My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 12

Spring Breeze in the Willows
Wenren Ye had a sleepless night.

Not only did he stay awake all night, Ah-Chu had also been buzzing around the place, muttering and chanting under his breath. Chang Qian went over and listened carefully for a while before hearing him mutter something like “Is this the uncensored version of the book?”

Chang Qian didn’t think much about it. Because of the big shock from earlier, now he was no longer that surprised, so he simply tidied up and went to bed.

Wenren Ye sat by Jiang Zheliu’s bed, watching the frail and still feverish Xianzun sleeping peacefully, half of his face buried in the quilt, his long snow-white hair falling softly and disheveled, his eyelids had a rosy tint.

He didn’t feel sleepy at all, staring at Jiang Zheliu, the more he looked at him, the more awake he became, never having been so awake before. So awake he could even write a ten thousand essay on his insightful reflections about the structure of the Heavenly Spirit Physique.

Jiang Zheliu slept quite deeply and without disturbances he didn’t even move around much.

It was a silent and serene night.

When the morning light leaked through the wooden window and he had almost slept enough, he opened his eyes lazily to see the Devil Lord’s purple eyes, full of curiosity and confusion.

Jiang Zheliu slowly regained his senses, glanced at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

……You’re asking me what’s wrong. Wenren Ye’s furrowed brows turned to a deathly frown, and after having it brew in his mind all night, he said aggressively, “You know you can have children?”

“En.” Jiang Zheliu nodded.

What the h*ll, admitting to it like it was nothing.

Wenren Ye’s blood pressure was rising again and after grinding his teeth, he continued, “Well then why would you let me sleep with you!”

Jiang Zheliu looked at him blankly, wondering what was wrong with pure sleep.

“What if I’m terrible and shameless and ravaged your body?” Wenren Ye said forcefully, “You don’t even know how to protect yourself!”

Jiang Zheliu:“……”

Jiang Zheliu had really never made any special efforts just because of his special physique. When he still had his cultivation, if others even glanced at him, it would have been respectful and pious, let alone anyone trying to act shamelessly. Now that his body has reached this point, there is no need to take extra precautions. If Wenren Ye really had been that shameless, Jiang Zheliu probably would have died already.

Jiang Zhelou looked at the other before him who seemed to be angry, he wasn’t sure why and thought about it for a long time before saying, “Well, isn’t that very gentlemanly of you.”

This immediately doused all the fire embers in Wenren Ye’s heart and he could only look at him sullenly as he sat up.

Jiang Zheliu reached up and flicked back the hair that had fallen in front of his face, holding his suddenly throbbing head to take a breather. His hands were too pale, his bones were too brittle, even the blood vessels beneath that thin skin exuded weakness and fragility. Needless to say that he’d go down with a push so even the thought of a forced kiss would make someone feel like a brutal beast.

Wenren Ye had just been called a gentleman, so he felt truly beastly as he watched Jiang Zheliu massaging his own brow. When the other’s eyes were closed, his snow-white eyelashes twitched slightly, almost as if they were translucent under the glow of the morning sun.

………… Who could keep on being a gentleman under these circumstances.

Jiang Zheliu was suffering from a slight hangover when he was handed a bowl of hangover soup by his good neighbour. He thanked him as he slowly drank it.

Wenren Ye said, “…… Not everyone is as decent as I am.”

He looked at Jiang Zheliu and continued, “Like that feathery bird, he’s always eyeing you up inappropriately, and that brat that was all dressed up, do you think that they really want to take care of you? They just want to possess you and toy with …… you should never trust them.”

Jiang Zheliu put down his bowl, feeling a little amused, but nodded anyway.  
“You didn’t listen to me when I told you that you couldn’t drink. I’ve never seen such a big temper, no matter what I say you won’t listen……”

How did the Junior Lord of the Devil Realm become like this? What happened to the “ruthless” and “murderous” nature of Devils?

“Don’t say to me that it’s fine to drink once in a while, you’re so fragile that I’m afraid if I touch you, you’ll break, but it seems that you are quite capable of doing that yourself……” Wenren Ye rambled on and on for half a day, feeling that he was simply worried, and after he finished, he saw the other party nodding perfunctorily.

……he was so furious.

He reached out to hold Jiang Zheliu by his shoulders and said righteously, “You need to take this seriously, and this sudden fever of yours, can you take it more seriously?”

