in front of an audience, right?”

“I have no choice.” Song Xuelan glanced helplessly at his servants. “Recently, Jianghu has become a mess. Even the head disciple of Huashan Sect was killed inexplicably, and the Bai family were implicated in the murder. My father strictly ordered them not to leave me for even half a step, I can’t even relieve myself in peace.” He touched Bai Shaoqing’s pale face, and laughed: “They’ve got used to it for the past two days. Two days ago, over at Sai Chun Pavilion, the night of passion with their twelve beauties really opened up their eyes!”

If he was to make a move, he’d have to kill all seven of the people in this private room. The people who had seen him walking into Tan Xiao Pavilion were numerous. How would he deal with the aftermath? Whilst Bai Shaoqing was reflecting over this, when his belt was removed.

The front of his robes came completely undone, exposing half of his bare chest, it was blindingly fair that those who looked had trouble opening their eyes, even the servants were staring in a daze.

“Such a tender body.” Song Xuelan impatiently kissed him in a boorish manner.

Bai Shaoqing sneered. If he wasn’t taken advantage of, then he would be exposing his identity, this really was a hard choice.

The strong but slightly slender thighs were rudely pulled apart, whilst the hem of his robes were lifted up to his waist. Amidst the panic, there was the slight sound of footsteps in the next room, it was obvious that the guests who had booked the private room next door had arrived. It must be a person of high-rank to be able to be taken care of in a private room of the Tan Xiao Pavilion.

Bai Shaoqing concentrated his ears, his heart sank, the footsteps were steady and unhurried, it seemed to be a strong practitioner of martial arts. If so, it was even more inappropriate to make a move at this moment.

Did he really have to just endure it?

Suddenly, his lower body was frivolously captured, Bai Shaoqing moaned very quietly, and turned his head to look at Song Xuelan.

Those so-called righteous martial artists loathed matters of the flesh, and would not just stand by and ignore these kinds of matters. Once the guests next door discover the situation here, they should come forward to stop it.

Thinking of this, Bai Shaoqing’s groans became even louder.
“Please let me go!” His eyes were already filled with tears, like a lamb before the slaughter.

Seeing him look like this, who would ever agree to let him go? Sure enough, Song Xuelan smiled obscenely: “Wait a moment and then beg for mercy.”

“Song da-ge, please don’t be like this.” Bai Shaoqing suddenly shouted, “Although, I am not the son of Bai fu-ren, I can still be considered part of the Bai family. If you insult me like this, I…I would rather die.” He yelled. He listened very carefully and noticed that the private room next door was really silent, they were obviously paying attention to what was happening in there.

“Hehe, suddenly becoming resistant? Great, I like a stubborn horse.”

Song Xuelan got even more excited, and ripped off the remaining clothing on Bai Shaoqing’s body, crushing him heavily underneath his own body, and then grabbed ahold of one of his ankles which was as pale as snow.

Bai Shaoqing let Song Xuelan pull apart his b*ttocks and estimated the time it would take for his “saviour” to rush in and save him. At that time, it was unavoidable not to weep some bitter tears and then allow the rumour to spread across Jianghu that Bai san-gongzi was powerless to protect himself.

“You are really so slim and tender, even smoother than my new concubine at home.” Song Xuelan laughed.

“No… don’t…” Bai Shaoqing frowned and glanced at the other’s repulsive face.

If he used Tianshan Yunu4天山玉女 Tianshan = is a mountain range in Xinjiang, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan, 玉女 yùnǚ – can mean beautiful women or immortal fairy – it’s just the name of another sect Sect’s ‘Ten Thousand Needles Piercing Heart’ Technique, his victim would cry piteously for three days before dying, this was the most suitable method to use on Song Xuelan. But he’d have to wait at least a month or two to do it so as to not arouse suspicion.   

Song Xuelan reached out with his hand to caress his snow-white thighs.

Okay, Song Xuelan was a brute, but the ones next door were just the same as him. After I’ve finished off the one surnamed Song, I’ll take care of you too.

As matters stand, there was no other choice but to expose his identity.

Bai Shaoqing gritted his teeth and his hand stealthily moved to his lower back.

“Stop that.” A voice that was not entirely unfamiliar, was suddenly heard softly.

It was light but gentle, it was obvious that the speaker was an educated son of the noble family.

Although light and gentle, it brought with it an unexpected awe-inspiring quality that could directly shake one’s heart. In the ears of the lustful Song Xuelan, the words were like someone taking a forceful stab at him, and he immediately looked up.

Bai Shaoqing was scornful. They’d finally heard enough of the fun and decided to take action at the last moment, but he’d nearly been completely taken advantage of.

The sliding doors slid open.

There was a person standing at the door. In fact, it was more than one person who stood there. It was just that as long as this person was standing there, the brilliance and existence of others would be concealed by his presence and the others would completely disappear out of sight.

It was as if in this world, only he existed.

When the sliding doors opened, everyone’s gaze in the room naturally fell upon this person.
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Well… that family’s got some serious issues…

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