My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 3

Close the door.

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When Jiang Zheliu woke up, he finally saw the newly reconstructed little house.

Two floors, with hanging screens to keep the wind out, even the furniture was well positioned. The previous fire that he had set up had been extinguished, and swapped out for a bronze devil device, it only needed to be infused with a tiny thread of energy to create raging flames that would keep the winter cold abay.

Jiang Zheliu looked at this bronze furnace for a while and then looked down at his own pale hands.

Not even a thread of spiritual energy.

He looked up to see the black haired and black-eyed Chang Qian who was arranging some goods in the room. He was putting the white plum flowers that had been picked at the back of Zhongnan Mountain into porcelain pots, placing them down next to the desk by the window.

Chang Qian put down the flowerpot, turned around and met Jiang Zheliu’s gaze, he trembled and said carefully:”Xianzun?”

This was what he had heard from one of the mouths of the other devils.

Aside from here, Chang Qian had nowhere else to go, plus he had discovered that this immortal could save his life afterall so of course he wasn’t willing to leave, he said impatiently: “In order to repay this Shenxian for saving my life, I am willing to stay here…urm… and wait upon Shenxian!”

Jiang Zheliu glanced at him, then knocked on the copper furnace: “Light this.”

Chang Qian went over obediently and instilled a tiny bit of demon energy, as soon as the beastly lid of the bronze lit up, a flame immediately flared up in the inside, chasing away the cold of the winter snow in Zhongnan Mountain.

Jiang Zheliu still wore a fleece cloak, snow-white and heavy, which enveloped him completely. Inside was an extremely thin-looking immortal robe, lightly coloured, without any superfluous decoration.

His white hair fell down softly around his shoulders. Reaching out at the moment to be close to the warmth at a little distance, his greenish and white knuckles warmed a little, and reflected like jade in the light of a fire.

Chang Qian looked stunned again.

He stared at the other’s slender eyelashes and stared at his face …… for a while, Chang Qian’s face slowly reddened and suddenly withdrew his gaze, saying dryly, “Xianzun, how long are you, how long are you going to stay here ……”

“Until I die.” Jiang Zheliu looked at him “No need to call me Xianzun, I am no longer.”

Chang Qian failed to understand the words, and he tugged nervously at his sleeve and squirmed: “Then can I, can I call you gege?”

Jiang Zheliu didn’t move, turning away from the burning fire, it seemed as if he remember something from the past, and after a few moments, he said: “……As you wish.”

Chang Qian was elated and felt quite secure, so he happily went upstairs to continue tidying up.

Jiang Zheliu warmed his hands for a while before he got rid of all the coldness in his body. He has not healed from his injuries, and he has no internal energy. Although he looks comfortable on the surface, he’d still feel pain in his body from time to time.

It’s just that he didn’t care.

He had a storage device with him, not the one he originally had, but the most crude and ordinary implement that could be used without the need for spiritual energy. Jiang Zheliu used this Qiankun pouch which was disguised as a scented pouch to store some medicinal wines, tea leaves, his horsetail whisk, and some books, he hadn’t taken anything else with him.
The wind stirred slightly outside the house.

He warmed another jug of wine, poured it into a cup and took a few slow sips holding the porcelain cup.

This was a common wine of the Ling Xiao Sect, brewed to maintain a cultivator’s daoist body. Jiang Zheliu normally drank it as if it was just water, but now that his daoist body had been destroyed, he shouldn’t actually be drinking much.

The medicinal wine was very warm, but by the time the second cup was in his belly, it had already aggravated his severe internal injuries. The pain spread from his lungs to his heart, like pins and needles.

Jiang Zheliu coughed softly twice; he hadn’t actually expected to be this weak. He could only support himself with one hand on the chair, when he gripped the side of the chair, the whole back of his hand tensed up, his finger bones made a rattling sound, waves and waves of agony making him frown.

After a gradually tightening cough, his pale, colourless lips were stained with bright red, his shoulders trembled from the coughing.

The heavy cloak slipped off his shoulders, revealing a thin, snow-white undershirt.

The wind moved slightly and the sound of footsteps outside the house stopped.

Jiang Zheliu was in so much pain that he didn’t even notice such light footsteps; his palms were covered in cold sweat, and he gasped for air in small even breaths.

The person at the window didn’t know whether to go in or not.

Wenren Ye did not expect that he would meet the infamous Ling Xiao Xianzun again in this way.

In his memory, he only remembers that sword from hundreds of years ago, only that he was standing on top of the Dengyun Platform1登云台 -could be translated as Ascending Cloud Platform of the Ling Xiao Sect all in white, with floating clouds behind him, as cold as ice.
Ling Xiao Sword in his hands, was a peerless sword. As long as Jiang Zheliu was holding that sword the sword was in the hands of its rightful owner.

Wenren Ye stood still.

