The Plough – Chapter 55

He wants to put a hit out on you.
*Crunch* *Crunch*

Jiang He had a strange dream.

He dreamt that he became an apple tree.

Heavily laden with fruit, with plenty of ripe apples at the top.

It was obvious that they were red and crispy Shandong apples.

The apples were so ripe that they could no longer stay on the branches and were falling off by themselves.

There was someone standing under the tree, the person caught one with one hand and then directly took a bite out of it.

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*Crunch* *Crunch*

Ceaseless crunching.

Jiang He opened his eyes.

A shining bright wall was the first thing he saw, and then the IV bag and stand.

There was a young man sitting not far from the bed, nibbling on an apple.
*Crunch* *Crunch*

Jiang He’s teeth were a little sore.

He looked at the other and the other looked back at him.

After a while, the young man held up the apple that was almost eaten down to its core.

“Do you want some?”

Jiang He: …….

“Where am I?” He suddenly became more alert, “Did you take me to the hospital?”

Being at the hospital meant that his whereabouts were also exposed, those criminals would arrive shortly.

He decided to get up but his arm hurt.

He’d pulled on the IV needle, and a drop of blood began to seep out.

Jiang He was a little lost like he was an alien.

He remembered that he had gone to Paramount for Miss Zhen’s birthday and the place had been filled with esteemed guests. The place was rented out for the night and everyone was wearing their smartest attire. Miss Zhen was extremely beautiful that night, there was only He Youan who was perhaps even more outstanding. He also remembered that Miss Zhen ignored half of the most eligible bachelors in Shanghai to choose a nobody with a pretty face to accompany her first dance.

He also remembered that he had left early, and had encountered hired men who were trying to kill him. They had come prepared and had come with the intention of taking his life. He was alone fighting for his life and had even suffered a few gunshot wounds and then someone suddenly came to intervene…..

It was this young man before him.

He called out——


“Shu. Shu in the privy council1枢密院 shū mì yuàn, Shu in Dubhe.”

Ling Shu finished crunching on the apple and put the apple core on the side.

“Don’t worry, you’re not in hospital, this is a Western clinic in the International Settlement. All the doctors are foreigners, so those people won’t be able to track you here for now. You can recover slowly, and then ask your subordinates to come get you.”

Jiang He’s memory slowly came back to him.

He had been dragged half the way here whilst he was dizzy and unconscious.

That memory and feeling of his two feet being dragged along the floor was too strong, that he felt like his feet were still sore and numb, as if…… he might even have fallen over?

In order to confirm to himself that his memory was correct, he moved his blanket aside and inspected his legs.

As he expected, his knee was covered with some gauze, but it was possible to see that it was red and swollen from the edges.

Jiang He looked up at Ling Shu.

The latter expressed his surprise: “When did you hurt your knee? That’s nothing to do with me! I almost lost my life to save yours!”

Jiang He: “What about those people?”

Ling Shu: “I lost them.”

Jiang He: “That’s impossible, they are trained assassins and I was injured, how could you ——”

Even if he had managed to get away from one of the four assassins, there were still three others. There was no way that Ling Shu could have got away from all of them.

Ling Shu: “After you fainted, I didn’t take you to climb over any walls but instead ran into the house. After coming out of the main entrance, there were three side roads. I led them astray by making them believe we went down one of the roads, making them split up down the three roads, but in reality, we were actually hiding inside the house. When they left, I took you out again.”

Jiang He didn’t comment, and didn’t know whether to believe him or not, but he was shocked by Ling Shu’s intelligence and wit.

Ling Shu didn’t care what he thought.

“Whilst you were getting treated, I ate two apples, a roujiamo2It’s like a Chinese burger basically – read the wiki page, and had a glass of soy milk, which comes to a total of five cents, since we’ve both through life and death together, I won’t count the extras. However, if it wasn’t for me, you’d already be dead on the street, when you were unconscious, you didn’t have enough money on you, so I even helped pay for the doctor. What about the favour of helping you flee plus the favour of saving your life?”

Jiang He was silent for a moment: “After I recover, I will go get the money and personally deliver it to you.”

Ling Shu pretended to cup his hands together in gratitude: “Well, deference is no substitute for obedience3恭敬不如从命 gōngjìng bùrú cóngmìng – its a Chinese expression for accepting someone’s request/invitation – in this case, he’s accepting JH’s offer to repay him haha. You see, we could be as having gone through life and death together, if I ask you a couple of simple questions you won’t refuse right?”

Jiang He didn’t speak, Ling Shu didn’t care and continued to ask.

“What kind of relationship do you have with He Youan?”

Jiang He: “There isn’t one. I already told you, I don’t know her.”

Ling Shu got up and sat on the edge of the bed, and said sincerely: “Lao Jiang, you’re not being honest here. Just for this case, I carried you fleeing for our lives, we almost died, but you still won’t be frank with me. If you don’t know her, how come you and Chen Dongwen were being all secretive on the balcony at Paramount the other night?”

Jiang He: “I didn’t ask to meet him, he came to find me.”

Ling Shu: “Why did he come to find you?”

Jiang He: “Put out a hit.”

Ling Shu: “On who?”

After saying that, he felt that perhaps it was a little inappropriate and immediately changed his tune.”

