My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 10

"It is not easy to have peace in the world, so be considerate.”
The atmosphere became somewhat heavy.

Wenren Ye loosened the collar of his crimson outer cloak with one hand and untied it and the snowflakes on it disappeared with a shake, he hung it up in his usual manner.

“Who is this?” asked Wenren Ye.

Jiang Zheliu glanced over at him and said: “The Junior Pavilion Lord of Wushuang Jian Pavilion, my junior.”

This devil looked normal enough, but the hostility in his body was almost full to the point of overflowing, as if it was encircling around his neck, it was bone-chilling and enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine.

Jin Yujie could guess why Vermilion Bird Zhenjun had not been able to take Jiang Qianbei away – this person had taken advantage of the situation and held Qianbei hostage.

Jin Yujie’s back was wet from cold sweat, he didn’t look at the devil, his brain was too full of chaotic thoughts, he didn’t know what to make of all this drama, subconsciously thinking that his Qianbei had been forced in someway which made him compromise with the devil and share a home with him.

Jiang Zheliu waved his hand and said to the young man in front of him that he had raised himself: “You, come over here.”

Jin Yujie clenched his fist, so hard that he was almost making indents in the palm of his own hand, he hated himself deeply for his incompetence. He exhaled a long breath and sheepishly made his way over to Jiang Zheliu.

“Since you know that I’m here,” Jiang Zheliu said, “there’s no need to keep looking, I’m just fine.”

Jin Yujie nodded with difficulty, his gaze was obscure, it was unsure if he had actually taken note of what had been said.

“And that goes for the others. The Dao is long and difficult, and you have a boundless future, it is time to take up your responsibilities.” Jiang Zheliu’s tone was light, emanating a familiar ice-like aura.

It was like the wind and snow of the Zhongnan Mountains, with a chill that rushed into your lungs, making you wake up instantly.

Jiang Zheliu stretched out his hand, just as he had done many years ago, and touched the top of his hair calmly, but he only made contact with the cold hair ornament on top of his head.  

He retracted his hand and said quietly: “I won’t see you out, you should go home now.”

Standing stunned for a moment, Jin Yujie suddenly clutched the other’s robes violently as the other was withdrawing his hand and he blurted out:“……Qianbei!”

Jiang Zheliu looked at him calmly in silence.

“Qianbei,I……In fact I……” The words he had wanted to say, he had already practised innumerable times in his head, each time making the other person overwhelmed with emotion. But in front of the person before him now, he wasn’t able to get the words out, as if there was a sharp knife held up against his throat. As time went on, he became more and more embarrassed to speak and finally began to feel truly ashamed.

He gritted his teeth for a long time before finally speaking: “Can you be a little more relaxed with your requirements!”

Jiang Zheliu: “…… requirements?”

Jin Yujie said under the stares of those who were ready to eat him alive, “Well ……”

He looked at the little deer behind the Jiang Zheliu and said without conviction: “For those who get to stay with you.”

Jiang Zheliu pulled back his sleeves and said indifferently, “Are you also homeless?”

When he spoke in this kind of tone, it meant he was already on the verge of getting angry. Jin Yujie did not dare to touch him again, but his gaze kept falling on the tips of his Qianbei’s hair that were hanging loosely over his shoulders.

Suddenly he felt that this Qianbei that he had dreamt of for so long, no longer had the tough and sharp aura he used to have. Instead he was like a handful of untouched snow that was about to melt but had been left untouched, that he could disappear completely at any moment.

Just as he was lost for words, there was a distinct noise of the devil’s bones whilst he was twisting his hand to the side of him.

Jin Yujie’s hair instantly stood on end, he hadn’t even had a chance to react, when a biting-cold breeze passed abruptly by his ear, slicing his cheek and drawing blood. It wasn’t until half an inch of blood had been drawn, that he finally realised it was a dagger.

The dagger grazed his cheek, as well as cutting off a strand of long, inky black hair. A cold wind swept across the back of his head, the dagger seemed to have nailed something.
Not far behind him, the purple devilish dagger had clipped a fiery-red feather. It had missed Lie Zhen’s eye by just a breadth of a hair.

This Vermilion Bird had arrived at an unknown time. It was as if he had just arrived, but at the same time perhaps he had been hanging around outside the window for a long while.

Vermilion Bird Zhenjun transformed back into his human form. He bent down to pick up the loose feather from the ground and then jumped in through the window, glancing at the few people in the room. His gaze not even stopping on Jin Yujie, he walked straight up to his good friend.

“Zheliu.” Lie Zhen pulled out a small jade bottle, the Immortal Healing Elixir from the Demon Realm. “I went back to bring something for you, I think it should be useful to you.”

Lie Zhen, whose body was covered in blinding red-gold, raised his fiery eyes and swept them towards Wenren Ye, surprisingly saying nothing about the dagger just now, instead he went to hold Jiang Zheliu’s hand.

Wenren Ye instantly understood that he had come prepared.

“I was in the wrong before.” Lie Zhen looked at him and said: “But I’ll make it up to you. Don’t ignore me……”

Before he could finish his words, Jiang Zheliu had moved his hand away, lowered his head and continued to drink his medicine until he had finished all of the bitter concoction. He did not even glance at the Immortal Healing Elixir on the table.

He put down the porcelain bowl and calmly said:“You speak too much.”

Lie Zhen froze.

“You too.” Jiang Zheliu swept a glance at Jin Yujie, his tone as cold as ice: “You’re all so noisy.”

There is silence in the room, the temperature fluctuating between hot and cold.

In this silent and calm moment, which seemed to force everyone to take a deep breath in, Lie Zhen’s somewhat confused voice was heard.

