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Chinese title: 北斗 (běidǒu)
Author: 梦溪石 (mèng xī shí)
Publishing Year: 2019
Length: 182 + 6 Extras
TL status: Ongoing - 95/188

. • ° this book is set in the 1930’s during the Republic of China era so it deals with the usual tropes characteristic of this time period namely things like opium, political unrest, looming sense of war (WW2), Japanese occupation of China, and lots and lots guns etc etc, which gives it a certain charm and shapes how the plot unfolds and how they solve the cases. So personally I wouldn’t characterise this a modern novel, if you’d like to read a modern MXS novel (i.e. set in the times we live in now), you can try Bu Tian Gang or Yin Yang Du which is currently serialising.

. • ° Some of you have already asked me so I’ll answer here, the MC and ML do get together much quicker/earlier than MXS’s other novels i.e. before the end haha…. but you’re still looking at 100+ chapters. It’s still a relatively slow-burn but less so compared to some of her other books.

. • ° This translation is slated to finish in July 2023 at the earliest (just something to keep in mind if you are waiting for a complete tl to read). Update schedule will not change to go any faster – please do not make any demands.

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Overnight, the world turned upside down.

Ling Shu turned from an idle small-time police officer with no ambitions to a suspected murderer. He had no other choice but to work hard to save his own life and clear his name.

Yue Dingtang was not used to watching Ling Shu’s attitude of “I have no ambitions and just want to get through life idly so I’ll just goof off and be lazy.”

Until one day, he suddenly discovered that the person he had been nitpicking and trying to change wasn’t a lazy useless pig but in fact pretending to be stupid to throw off his opponent.

This book is also known as:
《A story about the boss who is devoted to picking out faults everyday and his subordinate who wants to be goof off and dig pits for his boss》
《From two former love rivals who used to hate each other to taking a quantitative leap, what kind of experience will they go through together?》

CP: A shou (Ling Shu) who used to be wealthy and promising but turned into a lazy guy who goes through life idly waiting for the days to pass, happy to partake but not prepared to do any work, with a big mouth on him and poor health vs A gong (Yue Dingtang) who appears elegant and refined on the surface but is actually impulsive, holds grudges and goes searching for trouble.

Tags: Case-solving, Republic of China, HE

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: We suspect you are the murderer.

Chapter 2: All around him, an inescapable net.

Chapter 3: Tonight was going to be a long night.

Chapter 4: Ling Shu is the only male left in the Ling family.

Chapter 5: Yue Dingtang was so angry!

Chapter 6: Who knew you were still such good friends

Chapter 7: Ling Shu was feeling hopeless.

Chapter 8: Ghost Sighting

Chapter 9: What the hell.

Chapter 10: So, let’s change our way of thinking?

Chapter 11: Ling Shu looked as if he’d been reborn.

Chapter 12: Lao Yue, your wife is still waiting for you at home!

Chapter 13: He’d planned everything in advance!

Chapter 14: Meow!

Chapter 15: Yue Dingtang’s heart sank with it.

Chapter 16: Ling Shu has amnesia.

Chapter 17: Ling Shu: my life is too difficult.

Chapter 18: Another person dies.

Chapter 19: Are you afraid of the dark or of ghosts?

Chapter 20: Yue Dingtang has had enough.

Chapter 21: The ghost is here.


Chapter 22: There’s one missing.

Chapter 23: Who’s the killer?

Chapter 24: He had only watched this scene play out for a minute but Ling Shu had already dug him a massive deep pit.

Chapter 25: Can’t you be more optimistic?

Chapter 26: Ling Shu wanted to chop off this hand.

Chapter 27: Ling Shu!

Chapter 28: The truth is slowly revealed.

Chapter 29: The riddle is solved.

Chapter 30: Yue Dingtang is still inside!

Chapter 31: Is it Yue Dingtang or Mr Li?

Chapter 32: Ling Shu: Suddenly seeing you after everything that’s happened just got me … excited.

