My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 5

The Unfortunate Door
Demon Realm.

In the centre of the Demon Realm stood Wan Ling Palace, which was the residence of the two Zhenjuns. The Wan Ling Palace was built amongst giant trees with the tree’s vines twisting and winding around it, giving it a natural charm of nature.

At this moment, the little demons in the Wan Ling Palace were keeping their heads down and keeping quiet out of fear.

“Can we even trust him? It’s not like you don’t know about Zhu Wuxin’s arrogance?!”

The man with scarlet hair, wearing red robes slapped the table in a fury, and the wooden table under his violent palm trembled incessantly, buckling from the pressure, and in the next moment it was in pieces and reduced to dust.

The man looked about twenty-five to twenty-six years old. He had a scarlet mark of the Vermilion Bird Phoenix between the peaks of his eyebrows. In addition to his scarlet hair and red eyes, his robes were also an eye-catching fiery red color. The shoulders of the robes had phoenix feathers, the sleeves had golden threaded patterns, the whole robe was incomparably dazzling to look at.

“Those righteous Immortal Sects are all useless, they can’t even find him after so many days. If anything has happened to him, I’ll lay waste to the Cultivation World and kill Zhu Wuxin!”

Lie Zhen became more and more irritable. He suddenly got up, pacing back and forth around the Wan Ling Palace. The more he cursed, the angrier he became, until finally he drew his Lie Yan Sword which was hanging from his waist and turned to leave.

“Come back here.”

The voice came from a woman clothed in dark green robes slowly sipped her tea, she glanced over at him and said, “If you go and behead Zhu Wuxin now, when Zheliu comes back, you will be the first one that he’ll look for.”

What she said was like an ice bucket poured over the top of Vermilion Bird Zhenjun’s head. Lie Zhen continued to pace back and forth, his brows locked in a frown, then he suddenly slashed the floor of the inner hall of the Wan Ling Palace with his sword and gritted his teeth, “I’m not going to kill anyone, I’m going to find him.”

“There are so many people in the Cultivation World and they haven’t been able to find Zheliu yet, do you think just because you go you’ll be able to find him?” Qing Lin had another sip of her tea, “Do you know where he would go?”

Lie Zhen gripped the sword in his hand, his heart was burning hotter than any fire, even the phoenix feathers on his shoulders were fluttering outwards with sparks, just flickering brightly in mid-air.

“Then where do you think he will go?” Lie Zhen frowned, “Where else could he go…… after he left the Ling Xiao Sect? With his ailing body, won’t he suffer wherever he goes?”

Qing Lin’s long hair was tied up with a dragon-shaped jade hairpin; she had stunning facial features. She said calmly, “I think you should worry instead about his safety, with his beauty, it would be dangerous to go anywhere.”

Before, when Jiang Zheliu’s cultivation was at its strongest even if the two of them worked together, they could only win by a little bit, but there was no chance of winning alone. His overbearing strength often shielded his beautiful appearance. When Jiang Zheliu was at his peak, everyone only ever dared to speak about his strength, but not about his beauty. So much so that Lie Zhen had forgotten about it.

With the beauty of his good friend ……

Lie Zhen’s mind buzzed, and his desire to cut Zhu Wuxin into pieces resurfaced, saying fiercely, “When I find Zheliu, I will definitely persuade him not to be soft-hearted and help him to kill that ungrateful wolf.”

“Although you say that he is ungrateful, I do not think that Zhu Wuxin would let Zheliu be in danger.” Qing Lin said, “Although Zhu Wuxin is narrow-minded and overly-jealous, he has extreme trust in his shixiong; he has a complicated mind, so maybe he even wants to hide him, and ……”

Qing Lin was imagining an even more dangerous scenario, which caused the flames around Lie Zhen to burn brightly again, making him burn from head to toe.

She quickly changed the topic and said: “That useless person probably doesn’t understand his own feelings. Don’t overthink it. I think if Zhu Wuxin allowed him to leave, and Zheliu was willing to go, there is only… the burial place of the former Zhenjun of Ling Xiao Sect. ”

When Lie Zhen heard this, his anxious pace stopped immediately, after a few breaths, he said, “Zhongnan Mountain? It snows for half a year in that place, and there are a lot of demons and weird mountain spirits…”

“Ai——” Qing Lin patted down on the corner of her robes, cut off his words, and said, “Zhongnan Mountain is an excellent spiritual land, so Zheliu chose to bury his master there. Although there are many little demons and weird mountain spirits, they are all born from spiritual energy, there are rarely any fearful demons. Besides, have you forgotten what kind of physique our friend has?”

