My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 2

It didn't fully heal for a long time, and left a lasting scar.

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Ling Xiao Sect.

The room was filled with all the righteous leaders of each Sect, but the atmosphere was as heavy as lava, making it hard to breathe.
Zhu Wuxin was sitting in the Sect Leader’s seat, informing them all of the departure of Jiang Zheliu whilst playing with the Ling Xiao Sword’s sword tassel the whole time whilst he waited for a response.

The tension in the room increased in the silence.

Until finally someone couldn’t bear it any longer and slapped his sword on the tabletop, then stood up and cursed: “Xianzun has suffered severe injuries and you dare to let him leave. You’ve wholeheartedly done this as a power play, I can’t let get away with this shixiong!”

The more Jin Yujie cursed, the bigger his rage, he picked up his Qi Xing Sword that he had just slapped onto the table, unsheathed it pointing it directly at Zhu Wuxin and said coldly:“Qianbei has done us such a kindness and now not only can we not even repay him, we even have to watch as you trample over him to get to the top, if your Ling Xiao Sect won’t take him of him, I will.”

The other people didn’t dare to move, only the person sat next to Zhu Wuxin who was fanning his fan back and forth said lightly: “No need for your Wushuang Jian Pavilion, with me, Wang Wenyuan here, Tianji Pavilion will welcome the return of Xianzun and treat his illness.”

Jin Yujie didn’t feel like paying any attention to him, his focus was solely on Zhu Wuxin the whole time, he said: “Qianbei protected Ling Xiao, destroyed his cultivation to protect the world, yet he’s ended up with no one to care for him. If you as his shidi still have even the slightest bit of conscience left, you will tell me where Xianzun has gone, and I will go pick him up.”

Zhu Wuxin slowly gripped the long sword in his hand then bit his bottom lip: “Although my shixiong no longer has his cultivation, he can be considered the most intelligent man in the Cultivation World, Junior Pavilion Lord Jin, when you speak like this, you are not really thinking about my shixiong.”

He frowned coldly, his words even colder: “The Ling Xiao Sect has opened the way for all beings in the world, but instead of repaying me, you slander me. This sword was personally entrusted to me by shixiong. Junior Pavilion Lord Jin do you want to be the first to be disciplined by this sword?”

Ling Xiao Sword was a spiritual object that was passed down each generation of Sect Leader in Ling Xiao Sect, only the one who holds the Ling Xiao Sword, can be addressed as Ling Xiao Zhenzun. The spiritual object had a spirit, so naturally it would never remain in the hands of a thief.   
Jin Yujie wasn’t afraid of him,but he was actually afraid that if he killed the shidi of Jiang Zheliu the latter might not be too happy about it. He was so angry that he slashed his sword to the ground and said: “Once I’ve found Xianzun, if I found out you’ve done anything to him, I’ll come back for your head!”

The floor was made of black iron mixed with cold stone, which was incomparably hard, but it was still cracked by the Qi Xing Sword, and the sword penetrated deep and spider web like cracks appeared on the floor.

Jin Yujie immediately withdrew his sword, turned around and left. The cultivators of the Wushuang Jian Pavilion who had come to congratulate and pay their respects to the Immortal all turned and left with him giving off a murderous aura.

Aside from Wushuang Jian Pavilion, the other sects were also not particularly happy with the situation but they were not as impetuous as Jin Yujie. Jin Yujie was a hot-blooded youth who had also been helped by Jiang Zheliu so naturally he could not bear to keep his anger to himself.

Following the departure of Wushuang Jian Pavilion, all the other sects also 一一asked for their leave,there was only Wang Wenyuan from the Tianji Pavilion who stayed where he was, still fanning himself.

“Is Pavilion Lord not leaving?” Zhu Wuxin stood up slowly.

“I want to ask Sect Leader one more time, where has Xianzun gone.”

Zhu Wuxin had been suppressing his anger for too long, and at this moment was in a terrible mood, he sneered: “Where my shixiong has gone, do I really need to report back to every single sect leader? This is Ling Xiao Sect’s business, I’d advise you not to get involved. Plus, my shixiong doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

“It’s not for this reason.”Wang Wenyuan stopped fanning himself and said: “This time’s calamity, may not have been entirely resolved.”