Chapter 33: Turn around, I’ll scratch it for you.

Chapter 34: This is what you owe me

Chapter 35: Ling, Shu!

Chapter 36: Ling Shu as the hero who saves the beauty

Chapter 37: Three successive questions came from Yue Dingtang’s soul

Chapter 38: Yue Dingtang’s mood seemed to have unexpectedly improved slightly

Chapter 39: Ling Shu is under my protection

Chapter 40: Just blame it on the fact that I’m too outstanding, and too attractive to beauties

Chapter 41: You’re afraid I’ll renege on my debt?

Chapter 42: This was the third death threat letter received.

Chapter 43: Yue Dingtang did not have much compassion for the beauty.

Chapter 44: You’re clearly not afraid of being so full you’ll burst!

Chapter 45: Yue Sir’s luck with the ladies isn’t so bad!

Chapter 46:“Oh my heart, I’m hurt.”

Chapter 47: The two of them seemed to be flirting, the dark tide was turbulent, and still waters were running deep.​

Chapter 48: Ling Shu frowned, and thought that he had entered into someone else’s carefully planned trap.

Chapter 49: Yue Dingtang’s heart softened

Chapter 50: Lao Yue, Yue Sir, Si-shaoye, Dingtang, Little Tangtang——

Chapter 51: Be careful, to take advantage at the expense of others won’t do, but instead you’ll be playing with fire and get burnt.

Chapter 52: Yue Dingtang treats you really well.

Chapter 53: Would Yue Dingtang offend others just for you?

Chapter 54: What kind of face would Yue Dingtang make.

Chapter 55: He wants to put a hit out on you.

Chapter 56: Apparently, you two are getting ready to elope.

Chapter 57: From now on, without my permission, you are not to injure it again.

Chapter 58: These people had all been bewitched by Ling Shu.

Chapter 59: Yue Dingtang was feeling helpless and secretly sighed deeply inside

Chapter 60: Be nice, don’t hit him and don’t scold him.

Chapter 61: You’ve woken up with amnesia after a night’s sleep?

Chapter 62: You don’t know how to talk to women, it’s better if I go.

Chapter 63: Ling Shu jumped from fright and nearly threw the box on the floor.

Chapter 64: I don’t like men

Chapter 65: Ling Shu wanted to move but he no longer could!

Chapter 66: He reappeared.

Chapter 67: Whether you live or die, depends entirely on how much the one surnamed Yue values you.

Chapter 68: From beginning to end, this matter had nothing to do with Yue Dingtang.

Chapter 69: Ling Shu was still a little confused.

Chapter 70: How old are you, still acting like a complete child.

Chapter 71: Si-shaoye, you can’t let a descendant of the Yue family be cast out on the street and destitute!

Chapter 72: He was just using this bowl of noodles as an excuse in order to rewarm his soul.

Chapter 73: You lying scoundrel!

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  1. Qianya, hello!! Me and my beta would like to ask your permission to retranslate your project “The Plough” into Russian? I published the first chapter on google docs ( (credits in the link named “Анлейт”)) and here: (the link on project is on the right side under “Ссылки”).
    We are very very grateful to you for taking on this project (and other Meng Xi Shi’s novels)! That’s incredible!

  2. Hi, Qianya!
    I just read your project of Beidou (and I’m about to read Tianxia too soon, thank you for being translating both of these), and I’m really want to ask if I can retranslating into spanish to publish it in wattpad (; of course I’ll put the credits as it should be!

    I’ll be waiting for your response, thank you in advance! ♡

    • Hi Ada,

      Thank you for sending me the link! You have my permission to translate into Spanish.
      I see you also translated Peerless and Estranged – nice work ♡
      Good luck with your translations.

      • I never reply (by mistake!), but I came back to read the newest chapters and wanted to say thank you so much for your permission. ♡
        I’m preaching the MXS’s word for the spanish-spaking fandom, JAJAJAJA; I hope your enjoying your translations too, because we do love the reading. ✨

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