My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 19

Divine Interconnection
When Yu Jinnian arrived, Jiang Zheliu was drinking his medicine.

The amount of medicine he drank was more than how much he ate but over the last few days, the cramps in his body really did subside. His gradually fading vision had also slightly improved, superficially it seemed that his progress wasn’t too bad.

Yu Jinnian had estimated if Jiang Zheliu stayed there for another ten or twenty years to receive treatment, it would still not be possible to recover his cultivation but he’d definitely be able to extend his lifespan. The other had reached a certain realm in his cultivation, it was just that his body could no longer withstand any more injuries, how much longer he could stay alive, was really not something that Yu Jinnian could put a number on.
Jiang Zheliu’s medicine had always been extremely bitter but lately every time he drank his medicine, the little devil would feed him a candied fruit, which made his sensitivity to the bitterness increase exponentially. Now when he drank his medicine, it would make him frown slightly.

Jiang Zheliu put down the medicine bowl and was fed a candy by Wenren Ye. It was simply too sweet to bear. He bit half but felt that it was too sweet so he tried to retreat backwards to get away from it but then he saw that Wenren Ye had put the other half in his mouth and eaten the other half happily, the action was so natural and fluid as if he had been plotting it for a while.

……The younger generation were really something.
Jiang Zheliu considered himself an elderly person, to be more precise – one who had one foot in the grave and was running on borrowed time. Whilst he forced himself to swallow down the ecurant sweet, he saw the other’s deep purple eyes focus on his lips.

“……what is it, did you want to eat it?”

The Devil Lord’s deep gaze slowly moved down his body, he was like a doting cat that was trying to take in a deep breath of the other’s scent, he finally said: “I want to——”

He only managed to get three words out when he was cut off by the “knock knock” at the door. Wenren Ye turned to look at the door and saw it was Yu Jinnian. His face almost had “You two are too sweet, it makes me jealous, so I’m deliberating here to be the lightbulb” written upon it.

However, Jiang Zheliu was calm as usual and just thought he’d come to do a routine health check and he even made space for the other to sit.

Yu Jinnian took a seat opposite Jiang Zheliu, he looked at the latter for a good moment brimming with smiles and then finally turned to take a look at the Devil Lord beside him:“Hmmmm……taking by force, acting disgracefully, oppressing others, first r*pe and then kill……this all seems very likely.”

Jiang Zheliu stared blankly for a moment, not understanding what he was talking about and then turned to look at Wenren Ye: “My good neighbour has such a good heart, he’d never treat me that way.”

This was actually the first time that Wenren Ye had heard someone call him kind-hearted but these two words were actually a way to insult someone in the Devil Realm……it was basically cursing a Devil.

The Devil Lord was focused on this “insult” but he didn’t refute and instead just slowly nodded his head.

Yu Jinnian said: “It’s nothing, even if he’s considerate and gentle now, with infinite kindness, this will change very soon. I think the entire Cultivation World will soon believe you to be miserable and helpless and even pitiful.”

Jiang Zheliu: “…….?”

“Your junior and your good friend as well as that black-hearted idiot Wang have been plotting together, to make you out as a suffering and maltreated little white flower and Wenren Ye as a brutal and heartless great monster. And then they plan to unite with those who have the same views and eradicate the dissidents in order to take you back.”

Jiang Zheliu was silent for a moment, and then turning into confusion and miscomprehension,he repeated:“……a suffering and maltreated……little flower?”

“Correct.” Yu Jinnian took a sip of tea and then continued, “I believe that the rumours will sound even more extraordinary and frightful, exaggerated to the point that you are missing an arm and a leg, utterly wretched. And because you are unwilling to yield, you are still suffering unspeakable torment.”

“……why would I be unwilling to yield.” Jiang Zheliu was perplexed.

“How could I let him suffer unspeakable torment!” Wenren Ye was enraged.

How could the little devil lord who’d be angry at himself for half a day if he’d accidentally made the other lose even a strand of hair, be able to cut off his arm and leg and make him suffer.

After retiring, the little willow tree had always been very chill about everything, he had never bothered to resist anything at all…… but perhaps that’s why, in the midst of it all, the little willow branch could snap and succumb to his illness at any moment.
Yu Jinnian finished the tea, then continued to narrate Wang Wenyuan’s words adding a little oil and vinegar of his own, but omitted the portion about the Five Power Passion Pill and the plan for Zhu Wuxin. He knew that Zhu Wuxin was the son of Jiang Zheliu’s shifu, so for Jiang Zheliu, he held a special place in his heart. He was afraid that Jiang Zheliu would be affected by his feeling of debt towards his shifu and be unintentionally lenient towards Zhu Wuxin.

Jiang Zheliu listened patiently until the end and unhurriedly poured himself another cup of tea, he said:“Things done incorrectly, will only make a mess.”