Zhu Wuxin stopped in his tracks,even his eyes were motionless: “What did you say? But my shixiong definitely did……”

“Aiii——” Wang Wenyuan stood up to leave and lazily added:“Perhaps the loss of Jiang Xianzun is actually the real beginning of this so-called calamity.”

He didn’t go on any further, in the heavy snow at the cold of night he closed his fan,looking pensively towards the North, leaving soon after with his disciples.

The heavy snow floated into the great hall.

Zhu Wuxin stood in the same spot for a while, staring at the melting snowflake that had just flown in, in utter silence.

This kind of weather……

For cultivators, once you have built your cultivation, you no longer feel hot and cold but if your cultivation is destroyed. Could the hot and cold damage your body?

Zhu Wuxin was in a daze for a long while. He didn’t come back to his senses until his disciples called him, letting out a deep sigh.

This kind of weather was indeed very harmful to the body.

Jiang Zheliu invited the chill of the snow into his sickly body when he went to clear off the snow from his shifu’s gravestone. He spoke in front of the gravestone for a while, telling him how well the kids he had taken had cultivated, explaining to him what Zhu Wuxin had been upto,and the story of how Ling Xiao Sect had become the leader of the Four Main righteous sects……

He rarely spoke so much. When he finally felt too cold, the snow had already fallen another half a chi.

Jiang Zheliu stood up and turned towards the grass-roofed house that he had had built back when he had buried his shifu’s remains.

Although it was called a grass-roofed house but it wasn’t actually made of grass,but made from a few common materials that could be found in the Cultivation World, but could be considered rare materials for mere mortals, although the house was dusty it could be considered bearable.

Jiang Zheliu was now completely exhausted. He lighted a small fire, and thought he’d sort out the rest tomorrow..

He sat upon the narrow bed in the house and looked at the light of the flames, his eyes were getting blurry. He subconsciously averted his gaze to see a messy pile of grass …… and a small black snake in the grass.

The little snake was frozen stiff and it looked like it was injured with a dark red gash on it’s body. It didn’t look in a much better state than Jiang Zheliu.

Jiang Zheliu pondered for a while, then reached out to pull the snake towards the fire, warming himself as well with the heat from the fire.

His cultivation had been destroyed but his cultivation realm1境界 (jingjie) – his cultivation realm is Half-Step Golden Immortal, he is still a half-step golden immortal but his body is too frail/damaged and has no spiritual energy was still intact, although he had lost the ability to resist the heat and the cold, he still had the ability to fast. This was a serious injury but he wouldn’t die, it was a long illness that can be healed, the extended life span that comes with his cultivation realm will not disappear, it just meant that he had no spiritual energy.

Jiang Zheliu was extremely clear on the state of his own body, it wouldn’t be hard for him to live for another few years.

Even though it was a few more years only, at least it could count as living for himself.

Halfway through his thought, tired and a little sleepy, he had probably closed his eyes to rest for a while, when suddenly he heard a rustling in his ears.

Jiang Zheliu frowned, his eyebrows raising,he saw that the fire was still burning bright,but to the side of it where he had placed the little snake, sat an injured little demon.

The little demon was about thirteen years old, his demonic aura was not particularly strong,in fact there was another kind of fierce energy that was coming off him. He had black hair and black eyes, at present, his panicked eyes were fixed on him, as if he thought that Jiang Zheliu was going to kill him.

Jiang Zheliu added more kindling to the fire, he didn’t speak.

After a long while, the little demon timidly asked: “Where did Shenxian come from?”

“I’d like to ask you the same question.” Jiang Zheliu picked up a tree branch and started prodding at the fire. “Why are you here.”

The little demon stayed quiet for a while, let out a sob. He could feel a delicious immortal energy coming from the body of Jiang Zheliu, thinking that someone of his calibre probably wouldn’t harm him, he sobbed:“Someone wants to kill me. I ran away from them. I……I saw this place so I decided to hide here.”   
Jiang Zheliu nodded, poking at the fire again: “Why do they want to kill you?”

