Submit proof of purchase (IALCE only)


. • ° My translations are a hobby that I do in my own free time!!! I don’t owe you any translations nor am I obligated to give you the password for anything even if you have purchased the raws. By submitting your proof of purchase, you are choosing to read my translation, please respect that.

. • ° The form is long due to a prevalence of password-sharing and epub makers therefore, I will also require an active and public social media account to verify you.

. • ° Please note that I will not chase you up if you send me a file I can’t open or it’s too blurry etc. If you don’t hear from me in 14 days, you are welcome to re-submit.

❗ ❗Please only send me proof of purchase for the novels that I translate, you can find other fan translations by other tlers who require POP and how to access them in this spreadsheet❗❗



For MDSB, AUH and TP - use this form
For BAT - use this form

🛑 If you are already verified and want to submit ANOTHER receipt - you can also email me directly with your new receipt! Thanks ~
⚠️ Due to a prevalence of password sharing, epub makers and readers putting translations onto wattpad and aggregator sites - I am now obliged to check the identity of all my readers. Please provide an ACTIVE AND PUBLIC social for verification.
⚠️ You must answer 'WHY', doesn't have to be your 'favourite' but I'm sure you have preferences lol. Doesn't have to be a winning essay but sounding like a real human reader would be good 😉
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
⚠️ Please only upload your POP, if you don't know how to find it or are unsure if you have the right screenshot then follow this guide
⚠️ Tick all three if you agree or you won't be verified. Don't submit if you don't agree.

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