The Plough – Chapter 63

Ling Shu jumped from fright and nearly threw the box on the floor.
In that instant, someone popped into Yue Dingtang’s mind.

Chen Youhua.

The hit list that Shen Shiqi had given Jiang He had his name on it.

He managed to escape from Jiang He, but in the end was unable to get away from being stabbed to death in a dark alley.

But this time, he had not slipped from their memories..

Yesterday, Ling Shu had gone to Ming De Bookshop and bumped into Chen Youhua and then Chen Youhua was murdered.

Prior to that, Shen Shiqi was poisoned to death at a hotel in Pudong, and the killer had not left any clues.

The events happened in succession in a short space of time, because in the middle of the night, it had begun to rain, going from a light drizzle turning into heavy rain. In Shanghai as well as Hangzhou, it had not stopped raining for almost half a day and as a result, Ling Shu had fallen ill.

So when Yue Dingtang heard the policeman complaining about the rain making it hard for them to collect evidence, he immediately thought of the two incidents as related.

Although the timing matched, it was not enough to prove that Chen Youhua was the culprit.

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Yue Dingtang needed to find more evidence.

“Mr Yue, who do you want me to find?”

The other party looked at him curiously waiting for him to answer.

Yue Dingtang was aware that he could not ask the police to find the suspect.

Because the name ‘Chen Youhua’ was not necessarily genuine, and being an employee at the press office could also be a cover up.

Otherwise, why would Shen Shiqi need to put so much effort into assassinating such an ordinary person?

Instead of using legal methods such as the police, it was better to seek Jiang He for help.

But Yue Dingtang did not know Jiang He.

It was Ling Shu who had a relationship with him.

Thinking about that, Yue Dingtang couldn’t help letting out a sigh.

He originally didn’t want to let Ling Shu and Jiang He have any further contact, but he would never have thought that after all that, they’d still need Ling Shu to seek out Jiang He.

“No need.”

He told the policeman and then immediately left.


Ling Shu had wanted to go and see He Youan.

But it was too late.

Because those who came to visit him kept coming one after the other.

First it was Cheng Si.

He was a good friend and easy to get rid of, Ling Shu exchanged a few plaisanteries with him and then sent him on his way.

And then there was the dancer, Ya Qi.

She was deeply attached to Ling Shu. However, since being promoted to the PSB and working on two major cases one after the other, Ling Shu’s motivations and interests had changed and he had not gone to Florence Dancehall for a long time. Ya Qi had found out from somewhere that he was once again ill and in hospital so she had come to visit him bringing with her plenty of snacks.

The most difficult thing to bear was a beauty’s kindness. Ling Shu did not have the heart to send her away, and didn’t know how to make her want to leave herself, so he just let her stay there a while with teary eyes until finally she reluctantly left by her own accord.

But this wasn’t his last visitor.

Immediately after Ya Qi left, a fragrant scent blew in, it was another beauty entering.

Seeing this beauty, Ling Shu would have rather spent more time with Ya Qi.

“It seems you’re not pleased to see me.”

This beauty in front of him had a different sort of air about her compared with others.

She was holding a classic Chanel bag and wearing a short western-style dress when she entered.

Her style was elegant but completely different from that of Ya Qi.

This person was what one would call fashionable.

Ling Shu was completely wrapped up under the covers only exposing his head.

“How could that be, seeing Miss Zhen come to see me is like having the entire room brighten up, it’s just that I’m ill and feeling weak, so I’m not going to get up and greet you properly. Please make yourself comfortable, there are apples on the table and they have been washed.”

He was just being polite but who knew that Zhen Congyun would actually go and grab one, so he quickly added.

“Remember to leave two for me, the doctor said I need to eat two apples a day.”

Zhen Congyun frowned.

In the basket, there were three apples in total, and amongst those three, one of them was extra small, like it was the child of the other two.

“Two apples a day, what kind of quack doctor has been so attentive, call him over and let me take a look?”
Ling Shu laughed uncomfortably: “Well…. Traditions and methods are inherited, naturally he is more attentive, opinions can differ.”

Zhen Congyun did not react: “Are you still feeling resentful about last time when I asked you to dance with me and thrust you in the limelight?”

She enunciated each word, soft and light, like eating a mochi on a summer’s day, when it entered one’s mouth and melted instantly into sugar.

It was a pity that it was winter at the moment.

Ling Shu: “Of course not, Miss Zhen choosing me is naturally my honour.”

Zhen Congyun: “Then how come you left early? I was looking forward to introducing you to a couple of people who are in President Wang’s social circle!”

Ling Shu: “I bumped into an old friend and was chatting to him and then left, I completely forgot to tell you, let me apologise to you about it now, sorry!”

Zhen Congyun: “What old friend could make you forget about me, it seems that I’m not beautiful enough, otherwise, why would there be any room to think about anything else?”

Provocative words came line after line, Zhen Congyun was even more forward than Ya Qi.

If it was Ya Qi, there could still be some back and forth between them and Ling Shu would not have been at a disadvantage.

But in front of Zhen Congyun, he didn’t dare to be too brazen. He had learnt from past mistakes, the daughter of the Zhen family was no ordinary woman and could not be easily deceived. Instead, she could even make someone fall deep into a pit she had dug out for them.

Seeing that he was not reacting to her, Zhen Congyun smiled, as if she had guessed what he was thinking inside.

“Have I frightened you? Don’t worry, I heard you were sick so I especially came to visit.”

Zhen Congyun reached into her bag and took out a small velvet jewellery box and put it on his bedside table.

“Just a little something, nothing special.”