“Zheliu…Do you really not want to see me? I……Can’t you just forgive me this one time? In fact I……”


His voice came to a screeching halt.

Qing Lin taught him to bring along the Immortal Healing Elixir so that Wenren Ye would have no reason to stop him. She also taught him to make an effort to admit his mistakes and apologise seriously, so that the other party would remember their past. But she hadn’t taught him how to face the situation at hand.

The fire in Lie Zhen’s eyes almost went out, and the temperature of his body lowered to an unprecedented level.

He had never felt like this before, and it was only at this moment that he realised, with certainty, what he had actually lost.

On the contrary, Jin Yujie was extremely obedient, bowing his head without saying a word and exiting the little pine house.

The bird was frozen in his place, as if he wouldn’t move now even if he got struck by lightning. It took a while before he regained his composure and he finally left without saying a word.

Jiang Zheliu remained where he was, reading and writing something on a piece of paper after drinking the medicine. The pens, ink, paper and inkstone were given to him by Wenren Ye. They were all of fine quality, except that they exuded a devilish energy that was too strong to be ignored, making it somewhat uncomfortable for Jiang Zheliu to use.

As he wrote, he discussed with the little deer Ah-Chu what he wanted to plant in front of the house. The two chatted for a while before Ah-Chu asked very quietly and apprehensively, “Shenxian gege, how do you know they will listen to you?”

Jiang Zheliu lowered his head and continued to write, involuntarily following him to soften his voice: “My friend, the child that I raised, although I can’t say they are upright gentlemen, but they are not brutes either.”

That’s because you haven’t understood their secret love for you. Ah-Chu said quietly in his head in disagreement.

“Hey, where’s Chang Qian?”

Ah-Chu said: “He descended the mountain to buy some wine for gege. Medicinal wine, the kind that’s fermented with scorpions, it’s a remedy for rheumatism.”

“I don’t have rheumatism.” Jiang Zheliu said.
“But doesn’t gege always have a headache, it cures headaches too.” Ah-Chu blinked at him, his eyes revealed his desire to try to curry favour.

Jiang Zheliu could sense he had an ulterior motive, but as they grew to live and get to each other better, he knew that this little deer was not wicked, so he didn’t say anything.

He wasn’t sure if mortal medicinal wines could do anything good for this body, but due to its weak medicinal effects, it was a safer and easier option to try out.

In the middle of their conversation, Wenren Ye picked up his crimson cloak and turned to take a few steps outside, just as he was about to push the door open, he suddenly heard Jiang Zheliu’s voice.

“Wenren Ye?”

Usually, he would have called him “Good Neighbour” or “Junior Lord“. He rarely called him by his full name.

Wenren Ye stopped and turned to face him.

Jiang Zheliu stopped writing and looked at him for a moment, his eyes dark and bitter, not a single ray of light could penetrate.

He said slowly: “Good neighbour, if you’re going out, then go out but don’t kill anyone.”

It was as if something had smashed into Wenren Ye’s heart, he felt that Jiang Zheliu could see through everything, and all the thoughts he had in his head couldn’t escape his eyes.

But why couldn’t he see through his ……

Jiang Zheliu paused for a moment and he smiled: “You can’t kill any birds either, the smell of blood makes me sick.”

Wenren Ye looked at him quietly.

The anger in his heart was instantly put out, and the chill of icy water fell over the top of his head. He had been hit in his weak spot, threatened by a short sentence like this, that sent chills through his body.

He didn’t walk away but instead approached Jiang Zheliu, leaning down and lowering his head towards him, his violent and unsteady hostility mixed with a chilling aura rushing towards the other’s face: “…… Why?”

Jiang Zheliu smiled, looking into these sultry purple eyes, he said in a calm tone, “It is not easy to have peace in the world, so be considerate of me.”

Jin Yujie is a junior that he had raised and whose loyalty to the Immortal Sect’s righteous path was evident to all, he was an outstanding natural talent and an excellent reputation. In the future, even if Wuxin was to make a mistake, with Jin Yujie present, he would surely help to correct him, so that Wuxin didn’t commit any grave errors. And he’d been friends with Lie Zhen for over a thousand years. Without him, the Demon Realm would fall into chaos and the world would not be at peace.

“Did you really let it go?” Wenren Ye licked his teeth and stared at him, “You nearly gave up your life in the name of world peace. In your current state, you still have to worry about others, Jiang Zheliu, why don’t you worry about yourself first. Your meridians are leaking like a sieve, you can wake up four or five times a day in pain, you hurt even in your dreams and you vomit more blood than the medicine you drink ……”

His words stopped here.

Jiang Zheliu pressed his fingers against his lips. His fingers were still cold, but very soft.

Jiang Zheliu actually didn’t expect him to know all that, but he still didn’t want to hear it. Instead he asked softly: “According to my calculations, there will be a shooting star tonight. Do you want to go and see it with me?”

Wenren Ye was at a loss for words.

His throat felt like it had been stuffed with ice, without a semblance of fury remaining. He could only slowly lean down to embrace him, dropping his head in a very calm manner, wanting to press against his shoulders but not daring to push down too tightly. His mind was filled with the anticipation of seeing the shooting star.

His emotions were as calm as they had ever been because he was afraid of overwhelming the other, so he just held him very slightly for a moment and responded lightly: “…… En.”
Author note:

The little Devil Lord failed to win the argument with his beauty but still remembered to embrace him gently.

Too cute.

Translator Note:

This was a quick update because the chapter was relatively short compared to the others (only 3k characters). Thanks for your comments and enjoy ~
01/09/21 – Edited

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