The Plough – Chapter 31

Is it Yue Dingtang or Mr Li?
They only had a few more seconds to think about it.

Behind them was the basement where the explosion just happened, to the side of them was the courtyard entrance to Yuan Manor.

Ling Shu pulled Shen Renjie aside to quickly hide in the doorway.

Luckily he was sharp-sighted and deft, just as their bodies had been sheltered by the wall, they heard the sound of two gunshots.

The bullets were half a second too slow, hitting the doorframe and missing them by a fraction.

Shen Renjie violently gasped for air, struggling to speak: “W-W-Why don’t you first untie the explosives from my body!”

It was as if he had a grim reaper on his back, and the grim reaper had his hands tightening around his neck, and could strangle him to death at any moment.

But it was too late, the sound of footsteps was coming closer and closer. Those two people had already run over to them.

The two of them could only run and hide inside the small building.

This small building, during the Yuan family’s glory days had also housed Yuan Bingdao’s sisters and concubines, so naturally the decor was not lacking, there were three floors in total, and each floor had bedrooms.
After the two entered inside, they headed straight up for the third floor.

Ling Shu quickly said: “In a bit let’s separate, we’ll each go out of a window, you don’t worry about anything and just focus on running back to the station!”

Shen Renjie:“I, I don’t want us to split up, don’t abandon me!”

Ling Shu: ……

If this had been a beautiful young fair maiden, this perhaps would have sounded somewhat romantic but Ling Shu was looking at Shen Renjie’s round face that was filling up with tears and he really couldn’t feel any pity.

“Let’s just do it like this, if we run in separate directions we’ll have more of a chance. I still need to find an opportunity to go back and save the one surnamed Yue!”

Ling Shu really didn’t have any more energy to waste on talking.

He thought to himself since the night of the 30th before Lunar New Year, when Du Yunning died, he had not had a single day of rest. Now the real culprit had surfaced but he was still running for his life, and now he might even die at any moment without having even clearing his name.

His head hurt. Even in the absence of light, he felt like his world was spinning, he was like someone who was drunk, his head was heavy but his feet were light, as if he was stepping on clouds. If some part of his brain hadn’t held on and he wasn’t clinging to the staircase handrail to climb up, he would have fallen down already.

Shen Renjie clung to him for dear life1救命稻草 – lol in Chinese translated literally = like a life-saving straw, not daring to part for a moment, he was just short of pledging a lifelong vow of eternal love and affection to Ling Shu.

The pursuers had nearly caught up.

Ling Shu had just managed to get up to the third floor, he turned around and looked down to see a black shadow entering into the building.

It was not possible for leather shoes to not make a sound upon the floor. Or perhaps the other party had purposely done this as a warning.
How come there was only one of them?

Doubts rose in his mind, and before he could think about it, Ling Shu pushed Shen Renjie into a nearby room and gestured to the window in the room.

Shen Renjie, unable to change his mind, had to let go of his hand. That silent look of reluctance before he left was caught by the light from the window almost gave Ling Shu goose bumps.

He himself put some weight on his feet and ran to the room at the end of the corridor, then took off his shoes and lightened his pace and turned around and ran into the penultimate room.

The young man entered the small building.

His steps were not slow and his pace was even, as if he had done this on countless nights before.

There were no lights on in the building. But he still subconsciously pulled down the rim of his plaid cap.

He originally wanted to turn on the light switch but then quickly changed his mind.

Sometimes it was easier to do the job without the lights on.

The others may not appear to be much of a threat, but the man in the plaid cap was used to treating every enemy with extreme prudence.

He followed the stairs up slowly.

His leather shoes made a regular creaking on the floor boards, it sounded pleasant, melodious, like when he pulled the trigger.

Especially when the bullet hit his prey and they let out a scream. This would make him feel even happier.

The man in the plaid cap thought to himself, he’d already danced a waltz, but his face remained unmoved. The hand holding the gun was raised steadily, aiming at the empty corridor, he stood still for a moment before moving towards the first room.

The door was closed.

The man in the plaid cap kicked it open.

The door slammed against the wall and bounced back, making quite a lot of noise.

Lit up by the light of the moon outside, the room was in full view.

A single bed, the room was empty, there was nothing else in there.

The man in the plaid cap looked behind the door and then left to go to the next room.

He went from one room to the next, each one was empty.

There was only one room left.

It was dead quiet all around him but the man in the plaid cap knew that there was no way that the two of them could have escaped in such a short amount of time.

Plus his associate was guarding outside.

