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My Darling Sick Beauty

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Chinese Title: 心尖儿上的病美人 (xīnjiān'rshàng de bìngměirén)
Author: 道玄 (dào xuán)
Publishing Year:
Length: 91 + 3 extras
TL status: Ongoing - 72/94

☆ This is the second book in the series, but you do not need to have read ‘Peerless Immortal…‘ before reading this novel. It’s a shared universe but they are quite independent of one another.

☆ This novel is mainly fluff with 🔪🔪🔪🔪 in the middle. Honestly, there’s not much in terms of plot – it’s more focused on the main CP. There’s a side CP but they get little airtime.

☆ mpreg, mpreg, mpreg, mpreg, mpreg (It’s not till the latter third of the novel but it is kind of the point of the book so if you don’t like this trope – don’t read and if you do read, don’t moan about it).

☆ Please read this important announcement on the last 20 untranslated chapters of MDSB. 🗝️


He was once Head of the Immortal Alliance.

Jiang Zheliu resisted the world’s destruction, protecting the people single-handedly. After losing all his spiritual energy, his hair turned white overnight.

All that remained was a millennium passed in vain, and a grave disease.

He distanced himself from the Cultivation World, went to Zhongnan Mountain to collect medicinal herbs and grow flowers, as if to retire.

Until….. Those little demons he had once saved, his cherished juniors, and even those devils that he had suppressed innumerable times, all came knocking at his door, each more excited than the next gripping his hand:

“Qianbei, what’s your type? Can you not be so rigid on your requirements?”

Jiang Zheliu: “……???”

Wenren Ye is newly appointed Devil Lord of the Devil Realm.

He is cold-hearted, devilishly handsome, and in his youth, he suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a certain Head of the Immortal Alliance.

Still obsessed with this defeat, Wenren Ye hurried through the night to Zhongnan Mountain, but all he met with was a white-haired weak Immortal Alliance Leader, with droopy eyes, sick to the bone, and fresh blood staining his lips.

His obsession was still alive, but his heart was also racing.

Tags: xianxia, mpreg, younger gong, devoted love, HE

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  1. Great to see someone picking up this novel to translate!

    Just an FYI, Wenren is a compound surname (Like Zhuge Liang, or Ouyang Feng). So the names should be Wenren Ye or

  2. Hoorrrray! Thank you for the update!
    I must say before that was the sweetest love confession ever! “You understand what I want to say, don’t you?” So childish! How I love the little Devil Lord!

  3. Hi, translator.
    I just read your project “My Darling Sick Beauty”.

    Can I get your permission to translate it back into portuguese and publish it to my Wattpad account?

    Of course, I’ll put due credits. I will support you with all my heart<3

    Waiting for your reply (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
    Sincerely Xiaoli

  4. Hi dear Translator.
    I have read your translation project ” My Darling Sick Beauty” and i like it much.

    May i have your permission to re translate it into Indonesian and publish it on my Wattpad account?

    I am surely give you proper credit and send the link back to your website. And definitely will support you wholeheartedly.

    Looking forward for your reply.
    Best regard,


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