My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 4

Infinite tenderness.

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The door of the house closed and the cold wind kept out.

Wenren Ye failed to convince Jiang Zheliu this time.

Under these circumstances, even though he had a calm and serene exterior, it was easy to see at a glance that Wenren Ye was still trying to control his violently beating heart, which was preventing him from coming up with any good ideas.

So Wenren Ye really became his neighbour, he built a house in the blink of an eye effortlessly. A small courtyard appeared out of thin air next to the small house. The two houses were only a wall away from each other.

Daylight waned at sunset, and it gradually became dark again.

Chang Qian was still in shock about his little uncle and thought for a long time to figure out what was going on. Whilst he tidied up the books for Jiang Zheliu he muttered to him:“Who’s chasing him……how does he not have anyone to turn to……”

Even Chang Qian felt that this little uncle, who had always ignored him, had ill intentions. Although he and Wenren Ye were distantly related, the latter never really treated him as family, the latter was a genuine master of the royal bloodline, and the newly appointed Devil Lord, why would he associate himself with a half-breed.

To the contrary, he had only known Jiang Zheliu for a day and a night but the latter had already saved his life and had not seemed to care about his family background. When Chang Qian thought about it, he couldn’t help but think in favour of Jiang Zheliu, thinking that even if his Shenxian gege was powerful, he still looked wounded now, so how could he let such a powerful Devil stay by his side.

He finished putting away the books and then turned around to see the back of Jiang Zheliu.

Jiang Zheliu was sitting in a rattan chair, his outer cloak was taken off and draped over his legs, he was reading a book under candle light.

He had removed his hair ornament and his long, snow-white hair was wavering, swaying slightly at the side of his shoulders, revealing a calm and tame air. He seemed to be reading with much seriousness, his gaze didn’t move as if he’d gone into the book.

Chang Qian swallowed and slowly moved over to him, whispering, “gege?”


Jiang Zheliu hesitated for a moment before raising his eyes to look at him.

“You, you don’t believe my little uncle right.” Chang Qian was still a 12 to 13 year old child, more precisely between a child and an adolescent, “My little uncle isn’t some lowly devil who has nowhere to go, his name is Wenren Ye!”

Jiang Zheliu replied with an “en” and calmly said:“So, who is he then?”

Chang Qian’s eyes widened, as if he couldn’t believe that Jiang Zheliu didn’t know, then he said: “He’s the eldest son of Wenren Jian.”

Wenren Jian……this name seemed to mean something to him, he had a faint memory of this Devil Lord of the Devil Realm,he remembered that this Devil Lord didn’t seem like the vicious type who would eviscerate an entire race but to know the deep and dark mind of a devil is hard to guess, perhaps he was kind on the surface but as ferocious as a tiger on the inside.

Jiang Zheliu nodded, this fit with what he was thinking, he said:“So it’s the Junior Lord of the Devil Realm.”

Chang Qian was stunned for a moment, but remembered in the end that information between two Realms was not easily accessible and quickly said:“No,he’s already……”

He only managed to say three words when he heard the sound of the front door and then sounds of a man’s footsteps.
“He’s already what” Wenren Ye looked over from his door, his purple eyes darkened slightly “what are you talking about.”

Chang Qian was instantly frightened out of his wits and hid behind Jiang Zheliu with a whoosh, then scampered up the stairs like a culprit who had a guilty conscience.

Jiang Zheliu followed the voice and saw that the other party was dressed in a black robe, with a blood-red overcoat which was covered with frost and snow. With one shake, the snowflakes on the outer coat melted in a flash.

As he walked, Wenren Ye untied his cloak, he then placed the cloak on the back of the chair, and sat down next to Jiang Zheliu.

“Why have you come again, good neighbour?” Jiang Zheliu replied without much thought, whilst picking up the book from under the candle light, continuing to read with the outer cloak on his lap.

“Obviously it’s to help you.” Wenren Ye said,“You look so pitiful, like a stray dog that has been kicked out of Ling Xiao Sect.”

He really doesn’t know how to speak.

Jiang Zheliu glanced at him:“You have a home so there’s no need to stay here.”

“I’m only here for you.” Wenren Ye said “I want to cure you.”