Even if the two of them had fled through the window, they would still know.
The door of the last room was tightly closed. He pushed and pulled but he couldn’t open it. It must have been locked from the other side.

They must be in there.

The man in the plaid cap sneered silently. He shot once at that door handle then kicked open the door!

This room was much bigger, it must have been the master bedroom. There was a double bed, wardrobe, there was even an en-suite.

He glanced over the room. It was completely empty. The man in the plaid cap first opened up the wardrobe, then went into the en-suite but both came up empty.

He immediately ran to the window, leaning out to look.

There were no footprints or scaling marks.

Meaning that the others hadn’t jumped out of the window.

Which could only mean —-

The man in the plaid cap immediately went to look under the bed!

At almost the same time, dust was thrown onto his face!

The man in the plaid cap eyes were momentarily incapacitated he pressed down on the trigger of his gun!


Bang Bang!

He didn’t hear anyone cry out, his heart dropped. Someone had grabbed his wrist, he felt a sharp pain, his gun was flung away from him and he suffered a heavy kick to the head!

All of this happened in a flash!

Realising that he had underestimated the other party, he quickly grabbed the foot of the bed and rolled to get up.

If they wanted to hit him, they would have had to come out from under the bed.

As luck would have it, the moment Ling Shu poked out his head, he bent his elbow towards Ling Shu’s head and slammed it hard!

But the other party was extremely quick to react and actually dodged away at once, which made the man in the plaid cap feel a bit uneasy.

Their mission this time, aside from getting the stuff from Yuan Manor, was also to kill Mr Li but then the situation had completely changed. The man in the plaid cap thought there must be other forces at play here.

Or was it that Mr Li already knew their plan and had found someone to fight back?

As he thought about it, the two of them went back and forth and had already exchanged several moves.

Adept at fighting and killing, the man in the plaid cap quickly discovered a secret.
Although the other party was quick and his skills were not bad, his right hand clearly couldn’t exert much force and he had to rely on his left hand.

So he just had to break his left hand……

The man in plaid squinted, a sharp blade appeared in his right hand and he swiftly lunged towards the other party.


Shen Renjie felt that his life was too bitter.

There were only a few stone steps under his feet that he could stand on, he had to hold on to the edge of the window to avoid falling.

This was the third floor after all.

Even if it was grass at the bottom if he fell he’d still die.

Plus, he had explosives strapped to him.

Thinking of those explosives, Shen Renjie felt another bout of sorrow.

Amidst the winter wind, he was alone on the wall outside the third floor window,doing his best to imitate a gecko.

On the corner of the other side, the man in the plaid cap’s accomplice had just come over.

Glancing down from the corner of his eye, Shen Renjie was so anxious that he tried to squat down and sneak in through the second floor window.

He had explosives strapped to his waist, so he didn’t dare to use force to bend, he could only stretch out his hand to grab the window beam.

Because of his body shape, he had some trouble doing this.

But he only had three seconds.

After three seconds, the other party would arrive and they’d only need to look up slightly to see him.

And then he’d really be dead.




Shen Renjie counted to himself, gritted his teeth, both hands grabbing the window ledge,his hand slipped, his whole body fell down!


He almost shouted out loud, he hurriedly climbed on the window ledge, his two legs on the wall trying to stabilise his body.

But the man in the peaked cap had already come over.

With his experience, he naturally looked up and saw Shen Renjie.
After a short moment, the man in the peaked cap lifted up his gun and began to open fire.

I’m done for.Shen Renjie thought.

He’d already given up, ready to welcome death.

Once the bullet hit his body and detonated the explosives, what was waiting for him wasn’t an ordinary death but he’d be completely mutilated and blown apart.

It was too tragic.

Shen Renjie thought what he regretted most in his life was that two years ago his next door neighbour had wanted to marry off his fat daughter to him but he refused thinking that he was still young, and wanted to concentrate on his career before starting a family, as well as find a more beautiful wife.

He regrets that now.

It didn’t matter if she was fat or not, nor if she was ugly, at least now there could have been someone to carry on his family name.

The chaotic thoughts exploded in his head all at once, and Shen Renjie’s whole body was in a state of disarray, like the debris shaken by an earthquake, not even feeling the pain of the bullets hitting his body.

After a good few seconds, he finally realised, it wasn’t him that was trembling but it was the room.

More specifically, it was the ground underneath the room that was shaking!

Was it an earthquake?!
Shen Renjie looked down, the peaked cap wasn’t bothered with him any longer and was looking down towards the explosion.

He hurriedly bent down towards the window and used all of his force to flip into the room.

