Bat Project Page

📌 TL Notice The official English translation has been licenced by Rosmei, therefore, this fan translation is no longer available. Please support the official release. Bat Chinese Title: 蝙蝠 (biānfú) Author: 风弄 (fēng nòng) Raws: Read on myrics ▷ Publishing Year: 2005 Length: 29 chapters [print] | 57 chapters [web] TL status: Complete 🙌 Live … Read more

My Darling Sick Beauty Project Page

📌 Translator notice Note that chapter 1-19 are unlocked, the rest is password-protected. 🔒 Support the author ! ! All chapters which are locked in the raws are only available with proof of purchase from now on. Please use this form if you have purchased and are ready to submit your POP or follow this … Read more

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