He remembered Jiang Zheliu, remembered the glorious, overwhelming sword light that came from all directions and converged into a single sword. He remembered the feverish blood that gushed from the sword light as it cut through his chest, leaving an everlasting scar. What he remembered most clearly was when the other party glanced over at him == he could almost not catch a real glimpse of him through the gleaming reflections of waves in sunlight.

He was famous from a young age,but that was the first time that he had lost under the sword of another.

The impassioned blood in his body which had made Wenren Ye come here to challenge him once more, slowly cooled off.

That’s Jiang Zheliu.

Why had he become like this?

The news of the reparation of the Boundary Membrane and the change in leadership at Ling Xiao Sect had not yet reached the Devil Realm.

In the eyes of the Devil Realm, the Ling Xiao Sect still had that unrivaled and venerable Xianzun watching over it, it was still the Head of the Four Great Immortal Sects, it still had the powerful Jiang Xianzun who had the world in his hands.

Until Wenren Ye personally came here and saw with his own eyes, the scene of Jiang Xianzun coughing up blood, and frowning.

Whilst the newly appointed Devil Lord was stopped outside the window, Jiang Zheliu wiped the blood stains off his lips, he looked up and met the eyes of the other standing outside the window.

Then he watched as this devil dressed in black became more and more nervous.

“Who are you.” Jiang Zheliu asked.

Wenren Ye had come full of murderous intent, but his hostility was dispersed after seeing the other’s current state. When Jiang Zheliu raised his eyes to question him, his devil heart which was hidden under the scar on his chest, began to thump. It jumped wildly without warning and immediately panicked him.

He had never seen him that close before.

“I am” Wenren Ye paused “…. your new neighbour.”

Jiang Zheliu stayed silent for a moment and then said: “Zhongnan Mountain doesn’t have any residents.”

“So that’s why I’m new.” Wenren Ye pushed the door open and entered the small house, taking off his pitch-black fur cloak that he was wearing and he shed the cold energy from his body before sitting down opposite Jiang Zheliu.

The devil in front of him, had his black hair tied up, he had serene purple eyes. His handsome appearance also carried with it an intense killing aura. Even if he was in an extremely peaceful mood, it could still strike fear in people’s hearts.

The human form of devils is all a disguise; their devilish bodies are what they look like at birth.

Jiang Zheliu glanced at him indifferently, pushed the medicinal wine aside, and boiled water for tea on the copper furnace. He said: “Live here if you like, the mountain is not mine.”

Wenren Ye stared at him, his eyes falling on the frosty white skin at the base of the other man’s neck.
“The only thing is if we’re going to be neighbours, don’t keep disturbing.” Jiang Zheliu had never really made tea for himself before and his movements were a bit awkward, “And don’t come knocking on the door, I sleep all day.”

Wenren Ye wanted to say something, but when he saw his long, snow-white hair, he suddenly got stuck again, only his eyes grew more and more anxious and full of agitation.

He was completely unaware of how intensely revealing his eyes were.

Jiang Zheliu finished making the tea, he lightly blew on the hot tea and then slowly asked: “Perhaps I’ve wronged you in the past?”

He didn’t wait for the other to respond and continued:“The way you’re looking at me, it’s like you want to kill me, or you want to first r*pe me and then kill me.”

Wenren Ye: “………..First r*pe and then kill?”

“Yes.” said Jiang Zheliu, at the same time he re-adjusted his cloak to cover his shoulders. “I don’t think I would have wronged a great young devil like you, otherwise, at that time I wouldn’t have left you with your life to stand before me today.”

Wenren Ye was still staring at him, he said:“I won’t hurt you. Don’t you remember me?”

Jiang Zheliu glanced at him: “Should I remember?”

Wenren Ye was taken aback for a moment.

It was hard to describe this feeling.

Everything that he had achieved today, in reality had to do with the strike of the sword that he had received that day and also down to the man who was sitting before him now. He was obsessed with cultivating, he only ever thought about getting stronger, and bettering himself. He wanted to get as strong as him, stronger than him.

Not long ago, Wenren Ye suddenly broke into the next cultivation level, and achieved the half-step Golden Immortal stage, he usurped the Devil Lord position from his father. The only thing was that Jiang Zheliu had gone out errantly, with no one knowing his whereabouts and noone being able to find him. After consolidating his internal energy, he found out that the person he’d been looking for was in Zhongnan Mountain, harbouring a heart filled with raging flames, he set off to meet him, the will of Heaven had given him this opportunity.

Wenren Ye gazed down at the other’s long, slender fingers, his skin was white, revealing a sickly pallor.

The raging flames had been extinguished, it had been covered by the icy exterior of the one before his eyes.

Jiang Zheliu only asked this and did not continue, although he did not know who the person in front of him was and had no impression of him, he did feel that there was no killing intent among the other party’s complex emotions, and as long as there was no killing intent, he was not that concerned about the details.