He had once taken in some little demons, in his sect there were many good demons,it could be said that he had a soft spot for little demons. But having left Ling Xiao Sect, he probably wouldn’t be able to see them again.

The little snake demon wiped his tears and said: “My name is Chang Qian……I, I’m half-demon.”

Chang Qian’s eyes were red from crying, sitting there obediently: “My mother is a demon,my father is a devil. The Devil Realm doesn’t permit for the existence of half-demons to keep the royal blood pure,my brother has ordered……for me to be killed.”

Royal blood?Jiang Zheliu looked over at him with surprise.

The Demon Realm was presided over by the Azure Dragon and the Vermilion Bird. After that there were a few other large Demon groups, especially the Snake demons who were surnamed Chang was particularly numerous, this was not weird at all. But to be of royal blood in the Devil Realm,this was indeed precious.

Jiang Zheliu said: “Who is your brother?”

He did not have a deep knowledge of the Devil Realm because there were not many devils that he could get on with, he could only remember that many years ago, the Devil Lord of the Devil Realm had once brought the sons of the royal clan to Ling Xiao Sect to sign a peace treaty, after that he had not seen them again.

Chang Qian said: “My brother’s name is Wenren Xi, we share a father. He went against my little uncle2叔叔 shushu – younger brother of father and wants to kill me.”

Jiang Zheliu nodded. It was best not to get involved in a family feud. He calmly warmed his hands for a while, then he closed his eyes supporting his head with his hand and said: “if someone who wants to kill you comes, please be quiet and don’t wake me.”

Chang Qian was stupefied for a moment, stupidly pointing at himself and then pointing at Jiang Zheliu.

Jiang Zheliu’s hair fell down, pure snow white hair, only his fingertips were even white and colder, even being next to the fire, the profound coldness eminating from his body was enough to stop people in their tracks. What’s more, there is still a sense of bloody aura on his body that had yet to disperse, and a heavy feeling of sickness and broken bones, as if he would break if touched.

Chang Qian originally thought that Jiang Zheliu could save him but then he noticed that the other party’s body was also carry heavy injuries, so he made his decision. He didn’t know where he got the courage from,he said weakly:“……I will definitely run outside,I won’t bring you any trouble.”

Jiang Zheliu didn’t respond.

The fire continued to burn, making a crackling sound.

It was still snowing outside, the heavy snow had completely covered the mountain. It would be hard for anyone to come up the mountain, the calls of wild beasts outside could be heard.

The moonlight sneaked in through the window, spilling over on to the ground. Chang Qian woke up at dawn in a daze, completely unaware of when he had fallen asleep.

He raised his eyes to see Jiang Zheliu sitting not far, warming wine over a fire that had almost burnt out, the wine seemed to be medicinal and gave off a slight bitter odour.

“Shenxian.” Chang Qian said cautiously, “What are you doing?”

Jiang Zheliu tested the temperature and said casually: “I’m going to cook you for medicine.”

Chang Qian was astonished, he wasn’t sure if Jiang Zheliu wanted to scare him, or this icy cold Shenxian really wanted to cook him in the wine. Curiously Chang Qian’s first thoughts weren’t to take the lead and make his move before the other, but actually to find a way to resist him without hurting him.

Because this grand sick beauty looked like he’d fall over with a push, if he were to resisted too forcefully, he might hurt him. This person looked like he was made a beautiful crystal glass, if one wasn’t careful and bumped into him, he would break.

Chang Qian was quiet for a while, he hadn’t thought of a solution, until the clear skies outside suddenly changed back to a heavy snow blizzard.

After a short moment, a few sinister devils came crashing in,crushing the front door with them, yelling: “Little Chang Qian, come out now!”
The Devils had caught up to him. Chang Qian’s body immediately stiffened up and his face turned white. When he finally decided he’d try to make a run for it, he discovered that the other exit had also been blocked, two sides were crushing in.

The devilish energy from the devils destroyed the window frame, causing the wind and snow from outside to extinguish the fire.

