My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 13

"Blame you for what?"
It was snowing lightly on Zhongnan Mountain.

The mountain was full of evergreen pines and abundant in spiritual energy.

As Zhu Wuxin passed by the gravestone, he swept his hand across the top of it to brush away the thin layer of snow. He looked at the offerings that had been left before the gravestone and immediately understood that Jiang Zheliu had been here and hadn’t left.

He looked at the inscription on the gravestone —— Those engravings were written by his shixiong because at that time he was still too young,so he was unable to leave such a deep engraving upon the heavy stone. Jiang Zheliu had done it in his place as well as taking charge of Ling Xiao Sect in his stead.

Zhu Wuxin swept a glance over it then thought to himself that it was time to let all of this go. Now everything had fallen back into its rightful place, there was not even a thread out of alignment. He even thought that if his shixiong was willing, he would also let him come back to Ling Xiao Sect….

He noticed that he missed Jiang Zheliu a bit.

Zhu Wuxin quickly passed over the burial ground and walked towards the bamboo garden and little house not far away. There wasn’t anyone in the garden and he couldn’t sense any signs of life inside. As if there was some sort of facade in place for show. And to the side of the elegant small pinewood house, there was an utterly dazzling and showy door made from Wan Ling stone, the aesthetics were clearly in-line with the personal style of that bird from the Demon Realm.

Zhu Wuxin grasped his sword and advanced forward. He noticed a little deer who was still growing his antlers out sitting outside boiling some medicine. The medicinal ingredients seemed to be ordinary wild grass and herbs that grew readily on Zhongnan Mountain. The smell from the medicine was pungent and bitter, the smell lingered in the air for some time

……He hasn’t changed, still taking in those little lost demons.

Zhu Wuxin remembered that Jiang Zheliu was particularly popular with demons. When he was a child, he had bought himself a two-tailed cat which never gave him the time of day. But when it saw his shixiong, it always clung to him, licking him and kissing him as if it wanted to please him. Even though his shixiong was cold and aloof and didn’t even pet it. This never stopped any of those little animals and demons from being infatuated by him and trying to stay by his side.

After a while, many people thought that the Xianzun of Ling Xiao Sect liked keeping these little demons as pets. They had even tried to curry favour with his shixiong using these little demons. Although Jiang Zheliu said nothing at the beginning, after a while he politely clarified the situation to prevent his quarters being overrun with little demon pets.

Actually, it was not just little demons but even everyone who has ever met him ……

Zhu Wuxin collected his thoughts and walked over to the little deer demon. He looked at the medicine in the furnace beside him, squatted down and said, “Have you plucked all the seedlings of the Xuan Lingzhi1A type of mushroom that is used in TCM? Why didn’t you let it grow for a few more hundred years before you picked it. If you wait till all seven cloves to sprout, it will be the best in the Cultivation World.”

Without looking up, Ah-Chu grumbled, “If we waited until the Lingzhi matured, he’d have passed away already.”

It was only after he finished complaining that he suddenly felt something was wrong and immediately looked up to see Zhu Wuxin’s handsome, smiling face.

Ah Chu stared blankly at him and asked: “Who are you?”

Zhu Wuxin said: “I’m his shidi.”

Ah-Chu’s brain froze at this moment, he had only read the first half of the contents, his brain scanned through a dense stream of words that conjured up an image of this person, Zhu Wuxin. Alarm bells were ringing in his head, he scuttled back defensively and said, “What …… what do you want?”

“Don’t be afraid.” Zhu Wuxin lifted the lid of the medicine pot and took the porcelain bowl that was in front of Ah-Chu. He scooped up a bowl of the dark medicine, “I’ll go take care of him, you can rest.”

Naturally Ah-Chu refused, but before he could utter a word, he was already wrapped in an extremely strong spiritual force, his entire body was forced against the medicine furnace. His internal organs were getting crushed, the two tender immature antlers on his head began to split open, slowly dripping with blood.

Just as he felt as if he was drawing his last breath, the force that was wrapped around his body abruptly dissipated. Ah-Chu fell to the floor and gasping heavily, turning his head only to see the back of Zhu Wuxin as he entered through the front door.

The interior was a little drab.

The bamboo blinds in front of the windows were down, and the already faint daylight was slowly and faintly coming in through the gaps between the blinds.
It was the first time Zhu Wuxin had seen him since that day.  

The small house had curtains that had been strung with turquoise pearls, the decor resembled something from the Devil Realm, it was simplistic but romantic in style.

Zhu Wuxin placed the medicine bowl gently on the edge of the table. He saw a mass of snow-white fur covering a rattan lounge chair. The cloak was white and soft, the top and bottom had a white fur trim lining, and behind that fur were a few strands of white hair that almost blended in with the fur trimmed cloak.