With the bitter tea blown cooler in his hand, Jiang Zheliu bowed his head and took a small sip, the extremely bitter taste flowing through him. However, he did not even frown and finished the whole cup like usual, and even poured a rare and friendly cup for Wenren Ye.

He looked up at Jiang Zheliu who was calmly drinking the tea and he almost doubted his sense of taste: “How do you drink this stuff?”

He didn’t finish one sentence and immediately asked the next question with suppressed anxiety, “Why are you here alone when you’re so sick? Where are the people of Ling Xiao Sect? And your hair……”

Wenren Ye took a deep breath, wondering where his anger had come from. He calmed down a little and reached over, touching the white hair by his ears.

The hair was like snow, dry and ice cold, barely lustrous.

“What happened to you?” He finally asked.
Jiang Zheliu slowly drank tea and he reached out with his hand to grab the devil’s hand, the hand that could not differentiate in its degree of intimacy before randomly reaching out to touch him, he returned this hand to him, saying: “Ask around yourself.”

His skin felt unusually cold, and after making contact with Wenren Ye’s hand, it became even colder. But this unbelievably brief contact caused Wenren Ye’s heart to beat wildly again, like a wild horse that was out of control, jumping in front of Jiang Zheliu and fighting for his favour. His heart was violently beating completely against reason.

He jerked his hand back as if he had been burned.

If this wild horse had a place to roam, the meadow would be called “love at first sight”.

The devil felt his head burning up from a fever of his lustful thoughts, in his mind he imagined a little deer that was stomping on his heart, all he wanted to do was dig it out but he was afraid that the smell of blood would scare the other party, so he held back and just said, “Don’t touch me.”

Jiang Zheliu was silent for a few breaths, “Didn’t you tease me first?”

“No I didn’t…..”

“You touched my hair.”2FYI the misunderstanding comes from the character “撩” (liao) which has a double meaning – 1.) to provoke/to tease 2.) to pick up/pull up/raise up/touch in this case

Wenren Ye didn’t speak, giving up he just sat there for a long while in silence, watching Jiang Zheliu sipping the incredibly bitter cup of tea as if nothing was wrong across the table.

There was an eerie chill on the other party’s body that radiated from within, whether he was by the furnace or not.

Wenren Ye continued to watch him through the flames of the furnace, the deer in his heart was ready to jump to its own death. Watching him put down his tea, his brow furrowed for a moment, not a glint of light peeped out of his dark eyes.

The little deer who had been bouncing around for a long time, had sprained its hoof, any lustful thoughts he was having, had disappeared and all that remained was a heartache.

Wenren Ye took a breath and wanted to ask him if he wanted to go with him to the Devil Realm, but before he couldn’t get a word out, there were distinct footsteps coming from upstairs and the childish voice could be heard.

“Gege, I’ve finished tidying up upstairs!” One of the cabinets can be used as a bookshelf,do you want……”

Chang Qian was holding onto the staircase railing, his words came to an abrupt halt as he stared blankly at the man sitting opposite Jiang Zheliu, his brain completely frozen, before he said in a shaky voice, “Little, Little uncle.”

Wenren Ye glanced over at him, but didn’t acknowledge him but instead turned to Jiang Zheliu and said: “He calls you gege?”

“En.” Jiang Zheliu nodded as he connected the events of the past few days based on what Chang Qian had just called him, he could roughly surmise the identity of the person in front of him.

Not knowing why the other party would take Chang Qian in, Wenren Ye pondered for a moment and said, “Actually, I am also on the run.”

Little Chang Qian, who had rushed down the stairs, heard these words the moment he came over, and stood there dumbfounded, staring at his little uncle.

“I also don’t have anyone to turn to.” Wenren Ye didn’t feel the slightest bit of shame about what was coming out of his mouth.

Chang Qian was completely lost, and he looked at his little uncle and then at his Shenxian gege, wanting to speak and but also not able to speak.

“I can also take care of you.”
The more he spoke, the closer he came to Jiang Zheliu, and in the end, he was almost only a few inches away from Jiang Zheliu’s face, so close they were almost breathing the same air.

Jiang Zheliu’s eyelashes fluttered, he said lightly “So?”

“I will come live with you both.” said Wenren Ye.

Jiang Zheliu was feeling slightly uncomfortable due to the waves of devil energy coming towards him from the other party that he furrowed his brows and said, “And what if I don’t agree?”

“……First I’ll r*pe you then I’ll kill you.” The devil looked truly fierce.

The room was silent for a moment, except for the wisps of wind from outside that gradually grew louder and blew open the door of the small house.

The strong devilish energy from the other party enveloped him almost completely, wrapping around his entire broken body. Jiang Zheliu looked at him quietly, raised his hand towards the other’s eyebrows and pushed him back, saying: “Close the door, I’m cold.”
The author wants to say:

Little deer: Oh man! do you really have to run me over when you meet your first love?
Devil Lord: ……Shhhhh.

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