It’s better if she didn’t say it. When this was mentioned, Lie Zhen’s feathers were about to explode: “The Heavenly Spirit Physique, what is this rubbish physique that obstructs a person’s cultivation.”
Although the Heavenly Spirit Physique was rare, it was not some strange physique that allowed people to have an innate strange gift. It seemed to only appear on the bodies of men. What was special about this physique was its ability to attract all surrounding creatures and it was easy to cultivate affinity with these creatures. This was the reason why, although Jiang Zheliu was cold as ice in nature, he was extremely fond of the little demons and this was also why there were many little demons who unconsciously wanted to get close to him. But this physique also hinders cultivation, it makes spiritual energy that enters this body too lively and difficult to control. In order to control it, the person who has this physique must work several times harder than ordinary people.

Everyone said he was a genius, but very few realised that this comment was actually debasing everything that he had been through.

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing, under normal circumstances, at least those mountain spirits and little demons will not harm him.” Qinglin thought for a while, then said, “It’s just that all the written accounts regarding this physique warn of an inability to love in the future, for some reason.”

Lie Zhen grunted and said, “Those accounts are all bullsh*t.”

Qing Lin knew Lie Zhen well and naturally knew that he was secretly thinking of something unspeakable, so she said, “In any case, it is very likely that Zheliu is really in Zhongnan Mountain right now. Shouldn’t you leave now or do you want to wait for some other little demon to find him.”

Her words had only just finished, when the irascible and impulsive Vermilion Bird had already transformed into his original form and flew out of the Wan Ling Palace, illuminating half of the Demon Realm’s sky in bright red, a truly splendid sight.

Qing Lin flipped through the book, until she found the passage in the accounts book that she was talking about previously, she pondered over it for a long time.

…… Exactly what was this calamity being described, that would make the account writer have to write it down to warn future generations? And all the records of the previous Heavenly Spirit Physique, all turned out like the account writer had warned that they must cut themselves off from love and live out their days alone.

Zhongnan Mountain.

The small pinewood house and the bamboo garden on the other side, even though they were separated by a wall, it still seemed like they were part of the same house.

He didn’t know what Wenren Ye was thinking, he was like a squirrel hoarding goods. Wenren Ye had filled up the little house to the brim, having brought all the things that were useful and useless into the house. Giving Jiang Zheliu the impression that he was trying to build a nest.

It was still the middle of winter, so it was another snowy day.

The cloak Jiang Zheliu had on was the one that had been swapped by Wenren Ye the other night. Jiang Zheliu quite liked being enveloped by a dark cloak produced by the Demon Realm with the soft fur around the neck which was very soft. The only problem was that it smelt like Wenren Ye. His scent was like that of pine and cypress. After a while of inhaling this odour, he would lose the ability to distinguish smells so even when Wenren Ye was very close to him, he didn’t notice for a while.

It had been continuously snowing outside and Chang Qian had reverted back to his small snake form nestling at the feet of Jiang Zheliu.

Perhaps because of the drop in temperature, the little black snake was still lying on his feet at first, then suddenly he slithered up Jiang Zheliu’s clothes, lightly curling his tail around his arm.

Jiang Zheliu was half-way through his book when he saw the cold little snake arrive. He glanced over, Chang Qian’s was seemingly well-behaved. He hesitated for a while but didn’t brush him off.

He had always been very fond of animal spirits. The closer the species was to nature, the easier it was for the animal to sense the affinity with them in his body. For example, when he met the two Zhenjuns of the Demon Realm, the Azure Dragon Zhenjun had said to him with much sincerity: “The first time I saw you, I was almost completely head over heels for you.”

It was also at this time that he knew that the scent on his body was extremely alluring for the demon race, just like catnip was for a cat, and every little demon wanted to come up to him to take in his scent.

He got used to being like catnip, so naturally he didn’t think much about Chang Qian coming over, so he continued to read. However, after only reading another two lines in his book, the sky above Zhongnan Mountain suddenly turned from a black and gloomy to red, dying the sky a dark bloody red.

The dark red gradually faded and turned into rusty red. Then, a bright blood-red flame-filled Vermillion Bird rushed in from the sky, slammed into the door smashing it to pieces, standing before him in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Zheliu looked up and saw Lie Zhen’s red eyes looking straight at him. His emotions were complex and strong. Seeing that Jiang Zheliu wasn’t missing any limbs, he let out a sigh of relief.

Jiang Zheliu only had time to throw aside the little black snake from his arms, before he was quickly embraced by the Vermilion Bird that had flown over from the Demon Realm. His strong heartbeat throbbed violently through his robes, the vibrations causing the other’s temperature to rise.

“How could you do such a dangerous thing!” Lie Zhen hugged him firmly, he could finally feel at ease. Finally, he let him go, feeling guilty, he reached out his hand and touched the other’s white hair, his fingers trembled. After a while, he swallowed and said anxiously, “Why don’t you come back to the Demon Realm with me, did that b*st*rd Zhu Wuxin do something to you? Stop protecting him, I will help you to recover…”
Jiang Zheliu didn’t listen to the rest of what he was saying, instead he was silent for a while, before finally saying: “…My door.”

……is broken again.

