The Plough – Chapter 39

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Ling Shu is under my protection
“Si-Shao1四少 = Fourth young master, Mr. Ling left something behind.”

The car had not gone very far when the driver spoke.

Yue Dingtang: “What is it?”

The driver said, “It’s a paper bag on the passenger side, it seems to contain some food, just now san-xiaojie ordered someone to put it in the car, it should be for Mr. Ling, he forgot to take it.”

Yue Dingtang really had enough of this sister.

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Ling Shu finished eating and even had the leftovers to take home, one big bag and one small, if one didn’t know it, they’d probably think it was a relative from the countryside coming to visit the city.

He wanted to pretend to not have seen it and go home and say that Ling Shu had forgotten it himself, but inevitably this would make his sister ramble on and on again, making his ears hurt.

Yue Dingtang sighed.

“Turn the car around, and then you get out of the car and deliver it to him.”


Ling Shu was beaten in the back by a stick.

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The other’s force was very strong, he didn’t leave any room for error, hitting him directly in the back and causing pain to vibrate all the way up to his forehead, almost making him vomit a mouthful of old blood.

Even the wound on the abdomen, which had not yet healed, had almost opened up again.

Judging by the punches and kicks that were attacking him, there was more than one person attacking him.

From the looks of their actions, it didn’t seem like that they were trying to teach him a lesson, but instead they weren’t planning on leaving him with his life.

The others thought it was that this was an easy task.

After all, Ling Shu was alone and had already been caught, he should be immediately unconscious after a few blows.

If another fatal blow had been struck to the temple, his body would have been cold by the time it was found tomorrow.

It doesn’t even need to be tomorrow, in this weather it only takes an hour or two for a person to lose consciousness and stop breathing.

But Ling Shu didn’t give them that chance.

He suddenly curled up in a ball in the sack and rolled to the side!

Next to him was a staircase, he rolled straight down them, Ling Shu used the momentum to break open the mouth of the sack and reveal half of his body from inside.

Half his body was enough!

He grabbed the stick that was first swung at him with one hand, pulled it towards himself, and pushed it hard backwards, the person holding the stick was involuntarily tugged along by him, the other’s grip on the stick slightly loosened, and in the next moment, the stick had already been snatched away.

With a stick in his hand, he was able to defend himself against the others. He used his two legs to kick out of the sack, and then bent at the waist and used his body to run into the other. The three others did not expect him to use his body as a weapon and were all pushed backwards, one of them fell into the bushes, another one fell down the stairs, and another one tried to grab Ling Shu, but instead was caught by Ling Shu who flipped him over and pinned him down at the waist.

One punch, two punches, quickly in succession, making the other see stars in front of his eyes and his nose was overflowing with blood.

One of the others saw the situation and hurriedly got up from the ground, picked up a stick and swung it at the back of Ling Shu’s head!
A vigorous wind, and a thousand pounds hanging by a thread2千钧一发 imminent peril; a matter of life or death.

The sound of a gunshot.

The other fell down screaming with pain.

Ling Shu turned around completely exasperated, he also fell to the ground.

His back hurt so much it burned, he guessed his back must be bloodied and bruised.

He hadn’t fired the gun, but he had anticipated the blow to the back of his head earlier and had wanted to duck his head to avoid it, but he hadn’t expected someone to be quicker than him and just take the shot straight away.

Two guys in black jackets rolled to their feet and didn’t even wait for their associates to approach before they ran off in a frenzy.

The man who was shot in the back of the knee was unable to run and crawled two steps before giving up the struggle.

Under the light of the moon, the man in the trench coat advanced step by step.

The hand that held the gun was wearing black gloves, aimed perfectly straight without even a trace of a tremor.

The car headlights illuminated his figure from behind but it was less like a step towards salvation up to Heaven and more like guiding him towards the underworld.

The man in the trench coat, on the other hand, was the grim reaper.

The man in the jacket could not help but show fear upon his face.

Only most of this fear was masked by the darkness of the night.

Ling Shu was so angry that he took the opportunity to ferociously kick him hard.

The other man grunted as he watched the man with the gun get closer and closer, but did not dare to speak out in anger or fight back.

Ling Shu kicked him a few more times, he didn’t hold back, he kicked him directly in the calf bone, again and again causing him to finally cry out and beg for mercy.

“Stop kicking, stop kicking, someone instructed me to do this, it’s none of my business!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a cold gun was pressed against his head.

The man in the jacket gasped, his entire body froze.

All he heard was Yue Dingtang coldly saying to him, “Go back and tell Shen Shiqi that Ling Shu is under my protection3凌枢是我岳定唐的人 – lit. Ling Shu is one of my people. Hahaha really want to tl as Ling Shu is my man but yeh not quite… , and if he loses even one hair on his head, I’ll take it up with the Shen family. Ask Shen Shiqi, if that uncle of his will still be willing to clean up his mess when that time comes.”

The man in the jacket was about to argue when he heard the other say “get lost” and subconsciously managed to get up and limp away despite the gunshot wound in his broken leg.