Jiang Zheliu stopped flicking through the pages of his book for a moment, lightly knitting his brows, after a long while he said: “I can’t be cured. And I’m actually doing quite well now. Your pity is not needed here.”

Wenren Ye sat next to him, staring at his luscious long white eyelashes which were making tiny shadows under the candlelight. There was also a very faint and soft scent coming from his body, like a thin layer of melted frost.

“I don’t pity you.” he said.
Wenren Ye reached out his hand, he stopped about an inch before making contact with him, just stopping there in mid-air, he retracted his hand and said: “Head of the Immortal Alliance,Half-step Golden Immortal. You have already reached the peak but lost it all for the others. Was it worth it?”

It looked as if Wenren Ye had sent someone into the Cultivation World to find out what had happened, the situation with Jiang Zheliu would not stay quiet and in a few days it would spread like wildfire.

Jiang Zheliu continued to read, his vision guided by his finger on the page, he didn’t say a word.

Wenren Ye took out a hand warmer from his storage ring, it was another devil device except that this device was rare and precious and it didn’t need any spiritual energy to activate so even mortals could also use it.

He put the hand warmer which had a terrible beast engraved on it into Jiang Zheliu’s hands and continued to speak: “Those people that you saved, most of them are just selfish, and vulgar lowly people, they don’t care about your sacrifice, they only want to reap the benefits…… just like your shidi.”

Zhu Wuxin was actually quite well-known, he was a genius dao cultivator, but unfortunately he had always been overshadowed by Jiang Zheliu so he had also been number two. Whether it was cultivation, appearance, personality, sword technique, or even the appreciation from Elders, he was always one step behind.

Back then, when Zhu Wenyuan fell into the devil realm’s trap and was in imminent peril, he had called over Jiang Zheliu and Zhu Wuxin to his bedside, and in front of all the Elders, he entrusted the Sect Leader position to Jiang Zheliu and not his own son. After that day, Zhu Wuxin’s personality began to gradually change but Jiang Zheliu always continued to dote on him, always treating him as if it was his own younger brother that hadn’t changed in a thousand years.

Jiang Zheliu frowned slightly but still didn’t speak.
Wenren Ye, having set the temperature of the Devil device, pushed it towards the hands of the other, coming into contact with the piercing ice-cold hands of the other party.

“Do you know how long the Ling Xiao Sect, and even the entire Cultivation World, has been in peace under your protection?” Wenren Ye looked at him and said, “Devils are born cruel and love to battle, why would they agree to a peace treaty year and year, and not have the slightest mind to invade. The two Zhenjuns of the Demon Realm, why do they have such a good relationship with you, all the matters in the two Realms have been entrusted to you,but no one has said anything about it, not to mention the perennial silence of the Netherworld……”

He paused a little and then casually added: “Jiang Zheliu, as long as you are alive, there will be other methods. But those people aren’t worth you doing this to yourself.”

Jiang Zheliu clenched his fist, the cosy warmth from the devil’s device had attracted him,slowly adjusting it, he moved his gaze from his book and he looked at the other and said calmly: “Now I’m a useless person, you should be happy and not be asking me whether it’s worth it or not. As far as I see it, with a broken body I can now shed a heavy burden and free myself from an endless Sea of Bitterness1苦海 (kǔhǎi) is a Buddhist term used to describe the mortal world, which Buddhists see as metaphorically drowning in suffering..It’s a blessing from heaven, I should rejoice.”


“I don’t like devils because you all think too much.” Jiang Zheliu said, “I no longer want to be the support for every living thing, I don’t want to bear it any longer, is that so wrong.”

Wenren Ye didn’t speak for a moment, his gaze was directly on him, his serene purple eyes twinkling. Some time passed before he finally asked very quietly: “……you don’t like devils?”

En? Is that the main point?

Jiang Zheliu couldn’t believe that his focus was on this, he didn’t nod, nor did he shake his head, he just looked at Wenren Ye’s vaguely wounded expression, whilst the other gripped his hand.

Jiang Zheliu looked at the other party’s hand, he saw that the other was gripping his hand quite nervously, but then Wenren Ye flipped his wrist around, seeming to remember what he actually wanted to do, he released a thread of devil energy into that wrist to travel through his meridians.
On the one hand, the other party was trying to probe his body’s condition, on the other hand, he asked:“Well what do you like?”

