How to buy on Changpei (gongzicp)

**Topping up and purchasing on their app will be easier if you have an iphone but slightly more expensive. Otherwise, you will need to set up alipay for desktop or android and you will get a better exchange rate but more of a pain to get sorted and may not be available in your country!! **

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on 注册(register) on the top-right corner of the page

Step 3: Tick the box to indicate you have read the terms and conditions and then click on the button to accept the t&cs.

Step 4: You’ll need google translate on to find your country. Follow the steps exactly in the photo below.

Step 5: Now login so we can top up your account! Select your country again, enter your phone number and password. Slide the captcha until the green tick comes up. Tick the box if you want to ‘remember’ your logins then click on the green button 登录 to sign in!
Step 1: If you don’t have Alipay you will have to set that up first!Depending on the country you live in, you may be able to link your international card directly to the alipay app or you will have to get the “tour card”. I suggest you either try the Alipay reddit or ask in the Support Authors discord server for others who might be from the same country as you that have been successful.

Step 2: Click on the first button on the top right corner 充值

Step 3: Select the number of jades you want to purchase, choose alipay and then click on the green button 立即支付 – a qr code will be generated, you need to open up your alipay app and scan it to pay.

Step 4: Open up your Alipay app and click on the scan icon and scan the QR code you have generated to pay 🙂

If you can use taobao, you can top up changpei here.
I don’t use taobao but you can either google how to do it or ask in the support authors discord and someone will help you there.

Note: You need your UID and your username to get the jade into your account.

Instructions to get your UID and username

Step 1: Assuming you are already logged in. Click on the symbol at the top-right of your screen to get to your profile.

Step 2: Head over to the menu on the left-hand side and click on 个人资料 (my personal data)

Step 3:Copy down your UID/ID and your username (昵称)

Step 1: Go to the novel page you want to buy e.g. for I’m a little court eunuch click here or you can use this masterlist of danmei requiring POP to find other translators’ works or go back to their website 😉

Step 2: Scroll down to the chapters which are paid (have a jade next to them) and click on one of the paid chapters

Step 3: Select the button on the right (subscribe in bulk)

Step 4: Select all chapters by ticking the box that says 全选 and then click the button 订阅

Step 5: An alert will pop up asking if you are sure you want to spend x amount of jade. Click on the blue button to confirm, white button to cancel.

Step 6: 🎉🎉 You’ve supported the author! 🎉🎉 Go to next section to find your receipt
Step 1: Click on the icon on the top right to go to your profile (ignore the dropdown)

Step 3: Look at the menu on the left and click the second option 账户管理

Step 4: Your receipt will look like this. Click on the box to change the month if necessary

Note: this is a random receipt of an untranslated novel – don’t try to use it lol
APP VERSION (For iphone, ipad only)
Step 1: Download the app either by going to on desktop/tablet and then clicking on 下载APP to get the QR code and then scanning it with your phone/ipad

OR Type ‘changpei’ into the app store and search

Step 2: Open the app and follow the steps below

Step 3: Now login with your newly created credentials. Select your country code, enter your phone number and password and then click the green login button.

If you want to top up using taobao – you will need your UID and username.

Step 1: Open up your app and look for the four buttons at the bottom of your screen, select the furthest right 我的 (mine).

Step 2: Note down your UID and your username as shown below.

Step 1: Click on 充值 top up)

Step 2: Select the amount you wish to top up and then apple pay will pop up as usual.
Step 1: Click on 书成 (bookshop), second button at the bottom, if you’re not on it already.

Step 2: Click on the magnifying glass top right to search and enter the novel id (CP1120188 for I’m a little court eunuch) or the novel name in Chinese you’re looking for, check the translator’s website.

Step 3: Click on 批量下载 (download in bulk)

Step 4: Click on 全选 (select all) on the top right and then 确定 (confirm) at the button

Step 4: 🎉🎉 Woohoo you just supported the author 🎉🎉
Step 1: Select 我的 (mine) at the bottom to go to your profile

Step 2: Click on your jade points

Step 3: Select the second option 消费记录 (purchase record)

Step 4: Take an screenshot of this page, it’s your receipt. If there is nothing here, then you will have to login to a browser/desktop version.

Note: this is a random receipt of a novel that I don’t think is being tl’d so don’t try to use it lol
Use this form if you want access to IALCE

Feel free to reach out to me via twt or discord [qianya#3347], you can also email me, or join the Support Authors discord to get help.

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