Jiang Zheliu helplessly reiterated, “But it’s really nothing.”

Wenren Ye felt his blood pressure still rising as he gritted his teeth and said, “I’m a Devil, I’m not a good person, can’t you be scared of me?”

“Ok.” Jiang Zheliu sighed, “Ok, I’m afraid, let go of me.”

After the Devil Lord got him to agree, he let go of the other’s shoulders and sat down on the edge of the bed in a big, bold manner, opening his mouth to say, “I want you to agree to three rules.”

Jiang Zheliu, who continued to drink the hangover soup and did not even look up, “Tell me.”

Just because he let Wenren Ye speak, it didn’t not mean that he would do as he said. Jiang Zheliu had a tough and strong character, but he is always open to listen and refer to others’ advice, but he always makes his own decisions.

“Don’t eat indiscriminately.” Wenren Ye said, “And don’t take in any more random little demons. The most important thing is that you must always remember what kind of physical condition you are in, don’t force yourself and remember to call me for help.”

As he spoke, he put an inky black-coloured jade bracelet on Jiang Zheliu’s wrist. 

Jiang Zheliu said, “Good neighbour, you’re over-thinking things.”

Wenren Ye thought in his head, if I don’t do this, I probably won’t be able to think about anything else.

Jiang Zheliu twirled the inky black bracelet on his wrist, and saw the dense devil’s protection spell and a communication talisman on it. He could guess what it was, and casually said, “You’re also giving me this, you’re going back to the Devil Realm?”

If he didn’t have to go back to the Devil Realm, there would be no use for the bracelet as Wenren Ye would have stayed indefinitely in the small pine house with him.

“I’m going back to take care of a few things.” Wenren Ye said, “When the devil’s protection spell is activated, it will automatically send me a signal. You can use it without cultivation, so don’t take it off and give me some peace of mind.”

Jiang Zheliu naturally could not make things difficult for his good neighbour, and did not find this bracelet heavy, so he casually agreed.

Wenren Ye had received an urgent message from his subordinates during the night, but Jiang Zheliu was still asleep and he didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye, so he delayed for a few hours and didn’t leave until now.

The Devil Lord held the other’s ice-cold hand, he was still exhibiting a “I’m still worried” face. After telling Jiang Zheliu approximately when he would probably be back, he secretly waited for Jiang Zheliu to ask him to stay.

Jiang Zheliu was extremely understanding but he also always had the bigger picture in mind. He withdrew his hand and said, “Be careful.”

Wenren Ye:“……”

Only after Wenren Ye left did Chang Qian get his place back beside his Shenxian gege. Whilst carrying his outer robe and winter cloak over, he muttered, “Little uncle’s rapacious intentions are too obvious, he even offered a token of affection before he left.”

Jiang Zheliu hugged his hand warmer, and thought for a moment, then said, “Is it that obvious?”
“I don’t believe that gege can’t see it.” Chang Qian said, “Why don’t you make things clear? Doesn’t gege like him?”

Jiang Zheliu was silent for a moment, then he reached out and ruffled the little snake’s hair, and said, “We haven’t known each other for long, how can we talk about liking each other?”

Furthermore, he had one foot in the grave, his days were numbered. Wenren Ye was still in his prime and had a promising future ahead of him. If they really did feel something for each other, and they decided to start something, but his illness couldn’t be cured, he would pass away within the next few years. How would Wenren Ye bear to continue living without him for the remainder of his long endless life.

He smiled calmly as he thought about it and whispered, “There’s nothing to clear up, so why say anything at all.”


Ling Xiao Sect.

In the inner hall, the unparalleled Ling Xiao Sword lay flat on the table, its sharpness still intact but its cold light hidden, a far cry from the time it was in Jiang Zheliu’s hands.

Zhu Wuxin sat on the seat of the Sect Master and stared at the sword.

Zhu Wuxin was actually very good-looking, but his expression at the moment was so gloomy that people dared not approach him.

He stared for a long time, but he was unable to wait for even the slightest response from Ling Xiao Sword. He was feeling more and more resentful, but there was nothing he could do about it.

The Ling Xiao Sword did not acknowledge him, the sword spirit was hidden deep inside with absolutely no intention of coming out. In his shixiong’s hands, the sword vibrated and trembled, it was invincible, but in his hands, it ……

It was clearly the famous sword of the Ling Xiao Sect, the cherished object that his father had in his hands for many years and which, by definition, should have been connected to him by blood and resonated with him. But reality smacked him hard in the face.