He walked quite far before he turned his head but could no longer see Yue Dingtang and Ling Shu, he breathed a sigh of relief and slowly turned the corner holding onto the wall.

A car was parked in front.

The headlights had been turned off but there was someone sitting in the car.

“Mr Shen……”

The car window slowly rolled down, revealing half of Shen Shiqi’s face.

“Well, the job didn’t go to plan then, where are the others?” As soon as Shen Shiqi took a look at his wretched appearance and had already guessed the result.
“They all ran away!” The man in the jacket was vexed, “A man came out of nowhere, he claimed his surname was Yue, he’s called Yue Dingtang. He even pointed a gun at me, I just couldn’t do anything about it, you see, I’m even wounded, this job tonight ……”

Without waiting for him to continue to bargain for his payment, he received a heavy blow to the back of the head and immediately went limp, both his arms were pinned behind his back.

“Mr. Shen, what should we do with him?” The driver asked for instructions quietly.

“Whatever, don’t let me see him again!”

Shen Shiqi said viciously, giving the man in the jacket a look of utter disgust, like he was a pile of dirty rubbish.

“What a waste, three against one and they all failed. How dare they come to ask me for a reward, they should all be cut up and fed to the dogs. Next time you can’t hire men from the Green Gang, they are not good enough to do anything. Ask your uncle to send more men over…… forget it, I’ll go to Mr. Cheng, he must have an idea!”

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The driver had the sense to not to interrupt him as he vented out his anger whilst mumbling to himself. He waited for Shen Shiqi to finish venting completely before calmly asking: “Then how do you plan to handle the Yue family? Yue Dingtang has already intervened, it’s not a good idea to aggravate the situation. It’s not worth it to offend the Yue family just for a little person such as Ling Shu.”

In the end, all of this was born out of Shen Shiqi’s jealousy.

He was arrogant, boastful and enjoyed stirring up trouble, so when there was suddenly Ling Shu, who was incomparable to him, but unexpectedly was born with a nice face that made even He Youan look kindly upon him. But in the eyes of Shen Shiqi, even though He Youan was a mere plaything, he could not tolerate his plaything being out of his control, or even do anything that would upset him in the slightest.

Ling Shu was like the thorn stuck in his finger, it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t tickle4不痛不痒 expression = something is wrong, but not quite sure what, but it makes him feel uncomfortable, and had to be pulled out.

This was a common problem for most people who are used to being on top, and Shen Shiqi was no exception.

Perhaps he was nothing in the eyes of the real big shots in this big city of Shanghai, but he thought that he was more than capable of dealing with an insignificant person like Ling Shu.

The surprise appearance of Yue Dingtang was the only variable in this chain of events.

Shen Shiqi was silent for a long time before he reluctantly said, “That little life of the one surnamed Ling, I’ll put it aside for now and settle the score with him later!”

“Thank you, Yue Sir for your kindness in saving my life, shall I devote my life to repay you5以身相许 = lol erm.. this is kinda of an old phrase from ancient times that women usually said to men and it was basically like I’ll devote my life to you by giving my body to you… lol?”

Ling Shu still had that usual cheeky tone and a little smile on his face.

If Yue Dingtang hadn’t seen it happen with his own eyes, he might have really thought that nothing had happened to him.

“You still have the strength to joke, why don’t you stand up yourself then?”

Yue Dingtang looked at him and noticed a hint of pain in the other before he was satisfied to reach out his hand.

Ling Shu grabbed it nonchalantly and used force to pull himself up.

It’s better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony.

Even so, it still hurt so much that he hissed between his teeth.

His back was probably swollen.

Fortunately it wasn’t an iron bat, or else he’d have internal injuries now.

He seemed to be having a bad year, always getting injured, and that was only after he had re-encountered the one surnamed Yue that something seemed to have happened frequently.
It must be the one surnamed Yue’s ophryon must be blackening6印堂发黑 = this is the space between eyebrows, according to TCM, you can look at different places on a person’s face to see if they are healthy or not a blackening in this area means you have a deficiency in your spleen or stomach and metaphysically, the colour can also be linked to luck so if this part has lost its lustre = bad luck, and taking Ling Shu down with him.

Yue Dingtang did not know what he was muttering about.

“Are you able to walk?”

Ling Shu sighed, “Of course, it’s not like it was my leg that’s injured.”

But with each step, his injuries were aggravated.

Back, stomach, attacked front and back, that feeling, Ling Shu could only think of one way to describe it.

A double sky of fire and ice7冰火两重天 – feeling two different things at the same time..

Yue Dingtang suddenly grabbed him, directly and easily putting Ling Shu onto his back and carrying him in the direction of the car.

The driver hurriedly trotted over and tried to reach out to try to help, but was met by Yue Dingtang lifting his chin and nodding towards the entrance of the Ling family house.

“Go and tell Hongyi that this guy is spending the night at my place.”
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Sweet sweet sweet ♡ Lao Yue coming to save his man ~ 太帅了!
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