I’m making a few changes to the website – please take a moment to read:

1. Non-vip/free chapters in raws are now unlocked
Since all the chapters have already been stolen pre-locking, I’m just going to leave them unlocked. I only locked them behind the google form as a means of making people fully aware that the chapters are locked to POP after a certain point but since most “readers” are incapable of following instructions or actually reading, I won’t waste any more of my time trying to pre-warn people anymore lol. In short, VIP/paid chapters in raws will still require proof of purchase to access.

2. Passwords for vip/paid chapters in raws have been updated
Since Bat and MDSB are now completely translated, I’m going to assume that most people will have finished reading, dropped them, are done with them and not looking for a re-read so I won’t be doing any mass notifications. If you’re a verified reader that wants to re-read or you are in the middle of reading, you remain on that verified readers list, you can get the new password at any time from the last unlocked chapter – see below.

3. How to get the new passwords for verified readers?
To avoid more work for me – if you need the new passwords go back to the end of the last unlocked chapter and send yourself the new password at the following chapters:

MDSB ➡️ Chapter 19
Bat ➡️ Chapter 4.1
AUH ➡️ Chapter 28
TP ➡️ Chapter 21

⚠️ Please note that if you were in the middle of reading, i.e. not in the first or second arc – you will have to go and send yourself multiple password blocks/arcs– sorry but I don’t have time to be sending out mass notifications so you’ll have to do a bit of work yourself, it will take less than 5 minutes to go back to the end of each arc and send yourself the password. Can’t be bothered, don’t read – what can I say.

❌ This will fall on deaf ears, but do NOT share new passwords!!

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