My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 9

You're in my way.
Vermilion Bird Zhenjun stayed in Zhongnan Mountain for a day or so. After determining that Wenren Ye had no intention to harm his good friend, Lie Zhen headed back to the Demon Realm.

High into the sky, the tree roots twisted and tangled intricately together. There was a violent tremor that came from within Wan Ling Palace.

Qing Lin sat, drinking tea whilst looking at the irritated Vermilion Bird. Watched him as his Lie Yan Sword violently struck down on the floor. His whole body was emanating a dense thick energy.

“What’s the point in destroying Wan Ling Palace, will it do you any good?” Qing Lin said whilst supporting her chin with the palm of her hand. “If it wasn’t for Zheliu, all your bones would have been pulverised and thrown to the dogs. Don’t even think about trying to team up with me, I’m not willing to make an enemy of the Devil Realm for this.”

She watched as Lie Zhen’s long red hair began to lose it’s sparks and the phoenix feathers on his body followed swiftly drooping down. The sword in the ground had made a crack but the cold light of the sword was no more. His whole person was a perfect illustration of “A phoenix that has lost its feathers is no better than a chicken”.

Qing Lin glanced over at him and said: “You want to team up with me? Go and kill a half-step Golden Immortal? You’ve really lost it. Back then with Zheliu, on the surface we could say that the two of us together were stronger than him by half. But we were merely messing around. In the end, if we were really engaged in a life and death battle and offend that devil maybe……”

“He can’t be that strong……”

“He is.” Qing Lin firmly cut him off, looking at the back of him, she said: “Wenren Jian has also achieved the half-step Golden Immortal stage, so why would he so easily give up his power and authority to his son. Let me tell you now, Wenren Ye is the strongest person in the Devil Realm.”

The anger within Lie Zhen started to ignite again, flames erupted from his body, the temperature began to spike:“Is he stronger than Zheliu? In this world, Zheliu is——”

This time without Qing Lin cutting him off, Lie Zhen had already stopped speaking. Staring blankly without uttering a word whilst staring at the ancient trees and vines not far away.

Jiang Zheliu no longer had any spiritual energy……

The rays of light from the sunset painted over the clouds, leaking in through the branches and leaves of ancient trees leaving shadows like the remnants of undried blood.
After a long silence in the Wan Ling Palace, Qing Lin stood up and looked at the heat, the white smoke from the tears that were close to burning up on the ground.

“You and I should have expected this day when we chose to stand idly by.” Qing Lin walked up to him, watching his phoenix feathers behind his ears tremble slightly. She knew that his heart must be complicated beyond words, “But our good friend who has devoted infinite energy to the Cultivation World, but only received a never-ending reliance from those who followed the Dao. Having done this, not only paves the way but removes obstacles for the Demon Realm. Aside from eliminating an obstruction, we have also freed Zheliu from his responsibilities.”

Qing Lin paused for a moment before adding, “I just didn’t expect that he would be so badly injured. Did the Ling Xiao Sect really not know how to provide him assistance?”

These were all just excuses, but amongst these excuses, there was one important one.

Lie Zhen’s feelings for his good friend were very complex. Aside from these excuses, within it, there was also another reason …… Zheliu was like a cliffside flower which could be seen only at a distance but could never be touched1高岭之花 – is used to describe something that can only be longed for, but cannot be reached but there had to be an opportunity for someone to pick this flower.

He calls Jiang Zheliu his “good friend“, but in his heart, he does not really consider him a friend.

Seeing that he did not speak, Qing Lin circled around Vermilion Bird Zhenjun and said, “Let me remind you, Zheliu does not like the devil race, so you don’t need to worry. Wenren Ye is at best just another delusional wishful suitor, in essence he’s no different from you.”

She had no qualms about calling Lie Zhen delusional outright. Then picked up her cup of tea to wet her throat, leaning against the table: “Hasn’t he shown that you have the advantage by not letting Wenren Ye kill you?”

Qing Lin continued to console him for a while, before he heard Lie Zhen’s dull, bewildered voice: “…… I regret it.”

Qing Lin’s grip tightened on her teacup.

“I didn’t do this…… to help him.”

“I know.” Qing Lin said,“In your heart, you just always wanted to have him. In fact, a lot of people have thought like this. Zhu Wuxin, Jin Yujie, Wenren Ye…… Your advantage is that you are more conscious of it, and you have a closer relationship with him.”

Her words pierced reality like a needle pricking an inflated balloon. All the air in that balloon emptied out and deflated, leaving only a shriveled and empty bag with the words desire written all over it.

Qing Lin did not say any more, she simply looked away and thought inwardly to herself.

But he won’t love you.