“Wait. Perhaps you don’t know yet, I was entrusted by He Youan to help her find out who is sending her death threat letters. If your answer has nothing to do with the case then you don’t need to answer me.”

Jiang He: “There’s a link.”

Ling Shu was slightly dazed and didn’t even have time to think about it when he saw Jiang He’s pale lips turn up into a slight smile, and there was a trace of malice in his eyes.

“He wants to put a hit out on you.”

Ling Shu was in the middle of investigating who was behind He Youan’s death threats and had just started to investigate Chen Wendong.

Whilst Chen Wendong also wanted to take Ling Shu’s life.

How coincidental.

“I don’t know him at all, we’ve barely even exchanged words.” Ling Shu said.

Jiang He: “I do things when I’m paid to do so, I never ask for the reason why. He orders the hit and then pays, if I want to, I will accept.”

Ling Shu pointed at himself: “Lao Jiang, look at me. I’m confident and handsome, good-looking and stylish. In this world, there are not many who can be like me, if I die, there won’t be another. Plus, I just saved your life, you’re not going to bite the hand that feeds you right?”

Jiang He: “I could just first give you back the money, to repay you for saving my life and then kill you, wouldn’t that be settling all debts then.”

Ling Shu: “What the hell! How could you put a price on your life? Well, why don’t you first give me the money, I’ll run for my life, you can pretend you never saw me today. We won’t meet ever again, let’s just say goodbye now!”

It had been a long time since Jiang He had felt like he just wanted to have a laugh.

But the movement from his throat had agitated the wounds on his body and his face immediately darkened from the pain.

Ling Shu thought that he was unwilling so he sighed and said: “Forget it, I recognise that I’m unlucky, all I wanted was to ask you for a couple of gold bars but now, if you’re willing to reimburse me for the medical fees and the food then I’ll leave it at that. I don’t mind being at a disadvantage, given that we still got to know each other. It comes to ten yuan altogether, I know that you have money in your coat pocket. When we were fleeing for our lives before, I was noble and honest, and didn’t touch it at all. Since you’re awake, I’ll take it in front of you so it’s not considered stealing okay!”

After he finished speaking, he really did get up and reached out to Jiang He’s coat pocket which was hanging up.

Jiang He: “I didn’t accept.”

“En?” Ling Shu was fumbling around in the coat pocket and didn’t even turn around.

Jiang He: “I didn’t accept his offer.”

Ling Shu immediately retracted his hand and went back to the bedside, a smile spread across his face whilst he enquired softly.

“Why didn’t you say that earlier? Does your wound hurt? I can get the doctor to give you some painkillers?”

Jiang He: “He Youan once came and asked me to kill two people.”

Ling Shu was afraid: “She did? For you to kill someone? Kill who?”

If that was true, then He Youan was really an excellent actress.

Jiang He: “Xiao Jun and Chen Youhua.”

“Who are they?”

These were names that he had never heard of, Ling Shu racked his brains but could not find anything.

Jiang He: “One of them is a tailor, his family have been tailors for three generations, he is already the fourth generation. The tailor shop had been open for a few decades but it is not very well known. However, most of the neighbours on the same street would go to them for their clothes. The other is an office worker at the press office, in charge of printing papers. He is forty years old and his children passed away young. He remarried, he is honest by nature, he goes home everyday straight after work, and is a little henpecked.

Ling Shu frowned: “These two people shouldn’t have anything to do with He Youan. You’re sure she wanted you to kill them?

Jiang He: “The hit list along with US dollars was put inside a document file and was handed over to me personally by He Youan. But, looking into it, I believe it is Shen Shiqi who wanted to kill them. He Youan didn’t know what was in the document, and was just carrying out instructions from Shen Shiqi to give it to me.”

Ling Shu breathed out a sigh of relief: “That sounds about right, I knew that she wasn’t that kind of person. Those two people, are they still alive?”

Jiang He: “One is dead, one is still alive.”

Ling Shu: “Have you ever missed?”

Jiang He: “Chen Youhua went missing the day that he was supposed to be killed. His home was left untouched, he went missing along with his wife.”

Ling Shu: “So that means that you failed your mission? What happened after that?”

Jiang He: “After a month, I had a subordinate in Hangzhou who saw Chen Youhua in a bookshop. The strange thing was that he had just entered and then behind him there was He Youan who followed into that bookshop.”

Ling Shu: “Why would He Youan be in Hangzhou?”

Jiang He: “I looked into it afterwards. During those few days, He Youan had gone home to visit some relatives, apparently she has a distant relative, an aunt who lives there.”

Ling Shu smiled: “I can see now that you are someone who is just as curious as I am. You must get to the bottom of things, did you find out if He Youan really has this so-called distant aunt?”

Jiang He: “She does. This aunt lives not far from West Lake. She is quite old and not very mobile. I sent someone to test her, she really did call He Youan her niece and even called her by her nickname.”

Ling Shu: “So that means that it was just a coincidence that both He Youan and Chen Youhua appeared in the same place?”

Jiang He sneered: “A curious coincidence. If there are many coincidences, it would make anyone wary, so that’s why I think that He Youan isn’t as simple and pure as she appears.”

Ling Shu: “But she couldn’t possibly ask me to help her and at the same time ask Chen Wendong to put a hit out on me? I don’t have any grievances or grudges with her, so why would she do that?”
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