The room was silent with only the slightest movement of the wind.

The window was only half-open so the mountain breeze shook the beaded curtains lightly. The furnace had been burning for a long time.

Zhu Wuxin stared at his back, the mental preparation that he had made whilst on his way here was completely shattered. He almost forgot the purpose of this trip, he had only one thing on his mind – what the hell kind of place is this, and is it worthy of his shixiong?

Zhu Wuxin hadn’t actually seen him sleep much because Jiang Zheliu rarely took rest. His previous level of cultivation was enough for him to last for a long time without sleep.

This snow cloak was also made by the Devils. Zhu Wuxin stopped at the side of the lounge chair and touched the cloak to take a closer look, he knew that it was made from a valuable material of the Devil Realm. All the doubts that had been building up in his mind so far, were starting to build up even more, he took a hold of the edge of the snow cloak and tugged at it wanting to see if there were any marks or symbols to be found on it, but he was met with some resistance.

Zhu Wuxin looked down and saw that the other’s hand was subconsciously clutching the snow cloak.

He had never seen such a quiet, soft and calm Jiang Zheliu before. Neither could he ever have imagined that his shixiong would also do something like “clutching his blanket.”

Zhu Wuxin leaned down, reached out to move the other’s long hair that had fallen onto his shoulder out of the way, and whispered, “Shixiong?”

Jiang Zheliu was usually very easy to wake up; he didn’t sleep very soundly and didn’t enjoy sleeping in either.

Jiang Zheliu would never have expected to see Zhu Wuxin.

Ever since he retired, he would always get extra sleepy and spend half of his days sleeping. At this moment, when he opened his eyes, he was still a little dizzy, so he just answered faintly.

Jiang Zheliu lifted his snow cloak, casually sweeping away some of the loose strands of his white hair and looked over at him, “Did you come to pay respects to shifu?”

Zhu Wuxin said, “I have already seen my father. I have come to see shixiong.”

“Hmm.” Jiang Zheliu’s eyebrows were knitted,“I guess it’s not simply just to come see me. What’s wrong?”

He knew Zhu Wuxin too well, he knew him even better than Zhu Wuxin knew himself.

Zhu Wuxin stood before him, staring at the other’s fingertips whilst he rubbed his brow. He stared at his pale nails and after a long while he finally said: “Did Jin Yujie come to see shixiong a few days ago? What did shixiong say to him?”

Jiang Zheliu stopped rubbing his brow and looked up at him. His jet-black impenetrable eyes looked at him and said: “Yujie wanted me to go to Wushuang Jian Pavilion but I tactfully declined his invitation.”

This was within Zhu Wuxin’s expectations. He looked at the other man’s expression and sensed from Jiang Zheliu a feeling that nothing was worth mentioning and he didn’t care about anything, even the tone of his voice was light-hearted.

He wasn’t sure when it had started, but that’s just how his shixiong treated him, not showing any emotion in front of him and never saying more than was necessary.

Zhu Wuxin felt his chest tighten, he was irritated for no reason. He looked around the room and then suddenly asked:“Shixiong even has a friend from the Devil Realm? Looks like this friend is quite extraordinary and has even offered up all of these extravagant things for shixiong.”

He paced back and forth, inspecting every corner of the little pine house, becoming more and more annoyed the more he looked at it. He still wasn’t sure where this annoyance came from: “I don’t know what kind of honorable status this person, that even I didn’t know that shixiong has such a friend. Even gifting you with all these items from the Devil Realm. Does shixiong still blame me?”

Jiang Zheliu looked over at him calmly and asked: “Blame you for what?”

Zhu Wuxin took a deep breath, suppressing the bitterness and that weird anger that filled his heart, and flashed a smile at him, saying, “Naturally, I blame myself for not trying to keep shixiong from leaving and letting you live on such a deserted mountain. How about this, let me redeem myself, shixiong, come back with me, okay?”
He put on a “I won’t ask anymore about this as long as you come back with me” look and extended his hand towards Jiang Zheliu with a hint of deliberate pity and charity in his tone.

Jiang Zheliu didn’t want to get angry with him and said calmly, “I have never thought of it like that.”

This was supposed to be to console him but it made all the bitterness and anger that Zhu Wuxin was suppressing erupt to the surface. Zhu Wuxin’s eyes burned with anger,seemingly not believing that his shixiong did not blame him. His brain was fuzzy and filled with obscure thoughts. In the end, he could only stare into Jiang Zheliu’s pitch-black eyes.

The bitterness filled the air, like an ascending fog.

Zhu Wuxin clenched his fists forcefully, closed his eyes for a moment to try to calm his mind, and then opened his eyes to say: “Who is your devil friend?”