A long time ago, Qing Lin had realised that Jiang Zheliu hardly lived for himself. He was exact and fair, like a well-marked ruler2Ruler like the one you measure distance with, not ruler like a king. In his eyes were only grace and righteousness, as well as the greater good. Sometimes when she joked with Jiang Zheliu, she could see a hint of hidden exhaustion in the slight smile of the latter’s lips.

He won’t love someone like Lie Zhen who was hard to deal with. But he was accustomed to his nature, and protecting his friend.


At the same time, in Zhongnan Mountain.

Jin Yujie rubbed his hands together and asked the cultivator next to him curiously:“Are you certain that Vermilion Zhenjun came here a few days ago?”

“Could it be false? Oh, my Junior Pavilion Lord, half the sky was lit up in crimson,even the ice melted down a few inches. If it hadn’t been Vermilion Bird Zhenjun, who else could it be?” The cultivator next to him said whilst pointing towards the mountain peak, he winked and said: “Vermilion Bird Zhenjun and Jiang Xianzun are best friends, a thousand years of peace between the Cultivation World and the Demon Realm is all thanks for the two of them!! Now something so big has happened to Jiang Xianzun, instead of going to the Ling Xiao Sect to look for Zhu Wuxin, Zhenjun decided to come here …… Isn’t it obvious why?”

“Vermilion Bird Zhenjun didn’t take him away?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know if they had a fight or if something happened, but Vermilion Bird Zhenjun stayed on the mountain a bit more than a day, and then later he seemed to have left alone and injured.

Jin Yujie nodded and asked: “Aside from me, did you tell anyone else about this?”

The cultivator answered quickly: “When I saw it the other day, I hurriedly went to tell you. I haven’t told anyone else.”

The entire Cultivation World was looking for Jiang Zheliu. Everyone was offering a reward for any information on Jiang Zheliu, but Wushuang Jian Pavilion was offering the most.
Jin Yujie nodded slightly and glanced at him, and said:“Fine, wait here and prepare the carriage, a furnace and some medicinal pill. As soon as I find him, I’ll swiftly take Qianbei away with me, and not give those other lechers a chance.”

This cultivator was dumbfounded for a moment and muttered; “Aren’t you the lech……”

He didn’t finish his sentence because he got slapped on his head by Jin Yujie: “What nonsense are you spouting, Zhu Wuxin lost sight of him, do you know how many people are lusting after him. If I don’t protect Qianbei, and Qianbei gets taken advantage of, what should we do then? Get on with your work!”

After saying this, Jin Yujie couldn’t help rubbing his hands together again. He was dressed in cultivation robes, white on the inside and gold on the outside with a black belt. His clothing was magnificent and exquisite, even his hair ornament was made of top quality spiritual jade. His eyes showed bright and sharp anticipation.

Unlike the day he had confronted Zhu Wuxin at Ling Xiao Sect, at this moment, Jin Yujie was like a youth who’d come back from blind date. Young and inexperienced, full of feelings of first love, all these feelings bursting out of him.

Carrying his Qi Xing Sword, he walked up the snowy path of Zhongnan Mountain, passing an empty bamboo garden, he saw the small pine house adjacent to it.

Inside the small house, there seemed to be signs of life. At the doorway sat a little deer demon with antlers so tender that if you pinched them water would come out3Idiom to mean he looks naive. Without a choice and overcome with boredom and seemingly cooking some medicine.

Jin Yujie knew that his Qianbei had often taken in young demons and thought that he must be doing the same now. He was not surprised, so he went over and asked nicely, “Little Deer, does Jiang Xianzun live here?”

Ah-Chu rolled his eyes around to look at him as if he understood something, “Yeah, you’re here to take advantage, aren’t you?”

Jin Yujie’s smile faltered: “Take advantage……”

“Or is it to hit someone when they are down?” Ah-Chu disdainfully said, “When the protagonist is not down and out, each and every one of you are respectful juniors. A good friend, a caring shidi, but once the protagonist is injured, each and every one of you think you’re the new male protagonist in some third-rate novel who saves people from the chaos, warming the female protagonist’s heart like a heavenly God descending to Earth. Without even considering my Shenxian gege, does he deserve that?”

Jin Yujie was completely stunned by this little deer. Before he could even begin to understand what the other was talking about, Ah-Chu snorted at him, and scolded, “Hatred can be born from love, my god, can’t you people just leave him alone!”
This was the first time that Ah-Chu had seen in real-life the people described in those fiction novels. When he had first arrived, he was trying to dupe Chang Qian, putting in strenuous effort to finally get close to Jiang Zheliu. Now he was close to the protagonist, all of the discourse in his heart that he had locked up was blurted out. After he finished speaking, he turned to enter the house and slammed the door behind him.