Shen Renjie was in a state of shock, remembering the source of the explosion.

Wasn’t that where they had come out.

The secret basement, there was a second explosion there?

Shen Renjie remembered the safety of his “thigh” as an afterthought.

After saving his own life, his mind came alive again, but Yue Dingtang is now, probably, really in a bad way.

Mr Li was ruthless with a sketchy past, Shen Renjie really doubted the possibility of Yue Dingtang surviving under other side’s hands.

He secretly sighed, he ran to the door of the room and stuck out his head. He decided to seize the opportunity to first go and look for backup.


Blood was running down his arm, almost like a snake winding down his arm, dying his entire arm red, slowly dripping drop by drop onto the floor.

Ling Shu struggled to get up from the corpse of the man with the peaked cap, his movements aggravating the wound on his stomach, his body couldn’t bear to be moved.

After a long while, he finally let out a soft sigh.

Ling Shu couldn’t remember the last time he had suffered such a serious injury, to the point where his bones had given up and he had almost offered up his life.

It’s not that he hadn’t suffered more serious injuries before, but those were fighting visible opponents. Now, what would this be called?

Contending with ghosts that hide in the dark who have never seen the light of day?

He moved a few steps, took the gun that had just been kicked into the corner, grabbed the bedpost to stabilize himself, and walked to the window.

Outside, a dark figure rushed towards the source of the explosion.

Ling Shu picked up his gun and fired without hesitation.

The dark figure fell down.

He determined that he had hit the target but he couldn’t be sure if he had hit any crucial parts.

During the coldest time of the year, Ling Shu’s head and face was soaked in sweat.

His chest felt wet, but he couldn’t tell if it was blood or sweat, his clothing stuck to his flesh so tightly that it felt uncomfortable.

It was like he had stars circling around in front of his eyes. Every time he closed his eyes and then opened them again, it became harder than the last.

Ling Shu walked slowly downstairs, he didn’t turn around and just said: “Help me, I’m injured.”
Shen Renjie who was following very slowly behind:……

He wanted to ask if Ling Shu had eyes at the back of his head but seeing him swaying from side to side, he decided to say nothing and hurriedly went to lend him a hand.

The flames from the explosion were bursting out towards the sky, the intensity of the flames were spreading quickly, it wouldn’t be long before the small building would also be engulfed in flames.

The man in the peaked cap lay on the floor motionless.

He should have been shot to death by Ling Shu.

Shen Renjie bent over and reached out to touch his neck.

Unexpectedly the other party suddenly flipped over, unveiling a gun that he had hidden on his body!

The gun was aimed directly at Shen Renjie!

Sound of a gunshot!

Shen Renjie shivered!

The man in the peaked cap had an extra bloody hole in the centre of his forehead and his body fell backwards.

Shen Renjie also fell straight down to the ground.

How many times was that now, he had experienced more life and death moments tonight than he could count.

“Ling lao-di……” He called out weakly, “Let me take a break!”

Shen Renjie couldn’t move anymore.

He knew he should go to the place of the explosion now to see if Yue Dingtang was still alive, and he should hurry to the station to find back up, and he should get Smith to mobilize everyone to come to the rescue.

But his body really could no longer go on.

Ling Shu couldn’t reply.

He opened his mouth, feeling the sticky blood in his throat.

The reason he was still conscious at this moment was all down to willpower.

He squinted and looked towards where the fire was spreading out from.

There seemed to be a person, who was stumbling out of there. His silhouette reflected the flames like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Was it Yue Dingtang or Mr Li?

Ling Shu couldn’t tell at that moment.

He wanted to aim the gun in his hand but instead felt his body falling backwards.

The last thing he saw was the thick billowing smoke overhead and the half-bright moonlight peeking out from behind the dark clouds.

Perhaps when he woke up it would be daylight.

Ling Shu slowly closed his eyes.
Author Note:

This is the end of Arc 1. Anything not resolved from this arc will be in the next one.

Translator Note:

Wowwww! Can’t believe we’ve already reached the end of the first arc! (@^◡^)

Just a quick clarification because this is doing my head in. Lol. So, in the UK where I’m from we count the floors – Ground, 1st, 2nd etc and I think this is the case for most of Europe but in China, they count 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc which is the US way of counting I think and some other countries. It’s not super important but it really depends on where you live. But yeh.. something to be aware of when you’re reading as perhaps falling from the 2nd floor versus the 3rd floor can make quite a difference haha.

Thanks in advance for your comments and of course for reading ~

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