Wenren Ye on the other hand wasn’t so calm and was furious on behalf of his beloved with his killing intent growing by the second: “That bird and that shameful boy really don’t understand your feelings. I think it’ll be better to kill them now, the sooner the better.”

Jiang Zheliu blew upon the top of his tea, he held the cup in his hands whilst thinking it over and then said: “If Lie Zhen and Qing Lin work together. It’s enough to stall you for a while.” Little devil, even if you have outstanding skill, with unyielding power, you are still one person and not unbeatable.”

He paused for a moment and then continued:“But I think that those two still haven’t……”

Jiang Zheliu could see through people clearly. He would associate himself with truly evil and wicked people, so after thinking it over for a long time, he felt that Jin Yujie and Lie Zhen at most just had a prejudice against the Devil race, but in fact, they should still be willing to listen to him.

If the little deer Ah-Chu was there then he would definitely say that Jiang Zheliu had underestimated the power of secret love.

Yu Jinnian continued his train of thought,and added: “Wang Wenyuan has also thought about it like that, that’s why he wants to collect more power and influence in order to capture the title of the Head of the Immortal Alliance from Ling Xiao Sect, as well as take over the position from you.”

The way he wanted to fight for power was surprisingly not to use his own sect, Tianji Pavilion and make it stronger, but instead to induce disharmony between the other sects to promote conspiracy to gain power.

Jiang Zheliu closed his eyes, sighed very lightly, and spoke in an unwavering tone: “This way he can win over the masses, that b*stard, and destroy my life’s effort.”

But Jiang Zheliu didn’t actually want to bother with the current affairs of the Cultivation World. He had already loosened his grip and given everything to his shidi. Something that everyone was happy to see, so even if Wang Wenyuan had nefarious intentions, he felt that this was a matter between the younger generations and he shouldn’t get involved.
But the fact that Wenren Ye had been somewhat harmed in this matter meant that he would still have to get involved in the end.

Jiang Zheliu glanced over at him quickly and said: “Being taken by force is too vulgar, why don’t we say we had familiarity at first sight, leading us to be close friends……”

He’d barely finished his words, when Wenren Ye grabbed ahold of his hand, his deep purple eyes completely focused on him. Wenren Ye swallowed as if he had seen some sort of special opportunity that had arisen.

“Actually I don’t mind being depicted as a cruel and ruthless great monster.”

Jiang Zheliu:“……”

“The best way to say it would be that it was love at first sight, and then I forced you into marriage.” Wenren Ye said with much seriousness,“We get married and I take you as my Devil Queen and then……”

“……and then you defile me, abuse me, and ravage me?” Jiang Zheliu continued his train of thought in his usual calm manner.

Wenren Ye was knocked stupid for a moment by his words, caressing restlessly the other’s hand, slowly kneeding into each of his fingers, he said in a low voice:“Plus all of this good stuff?”

Jiang Zheliu looked at him calmly, he reached out and gently rubbed the corner of the other’s lips and said quietly: “You’re salivating.”

Wenren Ye:“*hiccup*……”

“I’m kidding.” The great beauty retracted his own hand,“Lust and admiration for beauty is perfectly natural. But my health is deteriorating, you probably won’t have this opportunity.”

His lips which had just been touched by the other were burning hot, the other’s hand was ice-cold and soft,the other’s body was exuding a delicious odour from head to toe which made him want to embrace him. It was crisp and clear but not biting cold like the first snowflakes under the light of the moon.

Wenren Ye didn’t feel regret at all but instead slowly massaged the other’s hand:“…… I don’t want to give up either.”


Yu Jinnian and Jiang Zheliu kept discussing until sunset, and also chatted a lot about some old stories about the Cultivation World.
Although the two of them were talking about the “plotting” that was going on, neither of them were particularly worried. Because Yu Jinnian had much confidence in the battle skills of the Devil Realm. He thought that even if this situation hadn’t arisen, the Devil Realm who had just conquered the third Xuan Tongju Gate probably already coveted the Cultivation World since these Devils had never really respected or cared of the four great Immortal sects, it had always been about Jiang Zheliu.

It was even simpler for Jiang Zheliu, he thought that even though these people were working together now,due to their own differences, and the suspicions and jealousy towards each other they would eventually break apart. Even if they maintained some sort of peaceful front, but really decided to start a war with the Devil Realm, and target Wenren Ye on this matter, he would definitely come and resolve this.

Since now he really didn’t have anything useful left to give, he could at least put to use the last smidgen of the prestige that he had painstakingly accumulated over the years.

As the night grew darker, the tea on the table had already become cold.

Yu Jinnian stood up and took his leave, he casually brushed the dust off his robes and said: “It seems that only when Qianbei is alone, do I have the opportunity to have such a long chat with you.”