Jiang Zheliu took the bowl of medicine, not wanting to bicker with the little brat, he slowly took a sip of the medicine without speaking.

But little brats don’t take kindly to being given the cold-shoulder, Zhu Wuxin’s imagination was roaming wild. He could not stand it any longer and snatched the porcelain bowl from the other’s hand, spilling half of the contents all over the floor.

Zhu Wuxin clasped the other’s shoulders tightly, his emotions were too intense to describe: “Shixiong, tell me, who is taking care of you? We grew up together. After all these years, do you trust an outsider more than me?! You and I have always been so close, it’s impossible that there is a third-wheel! Shixiong, come back with me. There isn’t any one good from the Devil Realm. They are all ruthless and evil and will get you killed sooner or later……”

Jiang Zheliu’s shoulders ached from his grip and he frowned gently, sighing:“It’s the Junior Lord of the Devil Realm.”

Zhu Wuxin was stunned: “……Junior Lord?”

Jiang Zheliu said patiently: “Wenren Ye.”

Zhu Wuxin had only recently learned the change in leadership in the Devil Realm. However, he was not aware that the two had even met before, nor could he have imagined that in such a short period of time, with his shixiong’s cold personality, he would have established such a deep friendship with the Devil Lord!

Zhu Wuxin had a rush of blood to the head, his chest heaving with anger as he gritted his teeth and said:“Wenren Ye? When did you meet him? He’s a nobody, how could he be worth keeping by your side? You……”

When Zhu Wuxin said this, another possibility suddenly occurred to him, he paused for a moment, then he slowly said:“……Was this shixiong’s plan all along?”

Jiang Zheliu didn’t understand what he meant, he only started to feel pain where he was being held tightly by the other, so he reached out and patted the back of the other’s hand, “Wuxin, you’re hurting me.”

Zhu Wuxin was too confused, he did not hear Jiang Zheliu at all and instead murmured, “Have you and Wenren Ye have known each other for a long time? Is shixiong plotting with him, preparing to recover, and then with the assistance of Jin Yujie and your own prestige, you……”

His words stopped abruptly, but he’d made what his thoughts clear to the other party.

After all these years, he had never really understood Jiang Zheliu.

Jiang Zheliu was in a lot of pain from where he was grasping his shoulders, and he had spilled half a bowl of medicine. At this time, aftering hearing what the other was saying, even though he had always been good-tempered towards Zhu Wuxin, he felt that this time his shied had gone too far. His internal organs began to churn and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

He coughed several times, each time more violently, as if his lungs were shattering. His lips were stained a little by the blood.

At this very moment, the pattern on the black bracelet on Jiang Zheliu’s wrist vaguely began to light up, and then in the instant when neither of them reacted, a harsh and terrifying devilish energy rushed out violently. Zhu Wuxin was sent flying by this sudden burst of devilish energy.

The devilish energy was so fierce that it smashed all the windows and furniture in the house that was in its path. Zhu Wuxin was swept straight out of the small pine house, smashing the Wan Ling stone front door built by Vermilion Bird Zhenjun. With a bang, he was thrown dozens of metres through the snow, splattering blood everywhere.

……. Luckily he hadn’t been thrown with such force directly onto a jagged mountain rock.

Jiang Zheliu watched as Zhu Wuxin got up while vomiting blood, then he took another look at the small pine house that had a big hole knocked out of it. He stared at it breathlessly, before slowly saying, “…… it’s broken again.”

Not only that, this activated bracelet continued to light up with devilish script glowing up. In the next moment, the dense clouds in the sky above Zhongnan Mountain suddenly spread, and purple thunder and lightning exploded between the clouds, amassing into a vast devilish aura.

A stream of purple lightning descended from between the clouds, seemingly it was a transportation spell to travel between realms. In a blink of an eye, the Devil Lord, who was half covered in blood and in fury, appeared from the lightning. He was splattered with the blood of the others and emitting a heavy scent of fresh blood.

Even the blood that rolled down from his body was still warm.

Wenren Ye’s black cloak was soaked in blood. It wasn’t known what kind of murderous, cold Devil he had been the moment before he rushed over. A pair of dark purple devil horns that had dense, veiny patterns all over them were standing up in his black hair, emitting a violent aura of “you’ll die soon”.

But this violent aura dissipated in almost an instant. Wenren Ye did not see Zhu Wuxin who was also covered in blood. He wanted to touch Jiang Zheliu, but he was afraid of dirtying him, so he just asked hurriedly, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Zheliu looked at the horns on his head, pondered for a moment, and then pointed to the gaping hole: “Hm……… fix the door.”
Author note:

All the devils: *Fighting* *Fighting* Our Lord has disappeared! ! ! ! !
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