Important Announcements

Please take a moment to read through this.

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago, I tried to get 10% of the total people who requested access for MDSB to support the author but that was like pulling teeth…. I’d say it was more like less than 1% who even tried…. You can’t say that I didn’t try though but one does get tired of begging!!

I tried to leave things as accessible as I could, but unfortunately, if there is a free option, barely anyone is going to willingly make the effort and support the author.

Therefore, as a way to actively encourage readers to support the authors i.e. pay the authors for what they are consuming, all my translations will now be locked to proof of purchase from now on.

The original content has always been paid content because the authors want to get paid for their work, if they didn’t they would make it free, accessing through unofficial means such as my translation does not mean you are exempt from supporting the author.

Supporting the author means paying the author for what you are consuming, not the translator.

If you are one of those people and I quote verbatim from someone that ‘has never paid for a book because the internet exists‘ then kindly close this tab and move on – thank you!

I’m not interested in having debates with people about whether they should be paying for raws or not. I won’t change my stance and you probably won’t change yours. If you don’t want to support the author, then don’t, go read elsewhere. End of.

All of the raws I’m translating from cost less than $4 US on desktop and less than $3 on the app each for the entire novel. Very affordable for the large majority of us here.

Novel Desktop* App
TP $3.73 $2.80
AUH $3.26 $2.30
MDSB $2.25 $1.72
Bat $3.31 N/A1Bat is hosted on Myrics, there is no app
*Prices can vary dependent on your user level

If you are a verified reader you can email me directly with a screenshot(s) of your proof of purchase for the updated passwords.
If you need help, jjwxc guide is here.

If you are a newbie to my site, you can check the access page.

FAQ: Why should I buy a Chinese copy that I can’t even read?
I feel like we are going round in circles but since you guys keep asking and moaning, fine …. Whilst I understand you might feel like it’s a waste of money to buy a copy of the book in Chinese, but by saying this, aren’t you basically asking ‘why should I pay the author?’

The fact is you still want to read it though right? Even if it is through unofficial means such as my translation, you are still reading the content and enjoying it and my tl is based on the Chinese copy which was written and belongs to the authors – so the authors deserve to be paid, no matter what form you are using to access their work. How can it be a waste if the authors actually gets paid for their hard work?

As I said before… if this is just a case of you wanting to get something for free, then that is up to you, but it won’t be through my translations. Kindly close this tab and never return – thank you!

FAQ: What should I do if I can’t afford it?
Whilst I understand that it is disappointing. If you can’t afford it then maybe you should wait to read it when you can. Books are not essentials, and there are plenty of free danmei to read on the internet, just choose something else. My translations are all ongoing anyway and they are just 4 books out of millions on the internet, it is definitely not the end of the world to wait. Who knows by the time I have completed the translation, you might have saved up enough or the jj international site might have launched and they might have better, more accessible translations on there.

FAQ: The minimum top up with Paypal is too expensive for me
If you can’t afford the $17 minimum for paypal – you can try using taobao or tourpass to top up a smaller amount – Lianyin has a tutorial for that or if you have an iphone and apple pay, you can download the app and just top up there for less (minimum top up is only approx $7), there is a tutorial in my guide.

FAQ: What should I do if Chinese apps and/or Paypal are banned in my country?
You can try the Support Authors discord to ask if there are any work arounds for your country or contact me privately to discuss and I will try to help you find a solution.

I’m happy to speak privately about genuine issues you may have but if it’s just to moan or to attack me because you can’t get something for free, I’m no longer entertaining those kind of messages…

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