✧ My name is Qianya (倩雅 qiànyǎ)
✧ I’m a British born Chinese.
✧ This is very much a solo project, I am not affiliated with any translation groups and don’t plan to join any.
✧ Started this website in June 2021 and I haven’t looked back.
✧ My initial goal was to share more of my favourite BL author – that’s MXS if you hadn’t guessed already…
✧ My second aim was to put my Chinese to use because as they say – ‘don’t use it, you’ll lose it’ and honestly aside from watching cdramas, and talking to my family – I really wasn’t using it!
✧ Lastly, I learnt to code a while ago and never used that either, so it kind of killed ‘three’ birds with one stone I guess.

More specifics about my translation style and how to contact me in FAQ >


My translation projects are purely for fun which is why they are classed as fan translations.

I’m just sharing what I love – they are in no way 100% accurate nor perfect. Just wanted to add that I am mainly a cantonese speaker, although, I also speak mandarin, I grew up overseas so some cultural references and slang from mainland are also sometimes lost although I do try to look up what I can ! !

You can view my fan tls as a way to explain the raws to you by a fan of the work and not to be taken as a substitute for purchasing the raws ! ! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ ~

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