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Welcome from Translator

I’m Qianya, your volunteer bilingual fan translator. Born and raised in the UK so British English used across my translations – nothing I can do if you don’t like that. Read the About page if you’re curious to know more.

House rules of sorts:
βˆ† Do NOT repost, redistribute my translations on any other platform especially Wattpad for “offline reading” purposes. Originally, I wasn’t adverse to people having private copies for their own use as long as they didn’t distribute publicly, however, that’s been scrapped due to multiple people making epubs and distributing on wattpad.

⚠ Copy and paste has been disabled due to theft (as mentioned above) and it’s not coming back. Non-negotiable, sorry but you can blame those who can’t be respectful of other people’s work.

βˆ† If you spot any errors, typos, broken links or you’d like to contact me – kindly head over to the FAQ Page first or you can email me (if you’re a verified reader – you have my email), dm me on twitter or message me on discord – whichever you prefer.

⚠ No re-translations please unless you got permission from me before. Which is only a handful of people and I think most of them have already given up.

Enjoy your stay and please support the author if you can! ~

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