Updated 13/01/24

Like many translators I locked my translations because of the announcement that JJWXC would be launching an international site.

Theft is a major issue and I want to be able to control who sees my content and how it is used. AND to be able to remove all copies of my work if I’m slapped with copyright (DCMA) or requested by the authors to do so without having to deal with rogue copies floating around the internet.

In addition to this, over the last year of fan translating, I’ve learnt a lot and my views have also changed. Although, I’m happy to share some less loved danmei with non-native speakers of Chinese, I no longer wish to do so for such as wide public when I am aware that there are so many who simply do not support the author nor the translator’s wishes.

Short Answer: No.

If I already gave you permission previously then please go ahead. However, I think there are only about 2 of you who are still translating actively.

I don’t feel comfortable with giving my permission for someone to re-translate my work because I am constantly going through and editing so if you begin translating whilst the project is ongoing, it will not be very accurate or up-to-date.

Also my translations are my interpretation of the author’s original and not word for word so with a re-translation it will just get further and further from the original.

It will be a firm no and this will not change.

◇ First of all this is a fan translation so I am quite liberal with leaving terms in pinyin (more below) and adding cultural notes that I believe are useful for a foreign reader and of which a Chinese reader would have prior knowledge of.

I don’t use MTL. My style is reading and banging on the keyboard whilst sometimes consulting the dictionary/internet for obscure/archaic terms etc.

Reasons for liberal usage of pinyin:
◇ I don’t really like to use equivalents that don’t really fit. I especially dislike terms that some people use like “cousin sister” – that’s not even English! or “Sister [insert name]” – Sorry but for me that’s referring to a nun. In that case, it would be better to omit the whole gege, jiejie, xiongdi and use the character’s name or the English ‘equivalent’ like they do in most official translations.

Best place to check is the homepage in the TL status box.

However, I don’t have an update schedule per se. I will try to provide the amount of releases (x per week) stated but I can’t commit to a specific day as I also work full-time and well… have a life outside of fan translation!

◇ Hosting and maintaining a website isn’t free. Light/dark mode, pop-up footnotes and a fast-loading website also isn’t free.

And yes it was my choice to host my own website but that’s because then I wanted to be able to format and add notes to exactly where I wanted – i.e. I don’t have to add giant paragraphs of notes smack bang in the middle of the chapter or make the reader keep scrolling to the end to read a footnote. Plus the free version of WordPress also has ads but this way I can use the ad money to put back into the website.

Side note: I do not make any revenue at all from the ads – it all goes back into the site hosting which is very expensive, please don’t assume anything about me, it is very annoying!!

Yes and No? I don’t have any intention of dropping anything that I start.

However, if you like a novel and you want to translate too or you believe that you can do better then go ahead! I am not the author nor do I have the licence to translate so if you want to make your own version – be my guest ♡

That being said, the novels are translate are usually historical in nature and mtl just doesn’t do it justice – so please give the works the love and care that they deserve!

First of all, thanks for leaving me comments

If I don’t reply to you it’s because:

◇ The answer would be a spoiler and your question can simply be answered by me saying “Keep reading and you’ll find out.

◇ The question is answered here in the FAQ.

◇ If it was neither of the above, your comment either went to spam or I accidentally overlooked/missed it sorry!

No, the only place I post my translations is on my website. I only post the links to Novelupdates and my Twitter. Anything else is not me – feel free to report or let me know if you see my translations floating around Wattpad etc. Thanks ~

I don’t have a patreon as I’m not doing this for profit – I think it would be unfair to charge people monthly for a fan translation and I’d feel pressured into ‘providing a service’ which is not what fan translation is at the heart of things.

I do have a Kofi: Ko-fi.com/bookswithqianya, which I use to collect site hosting costs only, if you’d like to donate, your donations are welcome but not necessary, please support the author if you can!

If your question wasn’t answered above, or you have spotted a mistake, typo, broken link etc. and you’d like to report it:
Email me: If you’re a verified reader, you have my email address | Twitter: @bookswithqianya

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