After Ah-Chu closed the door and entered the house, he immediately turned back into a clueless sweet little deer and placed the medicine he’d just cooked up next to Jiang Zheliu.

Jiang Zheliu had always been focused when reading, although he heard some noise, it was just like passing sound, nothing actually registered in his mind. At this moment, he looked up at Ah-Chu, said, “Who is outside?”

The little deer said:“Some lecher.”

Jiang Zheliu first nodded, then thought that something didn’t sound right. He slightly furrowed his brow and then looked over.

What lecher, why would they come here?

Zhongnan Mountain snowed for half the year, it was desolate and uninhabited. It was rare to see anyone. There were a lot of weird demons and spirits so it wasn’t even worth anyone coming to sightsee.

Ah-Chu hung his head in shame and added:“He’s not a good person!”

From what he had read, Jin Yujie was definitely not among the good guys in the original novel. Showing in all respects that he lusted after the protagonist, and even had the beginnings of hatred out of love. Luckily, he knew that this was a No-CP4CP=couple so no romance cultivation novel and that his beautiful gege was noble. None of these toads were a match!

But Wenren Ye had entered the novel of his own accord…… he should not be a problem ……

As Ah-Chu was trying to recall the plot and at the same time asserting that Jin Yujie was “not a good person”, there was a very regular knock on the door of the small pine house.

Three short and one long, it was very well-mannered.

After a rattling sound, the door was gently pushed open.

It’s rare to find someone who comes through the door so normally. Jiang Zheliu thought about it calmly.

He watched as his junior, dressed in golden robes stepped forward and looked at him with glowing eyes, then half-kneeled and bowed before him.

“Qianbei has suffered.”

Jiang Zheliu looked at himself, he didn’t feel like he had suffered.

“Do you want to come back to Wushuang Jian Pavilion? I’ve already arranged a room for Qianbei. As soon as you arrive, you will be our esteemed guest. My father has been worried sick about qianbei, he was afraid that those with bad intentions may have done something to qianbei. I also……I also have been very worried……”

The more he said, the more nervous he became. Instead, his eyes first only hastily glanced over, then moving upwards from the corner of Jiang Zheliu’s snow-white robes, gradually upwards in a heartfelt manner until he saw his face.

Jin Yujie stared blankly.

He already knew that Qianbei was severely injured, but he had never really registered it in his mind.

When Jiang Zheliu had saved him as a child, he had used only his sword to defeat a myriad of evil spirits that were climbing up from the Netherworld, pulling him back from sinking into the river of the Netherworld. Otherwise, Jin Yujie would have already become a meal for these evil spirits, insteading of standing before him today.

Although he and Jiang Zheliu didn’t have the fate of being Master and Disciple, they still had the title of Master and Disciple. He often stayed over in the Ling Xiao Sect and trained with Zhu Wuxin. He still remembers the warmth and energy of Jiang Zheliu’s body when he corrected his sword grip, a slight hint of seeming tenderness amidst the coldness.

So …… although he berated Zhu Wuxin and although he was infinitely worried about Jiang Zheliu. In his mind, he thought just as Zhu Wuxin had always had – he really found it hard to believe that there was anything in this world that Jiang Zheliu could not do.

Until he saw the person before him, with his plain robes and snow-white outer cloak, his lacklustre white hair. The person who was looking over at him in a calm manner.

Jin Yujie’s adoration, longing, secret love, seemed to be expanding to its limit,and then suddenly erupting, splitting open. The broken pieces in his mind became one, wringing together, he was in so much pain that he couldn’t speak.

Jiang Zheliu nodded as if he was responding to this appellation, he casually said:“Yujie, can you pass a word onto the Pavilion Lord, tell him that I am ill and that I won’t be going there.”

Jin Yujie felt his throat was dry, he forcefully nodded: “How about I stay here and take care of you……”

He’d hardly finished speaking when he saw Jiang Zheliu slightly furrow his brow.

His heart instantly skipped a bit, he was afraid that he had annoyed Qianbei with what he had just said. In fact he was so tense that his heart nearly leapt up to his throat, until he heard the other party say softly.

“Has the matter with Chang Qian been dealt with?”

Jin Yujie paused for a moment, he felt dizzy from the enormous wave of devil energy that was rushing towards him from behind. In an instant, a semi-revealed devil hand suddenly wrapped around his neck, the bony growth almost impaling his throat, lifting him like a hanging object and moving him out of the way.

“En, no one will come after him again.”

Wenren Ye first responded to his beloved, then his purple eyes glanced over at Jin Yujie. His pupils were bright, serene and hidden in depth, with a smile that was mysterious and dangerous concealing his killing intent.

“You’re in my way.”
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