He didn’t know how to say it, to tacitly prompt the other to fix his door.

During the short moment he was thinking about this, another person appeared beside the broken wooden door of the small house.

Lie Zhen, who had been talking a lot, suddenly stopped. He felt a sharp killing intent, so he slowly stood up straight, and turned to look towards the door.

A purpled-eyed devil dressed in black was stepping closer. He seemed to be flicking his wrist casually. Under his human skin, the bones of his fingers were protruding out, out of the bones were pitch-black sharp nails. His entire body was brimming over and exuding hostility and killing intent, but this all disappeared when he approached Jiang Zheliu, as if nothing had happened at all.

Devils will be devils. Devils will always be sinister and terrifying.

Lie Zhen turned around and stood in front of Jiang Zheliu. The flames in his red eyes ignited, like a burst of boiling magma in his pupils. He bit his lips, his tone was full of hostility: “Why are you here??”

He had also only recently learned that Wenren Ye successfully broke through the next stage, to become a half-step Golden Immortal, and took charge of the Devil Realm. If this was before, he could still fight Wenren Ye, but now, he was not sure he could take him.

Moreover, normally, the Devil Realm was the last to receive any kind of news. So why was he here?

There is nothing else in Zhongnan Mountain, the only thing worth seeking here was his good friend’s peerless good looks.

Lie Zhen found out the answer almost instantaneously. He blocked in front of Jiang Zheliu and in his heart, he automatically categorised Wenren Ye as a love rival. He lowered his hand to hold the Lie Yan Sword at his waist.

Before he could draw his sword, he heard Jiang Zheliu’s voice behind him.

“Lie Zhen? It’s a bit hot.”

Lie Zhen’s body temperature changes with his emotions. At this moment, he is extremely nervous and emotional, so the temperature had become almost intolerable for mortals. In the past, Jiang Zheliu was unaffected by the heat and the cold, so naturally he could not feel how high the temperature was on his body, but now the temperature has exceeded the limit that he was able to tolerate.
The tone of these words was not heavy, but they disrupted all of Lie Zhen’s thinking, he loosened up his mind.

The temperature dropped sharply, and then, the devil stretched out his hand to press down on his shoulder and pushed him aside, almost crushing the Vermilion Bird’s bones, there was a crisp cracking sound.

Wenren Ye went to sit beside Jiang Zheliu as if nothing had happened, as if he was not the person who had almost crushed the bird just now, and said to Jiang Zheliu: “I’ll clean out the hot spring behind Zhongnan Mountain.”

“Thanks for your trouble, good neighbour.” Jiang Zheliu used his usual greeting, and then glanced at Lie Zhen next to him, “Do you know each other?”

Wenren Ye didn’t even look over, licked his lips, and exuded a sense of ruthless and dangerous killing intent from all over his body: “We’ve met before.”

Jiang Zheliu nodded, and said to Lie Zhen: “I’m fine here, I don’t need to go back, and I don’t need to hassle you and go to the Demon Realm either.”

A cluster of scarlet feathers behind Lie Zhen’s ears trembled, he frowned and looked at Jiang Zheliu, and said nonchalantly, “How is this fine? This neighbour of yours is up to no good, aren’t you afraid he’s going to eat you up?!”

Jiang Zheliu hadn’t had the chance to answer, when Wenren Ye sneered from the side, with a chilling tone: “Vermilion Bird Zhenjun, before talking about others, you should take note of your own breed.”

Lie Zhen was greatly affected by his words, sparks began to ignite once more from the feathers on his shoulders, and he slammed the table. He glared at Wenren Ye as if he was looking at another toad1TL Note: I think the author is referring to the idiom (癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉) lit. a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh which is usually used for men who go after woman that are out of their league that hadn’t looked in the mirror.

Just as the atmosphere was becoming more tense, a few very light coughs were heard from the side.

The coughs were very weak, it almost sounded like a light cough that had not been purposefully suppressed, but still pulled the two men’s minds back in an instant, as if they had been soaked in ice water, and they were both now fully awake.

Jiang Zheliu had just been injured by Lie Zhen’s scorching body temperature. He thought he could endure it, but he couldn’t help exhibiting his injury. He wiped off the fresh red blood from the corners of his lips, his internal organs were inflamed and painful.

But he just frowned and didn’t react much to the pain. Seeing that the two had stopped arguing, he motioned to the destroyed door and said, “Little Vermilion Bird, you broke my door.”

“Isn’t it just a door? I’ll give you Wan Ling Palace of the Demon Realm…”

“Fix my door.”

“Wait 15 minutes, I’ll fix it right away.”
Author note:

Lie Zhen (nervously): Zheliu, which species of toad do you like. I can, I can do it, I will be better looking than Wenren Ye!
Wenren Ye: ?
you sure about that?

Congratulations to Vermilion Bird Zhenjun for joining the reconstruction team of Zhongnan Mountain, talking about that, your species is the one that can build nests, right?
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