He’d seen people give flowers or deliver food when visiting someone in hospital but he’d never seen anyone give jewellery.

Ling Shu: “Miss Zhen’s gift looks expensive, I don’t dare to accept, I think you should keep it. I’m already very pleased that you made the effort to come see me.”

Zhen Congyun didn’t hide the displeasure on her face, June weather will change in an instant1=expression to describe someone’s mood changing rapidly, usually and in this case from good to bad.
“I won’t take back what I’ve already given away. If you don’t like it then wait for me to leave and then throw it away, no need to tell me. And, before I wanted to be friends with you because you were fun and not like the others who were fawning over my status, or being too afraid to be genuine, but how come after getting sick, you’ve become so dull?”

The corners of her mouth twitched, and she looked a lot gloomier than usual.

Ling Shu had seen Zhen Congyun’s father before, once from afar. Originally, he thought that Zhen Congyun looked like her mother, but today, it seemed that she resembled her father much more.

But he didn’t care and put on a smile as he usually did.

“You know that I’m ill. How could I be fun when I’m sick, why don’t you wait until I’ve recovered and then we’ll go out and have some fun?”

Zhen Congyun couldn’t resist smiling, her mouth turned up into a curve that resembled the crescent moon, radiating with brilliance.

“That sounds good, but I came today to tell you something. I consider you a good friend, so you’re the first person that I am going to tell.”

Ling Shu was shocked and quickly said: “No way! Your parents are the closest ones to you, you should tell them first!”

But Zhen Congyun didn’t care at all and just continued to speak frankly.

“I’ve fallen in love with a married man, I want to elope with him but I don’t know how right now. My family is pushing me into an arranged marriage, I am trying to find a way to delay the marriage. From today, I’m going to be very busy and might not have time to come see you!”

Ling Shu: …….

“I’m tired, I didn’t hear anything.”

Ling Shu closed his eyes, lay down, put the covers properly over him and pretended to sleep.

Zhen Congyun didn’t care, and just waved before picking up her bag and leaving.

“Well, have a good rest!”

The door opened and flashes of light went out from the outside.

There were a band of reporters who were outside, trying to peer in and had even wanted to push their cameras inside the room.

“Miss Zhen! Can you tell us why you suddenly came to the hospital today!”

“Yeh, Miss Zhen, your wedding is coming up, how are the preparations coming along?”

“Miss Zhen, can we ask a few questions…..”

Ling Shu heard Zhen Congyun stand in front of his door and speak to those journalists.

“I don’t agree to the engagement, it was under my father’s orders. Nowadays, is it still trendy to be forced into marriage by our parents? The person I like is in hospital so naturally I had to come to see him!”

Ling Shu: …….

Obviously, he couldn’t rush out there at that moment, because, no matter what, Zhen Congyun had methods to make her lie known widely by everyone.

And he couldn’t go to the reporters directly and say that Zhen Congyun liked someone else, because he didn’t even know what that person’s name was, so there wasn’t any proof.

Ling Shu was simply in shock that this woman was so mad, she had even called the reporters herself to camp outside his room. One minute she was telling him she was in love with a married man and the next she was spouting off nonsense to the press.

It naturally caused an uproar with the reporters and they were desperate to find out his identity.

In reality, they didn’t need to hound her, they only needed to go to the nurse’s station and they could naturally get Ling Shu’s name quite easily.

And then everyone would know that Miss Zhen had personally come to the hospital to see her beloved and it was the handsome man that she had had her first dance with last time.

After her birthday party, Zhen Congyun and Ling Shu had had zero contact with each other, so naturally, the focus from the others was not on the two of them. But now, Zhen Congyun had caused another scene in order to attract their attention.

As soon as this news hit the papers, who would believe that there was nothing going on between Ling Shu and Zhen Congyun.

Zhen Conyun said a few more specious words and then swiftly left.

Leaving those hyped up reporters who were desperate to rush into his room to find out about Ling Shu, but luckily the nurse arrived in the nick of time and shooed them away.

Ling Shu was so annoyed that he broke out into a cold sweat.

What the hell is Zhen Congyun thinking?

Randomly rocking up to see him and then randomly saying all that nonsense?

If she had decided to use Ling Shu as a smoke bomb then she has succeeded.

Tomorrow, every small and large paper would definitely be printing that Miss Zhen does not like the fiancé that her family has chosen for her, and she was in fact in love with someone else. After seeing it in print, everyone would be curious as to who exactly Ling Shu was for Miss Zhen to like him so much.

Ling Shu was feeling a bit regretful.

If he’d known that this woman would be such a pain, when Yue Dingtang had asked him to meet with her, he should have found an excuse to refuse.

Without having met, there would have been no beginning, much less this succession of events.

No wonder Yue Dingtang was not interested in Miss Zhen at all, who could be happy being with this woman?

But that’s not absolute, as there will always be some men who would be interested, especially those who liked women who were hard to tame.

As he was thinking about it he unconsciously glanced over at his bedside table.

The jewellery box was still there.

The present that Zhen Congyun had left him.

Ling Shu slowly reached out and picked up the box.

He wanted to open it but hesitated.

He imagined that he was holding a Pandora’s Box, which could unleash demons and monsters if he was not careful.

Afterall, it was something that Zhen Congyun brought so he couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious.

His fingers grasped the top and slowly lifted.

He’d just pulled open a tiny crack when the door opened!

Ling Shu jumped from fright and nearly threw the box on the floor.

It wasn’t Zhen Congyun who entered.

It wasn’t Yue Dingtang either.

It was Jiang He.

What the hell was going on today?

Each new guest was more unexpected than the next.
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