Jiang Zheliu:“……I like you.”

The thread of devil energy that was travelling through his body almost violently erupted,dangerously so. The cold-hearted Devil Lord’s mind went blank, his ears were randomly buzzing. He stared foolishly at Jiang Zheliu and after a long while he finally said: “Like me……”

He still hadn’t had a chance to make his move, to foster some affection, to pry him away from the Cultivation World, how come……

“Like you to speak less.” Jiang Zheliu said lightly.

In his head, Wenren Ye was still thinking what to name their 18th child, when he heard those words, all these beautiful thoughts vanished into thin air and all that remained was a shattered dream on the floor.

The devil energy he had sent into Jiang Zheliu’s body had long halted, he put his emotions back into check and continued to explore. The more Wenren Ye understood his body’s condition, the more dejected he felt. Jiang Zheliu’s meridians were a mess. His whole body was full of wounds, his Nascent Soul2元婴 yuányīng Lit. “Origin Infant”. The Nascent Soul is like an infant/miniature person that lives in your Dantian. In some novels, the Nascent Soul can travel outside the body and if their main body dies, their consciousness can continue to exist in the Nascent Soul was almost unrecognisable and his Primordial spirit…… even if he didn’t examine it, it was obvious the state it was in.

There was deep wound inside his chest cavity, it was really hard to believe that this was the state that he was in—— Wenren Ye had always thought the same as Zhu Wuxin, that Jiang Zheliu was peerless and unbeatable, unrivaled, and that there was nothing that he couldn’t do and the admiration of millions was no different from the dust of the world to him.
All his drive had been focused on this, wanting to compete with him, to be alongside him, even to surpass him.

But now……

Wenren Ye slowly moved his hand away, looking at the other party’s frosty wrist and fingertips, he said quietly: “……it’s already like this, you’re still able to bear it.”

He stopped talking, he didn’t get a response so he looked up at Jiang Zheliu.

The half open book in his hands hadn’t moved. He had changed positions on the rattan chair to lie down with his eyes closed, his white hair scattering over his shoulders, his eyelashes were long and delicate.

The candle light shone warmingly, illuminating his smooth, slightly slim jaw and pale skin.

For a moment, Wenren Ye suddenly thought that even though he was fragile, Jiang Zheliu was a gift to him from the World.

The Jiang Zheliu who was before him, was extremely precious and needed to be taken care of. He was once the master of Ling Xiao Sword, the head of the Immortal Alliance who the World bowed down to, he was cold like a sword’s edge, chilly like a blade of ice. But now he is just like snow that would melt, loose and soft, and would not stay in the palm of anyone’s hands.

Wenren Ye watched him for a while, then asked very lightly: “Are you asleep?”

The other did not move.

He stretched out his hand, trying to take away the book he had been reading. He carried him over to the bed, but Jiang Zheliu wouldn’t let go of the book.

Jiang Zheliu held the book in his arms and very quietly said: “……I’ll read it in a bit.”

“Aren’t you tired.” Wenren Ye picked up his outer cloak, he took away Jiang Zheliu’s own outer cloak and replaced it with his own. The big crimson cloak could cover him entirely from his shoulders, but it was much lighter than a quilt, and it wouldn’t make people feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Zheliu did not answer immediately, but when the temperature under the cloak gradually warmed him up, he whispered in a very soft voice: “…….Don’t talk to me……..I’m so tired.”

With Wenren Ye’s cultivation level, he naturally could hear clearly what he had just said. He was sitting next to Jiang Zheliu, watching the lights flicker, listening to the night breeze passing by the window, and listening to the slow breathing of the other party whilst he fell asleep.

Everything was extremely quiet.

Wenren Ye didn’t know where this trust in him had come from, or perhaps Jiang Zheliu didn’t trust him at all, he just… just didn’t care about anything.

His mission was complete, all the responsibilities and duties that he had to bear from childhood to now ended here. In the past, Jiang Zheliu seemed to be living for the Ling Xiao Sect and for the Cultivation World. At this point… he could finally live for himself. Therefore, he didn’t care about anything, and being able to fall asleep peacefully when he was sleepy was the most comfortable thing in the world.

Wenren Ye sat beside the bed watching over him.

The candlelight was dim and the surroundings were quiet.

Infinite tenderness.
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