Zhu Wuxin took a deep breath and put the Ling Xiao Sword back into the scabbard. Just then, a young disciple wearing the Ling Xiao Sect robes entered the hall and knelt down to report, “Sect Leader, we have found out where Jin Yujie went. He definitely went to the Zhongnan Mountain a few days ago.”

Zhu Wuxin’s eyelids fluttered and he hurriedly asked, “And then what?”

From what he knew about his shixiong, he knew that his own shixiong would not change his decision easily, but he did not think that Jin Yujie would really be able to take Jiang Zheliu back with him.

“Then Jin Yujie descended the mountain alone. Since he has returned, he seemed to be distracted the whole time, and then he went to Tianji Pavilion and met with Wang Wenyuan.”

That prick …… Zhu Wuxin rubbed his fingers together and said, “What’s Wang Wenyuan up to?”

“After Wang Wenyuan spoke with Jin Yujie, he withdrew the Tianji Pavilion’s search for Xianzun.”

After finishing his words, the youth did not hear a response from his Sect Leader so he quietly looked up to see Zhu Wuxin looking at him with obscure eyes.

“What did you just call him?”

Only then did the youth react to the fact that he had broken the taboo of the Sect Leader, his words shivered and he hurriedly changed his words, “It’s Jiang Zheliu, he, he is no longer Xianzun, nor is he the head of the Immortal Alliance or the Sect Leader of Ling Xiao Sect…… just a broken man with his cultivation destroyed ……”

Even though he said this, Zhu Wuxin’s expression remained sullen and cold as he slowly fondled the scabbard of his Ling Xiao sword and said coldly, “He’s a broken man, then what are you? After being protected by him for so long, you’re no better than a dog …… Get the h*ll out!”

The disciple, who really could not understand the complexities of Zhu Wuxin’s mind or what was going on with shixiong and shidi, left the ancestral hall.
The hall was silent again as Zhu Wuxin sat where he was and passed on the message to the elders of the Ling Xiao Sect, before standing up and glancing out of the hall.

He wasn’t sure if his shixiong had said anything, but that Jin Yujie was personally raised by his shixiong, not to mention, he was like half a shifu to Jin Yujie, he could even be considered half a father to him.

…… If the Wushuang Jian Pavilion and Tianji Pavilion unite ……

Zhu Wuxin thought for a long time, from most tedious matters to the more serious ones in the Ling Xiao Sect and then thinking about the relationship between the various sects in the Cultivation World and then finally the state of the World as a whole. But in the end, all his thoughts lead back to the one that had always dressed in white.

His shixiong never liked colours that were too warm. It was as if his shixiong had a million things to do every day, as if every single thing in the Cultivation World needed to be personally handled by him. He always looked indifferent, neither happy nor unhappy.

Zhu Wuxin had always believed that Jiang Zheliu had more or less enjoyed his elite status, which was why he had always taken such good care of the Cultivation world, the Ling Xiao Sect, and of him……. And it was because of this, that wherever he went, people would never introduce him as Zhu Wuxin, nor as the son of the former Ling Xiao Sect Leader, but always as “Jiang Xianzun’s shidi”.

That form of address by those people, it was equal to saying that he was only an embellishment, a symbol of his shixiong’s prestige.

Zhu Wuxin collected his thoughts when his eyes fell on the seal on the table – it was a personal seal of Jiang Zheliu, engraved with the words ‘Spring Breeze in the Willows’1春风折柳 Chunfeng Zheliu.

It was a pity that when his shixiong left it was the harsh winter. There was no spring breeze, he also didn’t see him off that day.

Zhu Wuxin didn’t know what he was feeling. He reached up to fix the collar on his cloak, holding the Ling Xiao sword in his hand, he walked out of the inner hall, saying to the disciples standing by, “I’m going out, if anyone asks, just say ……”

He paused for a moment and said, “I suddenly encountered some difficulty, so I’ve gone to see my shixiong.”
Author note:

The Cold and Ruthless Devil (x)
Thoughtful and chatty wolfdog (√)
01/09/21 – Updated
07/12/21 – Zhangmen → Sect Leader
29/01/22 – Head of the Immortal Sects → Head of the Immortal Alliance

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