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Chinese Title: 天下 (tiānxià)
Author: 梦溪石 (mèng xī shí)
Publishing Year: 2011
Length: 156 + 3 Extras
TL status: Ongoing

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Zhao Su arrived here in the 35th year of Emperor Jiajing.

His first wish was only to have a satisfactory meal.

This is a story of a boy who goes from being a poverty-stricken son of a concubine to becoming the Grand Secretary of the Great Ming.

This is also a tragic story of hard work, to train the little bratty child to become the promising young emperor, but in the end he was overwhelmed by the brat.

This is the best time period, Jiajing Emperor, Zhang Juzheng, Xu Jie, Yan Song, stars gathering, fighting openly. 

This is also the worst time period, the Emperor is obsessed with achieving immortality, the court officials are forming factions, the court is a dog eat dog arena, the country is also facing internal and external conflict. The North has the Tartar, the Southeast has the Wukou, as well as heavy taxes. The common people cannot stand the hardship, the entire Ming dynasty is on the brink of collapse.

What can his existence change?

P.S This is a story of Zhao Su’s struggle in history and not just a love story, so I’ll write slowly, readers please read slowly (*^__^*)

This is a HE, that’s a must, I would never write a BE for a long novel.
This is fiction and does not align with history, please don’t take seriously.

Keywords: Transmigration, gong is younger, historical

☆ Slow-burn. Slow-burn. Slow-burn. Can’t say this enough.

☆ This book is extremely MC-Centric. It is basically the life story of the MC. The ML enters the story a few good chapters in and yeh characteristic of MXS novels – the plot is prioritised over the romance.

☆ Historical Transmigration Novel – very realistic plot, many many real historical figures and events weaved in.

☆ Many many characters introduced – all with multiple names and titles. It can get confusing. Check the Character Guide which may or may not help.

☆ Politics heavy, quotes from ancient Chinese texts etc.

Footnote heavy translation.

☆ Pinyin for the most part left intact so you will see terms like shaoye, da-ren etc etc.

***FINAL NOTE*** – this novel is definitely not for everyone… especially for those who like MC + ML to interact a lot. 

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The 35th Year of Jiajing, fifth month of the lunar calendar, the Start of Summer

Chapter 2: Zhao Su knew from the beginning that no one was willing to stand up for them

Chapter 3: Having this teacher meant his status was no longer ordinary

Chapter 4: A man should act thus

Chapter 5: They would never have thought what Yuan Shu said would come to pass.

Chapter 6: If a dog bites a person, would you bite the dog?

Chapter 7: Provincial Exam, First Place – Zhao Su!

Chapter 8: You’ve been living outside for the last few years, now you can’t even recognise your juniors and seniors?

Chapter 9: Zhao Nuan discovered something huge.

Chapter 10: Shaoyong, how did this brain of yours get so clever?

Chapter 11: Any retreat is punishable by death!

Chapter 12: It’s hard to be an Official in the Ming Dynasty, it’s even harder to be a Military General in the Ming Dynasty

Chapter 13: Zhao Su’s historic meeting with Qi Jiguang and an old fox reveals himself in the Grand Secretariat

Chapter 14: No matter what, he will remember this moment.

Chapter 15: Zhao Su and the child’s first meeting

Chapter 16: Either we don’t do it, or we go all out.

Chapter 17: One mountain can’t have two tigers, let alone two old tigers.

Chapter 18: Zhao Su smiled faintly: “You really did your homework, huh?”

Chapter 19: Well, don’t ever get married then!

Chapter 20: Zhu Yijun stared at him, saying a word at the time: “If, you, can’t, keep, your, word, you, will, get, fat!”

Chapter 21: “Why do those who do evil live well, and those who are righteous will never have a good ending!”

Chapter 22: Battle of Wits. Who will emerge victorious?

Chapter 23: Zhu Yijun proudly declared: “He’s mine!”

Chapter 24: I wish you luck and a bright future ahead.

Chapter 25: A violent wind and rain storm was on the horizon.

Chapter 26: The little child that he had been thinking about, was lying on the bed feverish.

Chapter 27: He is already so unsettled at this age, no wonder he torments his court officials when he grows up

Chapter 28: Then I’ll reluctantly take you as my wife.

Chapter 29: Someone has accused you of colluding with the Chief Examining Officers and receiving the exam questions in advance

Chapter 30: Do you admit guilt?

Chapter 31: I want to save Susu too!

Chapter 32: To achieve greatness, there must be sacrifice.

Chapter 33: The steamed bun shows his incredible might to upend Heaven and Earth

Chapter 34: Does it still hurt, let me rub it.

Chapter 35: Strife in the Imperial Court, the education of the little brat, Court Examination.

Chapter 36: A contradictionary court examination question

Chapter 37: It was neither good nor bad, it was on the cusp.

Chapter 38: You must be the only one who can treat the Emperor’s grandson like his own son

Chapter 39: I heard you’re a follower of the School of Mind?

Chapter 40: Xu Huating, it’s not just you that has a great student, now I have one too, ha!

Chapter 41: Dinner, relationship building, networking, becoming an official.

Chapter 42: I only use Rejoice!

Chapter 43: I will give you even better things in the future.

Chapter 44: Their relationship began to deepen day by day, even to Zhao Su’s surprise.

Chapter 45: Zhao Su, your miserable love affair has arrived ……

Chapter 46: I ran away from home!

Chapter 47: Father has his beauties, mother has didi, I only have you.

Chapter 48

Chapter 49: Master and servant head south encountering bandits.

Chapter 50: If he had known Zhao Su’s true identity, perhaps he would have even coughed up three mouthfuls of blood.

Chapter 51: Why would a concubine-born b*stard be allowed to enter into the ancestral temple?

Chapter 52: Giving others the room to manoeuvre, means always giving oneself the room to manoeuvre.

Chapter 53: If only Susu were here

Chapter 54: Zhao Su’s marriage, dispute over status

Chapter 55: However many days you’ve been gone is however many I’ve written.

Chapter 56: You’re spoiling the little princely heir too much

Chapter 57: Don’t underestimate this princely heir!

Chapter 58: The calm before the storm (Plot takes precedence)

Chapter 59: The follow-up to Zhao Su’s marriage, the wind sweeping through the tower heralds a rising storm in the mountains (Plot takes precedence)

Chapter 60: Shaoyong, get more than two, the Palace is very dangerous, two might not be enough

Chapter 61: He was precisely someone who saw the darkness of the world everywhere, but could still stay true to his own beliefs.(Plot takes precedence)

Chapter 62: (Plot takes precedence again,recommend the impatient readers to save up a few chapters before reading)

Chapter 63: Heavenly law is cyclical, it is the fate of mankind, not even an Emperor can escape.

Chapter 64: Personality determines fate.

Chapter 65: “No way, there’s absolutely no way!” Zhu Yijun suddenly hugged him around his waist.

Chapter 66: I miss Susu.

Chapter 67: Susu, wait for me to grow up.

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