Jiang Zheliu stopped what he was doing,took the wine off the extinguished fire,looked up at the mighty devilish energy at the door。

“Chang Qian,Today I’m going to ——”

Before he could say you, the leader of this group of demons looked over,and the words suddenly stopped,completely stupified,he fell to the ground.

He crawled back up from the floor,and stuttered:“J-J-J-Jiang……Jiang Xianzun,I-I-I-I-I……I’m a good person,no no no,I’m a good devil,I……”

Jiang Zheliu raised his eyebrow:“You know me?”

“Y-y-y-yes……” The more this devil got anxious, the more his words got muddled,he scowled miserably and said,“A few hundred years ago,I saw you with my master. If I had know you were here,I wouldn’t have dared to to come in. If I had known that you……you wanted to save him,I、I w-w-would never……have dared to act rashly.”

Jiang Zheliu didn’t know if the news that he had destroyed his cultivation had reached the Devil Realm yet,so he just casually replied and he pointed at the doorframe and said:“You’ve broken it.”

That devil was almost in tears, he said heroically:“Jiang Xianzun. I did this alone, could you let the rest of them go.”

The few young devils behind him also changed from their original form to their human form, from ferocious-looking to young and nervous, one more youthful and unexperienced than the other.

Jiang Zheliu seeing that he was ready to cry, said lightly:“Fix the door and then you can all leave.”   
The leader of these devils was so grateful he almost kowtowed a couple of times to Jiang Zheliu and then he turned and he quickly called over a few of the devils, ordering them to get busy with work.

Chang Qian who was watching the whole time was utterly confused. He looked at Jiang Zheliu who was drinking a couple of sips of the medicinal wine, then he went to tidy up the small bed and went to sleep, then Chang Qian looked at the devils who were currently fixing the door.

……What, what the hell.

Not long after, a small, simple grass roofed house was rebuilt into a small pine house with a duplex structure, and even several pieces of furniture were built, tables and chairs, cabinets, all neat and tidy.

After the job was done, they didn’t dare to wake Xianzun, but instead the leader of the devils gave Chang Qian a fierce look, flicked his sleeves, and left quietly.

Chang Qian:“……Sssssss.”

……It seems he had encountered an extraordinary being.

It wasn’t until the devils left Zhongnan Mountain that they began whispering. The two youngest female devils in the back said in a low voice: “That’s Jiang Xianzun. What’s he doing in Zhongnan Mountain……”

“What do you know, this is the place where the previous Immortal Sect Leader of Ling Xiao is buried,the Immortal is here to pay his respects.”

“That Chang Qian, how did he get so fortunate. I also want to stay with Xianzun……”

“You wish, you’re a devil, Jiang Xianzun likes demons, not devils, don’t you get that?”

“I know,but I ……I was just……”

“Enough!” The leader of the group cut off the conversation of the two in the back,he said irritably,“We weren’t able to catch Chang Qian this time, how are we going to report back to Xi shaoye.”

“Xi shaoye doesn’t have any real authority anyway,our Devil Lord never said that he wanted to kill Chang Qian. Our lord doesn’t care about this person at all.”
This made the leader of the group remember something. He rubbed his chin and said:“Our lord is a half-step Golden Immortal, Jiang Xianzun is also a half-step Golden Immortal…… I heard that our lord has been itching to see Jiang Xianzun for a long time, but Xianzun’s whereabouts were always hard to track…”

“What do you mean Da-ge?”

“We should report this back to the Lord.” The leader of the group was resolute,“With the power that our Devil Lord holds,even if it was the previous Ling Xiao Sect Master, I reckon that it.……it.……*hiccup*……”

Under the questioning eyes of the devils, the leader gritted his teeth and said: “It’ll be a draw!”

He had seen Xianzun in action before, so he didn’t dare to exaggerate.

At that time, the Devil Lord was still a Junior Lord in the Devil Realm, and had once invited Jiang Xianzun to a duel, but was defeated by just one strike of the sword by the latter.

And that sword injury was branded on the Devil Lord’s chest, it didn’t fully heal for a long time and left a lasting scar.
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