All Under Heaven – MXS Weibo New Year’s Eve post

Note from Translator: MXS has been posting a couple of ‘mini-theatres’ on her Weibo as a gift for her readers and the first one she posted was All Under Heaven – yay!

Anyway I have very lazily and quickly translated it so don’t judge the quality haha ~
———— Peace All Under Heaven1天下归心 tiān xià guī xīn is an idiom that comes from the Analects of Confucius, basically it is a way to describe the ordinary people/common folk when they are content with their lives -(《All Under Heaven》Mini-theatre)————   
“It’s really hard to sneak out to eat roasted sweet potatoes nowadays.”

The young man muttered to himself. Because the sweet potato was very hot, he was tossing it from one hand to the other, until he felt that it had cooled down sufficiently, he hurriedly began to peel off the skin. However, he did not eat it and instead shoved it in front of another person’s face.

“You try it first.”

Zhao Su took a bite and then smiled and said: “Your Majesty hasn’t brought his food taster and is using me to try the first bite.”

Zhu Yijun was annoyed: “I2朕 zhèn – royal I/we would prefer to harm myself than let anything happen to you. Such malicious thoughts, who do you take me for?”

He knew that Zhao Su was only joking, so he just said that and then also laughed.

“If there really was poison, I would immediately take the second bite to follow you in death.”

He’d barely finished speaking when his mouth was blocked up by a cup of wine.

This wine was randomly selected from the palace as Zhu Yijun was hurriedly leaving.

“The new year is here, everything is afresh once more, don’t say such inauspicious words.” Zhao Su raised his hand and looked towards the night sky, with a contented look on his face.

He was also very much enjoying this stolen moment of half a day.

“Yes, anything you say.” Zhu Yijun smiled and said.

The two of them sat shoulder to shoulder.

They were high up above the ground, and it was a great place to take in the sights of lanterns lit by the masses below.

From today until the Lantern festival, the night curfew3宵禁 xiāojìn – mini history lesson – as the name implies during the Ming Dynasty, there was a night curfew, the dusk drum was struck at 8pm modern time and the dawn bell at 4am modern time and if you were caught outside between 9pm-3am you would get flogged was cancelled in the capital. The streets were bustling with life, everyone rubbing shoulder to shoulder, it was truly a flourishing period.

And this flourishing period had taken root from the time of the previous emperor until the current son of heaven ascended the throne and worked tirelessly for decades to achieve it.

It was hard to come by, and something to be cherished.

Zhu Yijun turned his head and looked at Zhao Su.

“Thank you, Susu.”

Thank you for what?

Thank you for instructing me when I was younger, for having a teacher’s kindness that was as great as the sea is deep.

Thank you for staying with me in happiness and in sadness, standing by me with steadfast loyalty.

Thank you for working hard, assisting the government and assisting the country.

Thank you even more for being true to me, and never changing.

It was as if Zhao Su knew already, he smiled slightly.

A thousand words contained within that one smile.

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  1. This is so nice to read. Especially since it will be a while before we see it in the main story. Thank you for translating!


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