Jiang Zheliu shook his head: “It was I, who was too busy before.”

“Of course you were busy. Qianbei was not as relaxed before as you are now.” Yu Jinnian glanced at the sullen Wenren Ye who was standing on the side, and deliberately said, “You used to be as taut as your sword, ice-cold and sharp, that no one dare not touch.”

He saw, as he had hoped, the expression on the Devil Lord’s face getting worse and worse, with the air filling up with a strong smell of “I don’t understand all these old stories you two are speaking of” vinegar.

Yu Jinnian paused for a moment, then laughed and said: “Thinking back to the few times that we have met, I have never seen you so warm and inviting. If it was before, and each of the sects were plotting in private like this, I believe that you would have already quashed the situation entirely.”

Jiang Zheliu looked down and took a sip of tea, then calming said: “Now I can’t even lift a sword.”

Yu Jinnian knew that he had said enough and was afraid of pushing the big Devil next to him over the edge so he was thinking about leaving, but then he remembered something,and reached into the sky blue Qiankun bag that was hanging from his waist, after a long while he seemed to pull out what turned out to be a book.
He laughed as he glanced over the title of the book and then he slid the book over to Jiang Zheliu.

Jiang Zheliu thought that Yu Jinnian was just passing him another one of his private erotic novels, so he readily accepted. He’d just swept over a glance over the book cover and read the title,when he heard Yu Jinnian remind him: “You’ve lost all your spiritual energy, you have a frail state of mind, don’t forget to start practising from the first page.”

After he was done talking, he turned and left. After a long while after he’d gone, they heard his hearty laugh from afar..

Jiang Zheliu had the book in his hand, he was staring blankly for a moment, when the little Devil grabbed his hand and leaned in closer to take a look at the book.

The book’s title was written in seal script《Divine Interconnection Body Recuperation Method》.

……What connection?

Wenren Ye suddenly suffered the second challenge to his Devil Life, he did not react for a moment, and when he did, he saw the base of Jiang Zheliu’s ears slowly flushed, creating a thin layer of crimson upon his frosty white skin.

The art of Divine Interconnection had been around since ancient times, and there is even a special category of cultivators who studied this path. It is a method of intertwining with each other in a way that two souls become fused with each other whilst cultivating. For the cultivator whose soul was damaged, this method was quite beneficial, but the matter was too intimate, sometimes even more intimate than the binding of physical bodies.

Jiang Zheliu’s cultivation was destroyed, not to mention the damage that had been done to his body, even his spirit also suffered a lot of trauma, otherwise he would not be thinking about sleeping all day. Because his energy was so limited, he really did need a lot of sleep. Looking at the title of the book, this seemed to be a method of recuperation through divine interconnection.

The two were silent for a long time, until the tea on the table was completely cold. Wenren Ye finally asked with much hesitance, “This thing …… you ……”

Logically, this method seemed to be very effective for his recuperation.

Jiang Zheliu had never studied the method of divine interconnection and was completely unaware of this matter, he was silent for a moment and then said, “I don’t really know how to do it.”
“It seems to need to be cultivated slowly.” Wenren Ye wasn’t sure why he was so nervous, “Do you want to try it?”

Jiang Zheliu glanced at the book, and then looked up at the Devil Lord in front of him, whose eyes were full of light, and mused, “It’s probably not a good idea? The method of divine interconnection has a characteristic of codependence.”

That was common sense. Also because of this characteristic, this recovery method was almost only tried between married dao companions.

Wenren Ye said: “Why not? Anyway I will never leave you.”

“…… Young and impetuous, you shouldn’t make promises without thinking.”

“I’m not just saying it casually.” The little devil said persistently, “I mean it.”

He saw that Jiang Zheliu did not answer, as if he was half considering it whilst also half accepting tacitly. Wenren Ye could not help but hold the other’s hand tightly again. He swallowed, and then carefully and tentatively said: “Then do I have the opportunity, well, to defile you?”

Jiang Zheliu: “…… Can you not say it like that?”   
Translator Note:

FYI – ‘Divine Interconnection’ isn’t a word, I made it up lol. So in Chinese she calls it 神交 shénjiāo, when these two characters are together as a term it has a meaning which is ‘soul brothers; friends in spirit who have never met; to commune with’. Separately, the character, 神 shén means deity; soul; spirit etc and the character ‘交 jiāo to hand over; to deliver; to pay (money); to turn over; to make friends’ so as described in the chapter – it’s just a made up term by the author to make their ‘souls’ bind. A spiritual rubbing up of each other if you will so I could have called it ‘spiritual exchange’ or something to that effect but I went with the former. Sorry, that was a wordy explanation just so that the author note below makes sense.

Author note:

I suddenly can’t look at the term “shénjiāo” normally anymore.

Yeye knows himself very clearly, he’s ashamed of not being as good as others hahahaha

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