My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 8

I can do anything
The medicinal pill infiltrated the warm spring water, completely dissolving.

Jiang Zheliu could guess what he had done but as he did not feel the effects of the medicinal pill yet, he asked: “What is this?”

“I found it in the Devil Realm,” Wenren Ye said “It’s the Immortal Jade Cultivation Pill.”

This name was well known in the Cultivation World. It was a rare potent immortal medicine of the Devil Realm but it was not the same as the other pills. The Immortal Jade Cultivation Pill was mild and it was slow to react. It was necessary to use it over time, slowly warming up the body. So those who had weak bodies, could not take it directly but it could be used for bathing and soaking.

But compared with other immortal medicines, although it needed to be used slowly and over a long period of time, there were no side effects to using this pill. The pill was incredibly rare and precious, it seemed only the master of the Devil Realm could access it.

This was just what was spread around the Cultivation World, but it was not known if it was true or false. But Jiang Zheliu still pondered over it for a moment and then asked: “Is your father aware that you took this to heal me?”

Jiang Zheliu was not particularly aware of the passing of time. In his eyes, he still saw Wenren Ye as his junior, as part of the younger generation. Plus, the news that the Devil Realm had changed rulers had only got out when he was mending the Boundary Membrane. So for him, this person was still just a Junior Lord of the Devil Realm.

Wenren Ye wasn’t aware of what he was thinking, so he replied: “And what of it?”

Jiang Zheliu said: “Wenren Jian would rather see me dead, he wouldn’t be so kind-hearted as to help treat my illness. But you……you’re still young, letting your emotions affect your decisions.”

Men don’t like to be called out on their youth.

Just as Wenren Ye knitted his brows wanting to retort, Jiang Zheliu lightly coughed a few times. He immediately forgot what he wanted to say, his eyes focused on him completely without blinking.

The water temperature was gradually heating up. The pill was taking effect, cleansing his broken body and he could feel a slight pricking sensation.

At first, Jiang Zheliu only coughed very lightly a few times but then the pain in his chest worsened. The clotted blood that had been drawn out by the spring water and the pill started to rise up, gradually bubbling up, tightening his chest. He frowned, choking and coughing a little louder, his thin, pale lips stained with blood. 

The ends of his hair were wet, falling into the hot springs, slowly swirling around in the water. His eyelashes were snow-white, they seemed almost translucent in the daylight. His entire body was pale, the only colour on him were his pitch-black eyes and the bright red on the lips.

Wenren Ye’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately reached out to hold his arm, asking anxiously, “Can you not endure it? Let me help take you out.”

Before he could finish, his hand was pressed down and he heard Jiang Zheliu say.

“……No need.”

Wenren Ye’s immediately stopped in his tracks.

He felt the clamminess of the other party’s hand. His fingertips were soft. The calluses on the side of his knuckles slide across his palm as if he’d been licked by a cat with soft prickles on its tongue.

At this moment, his mind started to run wild again.

Jiang Zheliu only held onto him for a very brief moment, but the little deer in the Devil Lord’s heart was bouncing up and down and nearly crashed out a couple of times. The other’s body was wet, even his hair was damp. He encircled him in his arms, slowly increasing his internal heat.

Wenren Ye felt that this devilish heart of his had a mind of it’s own, thumping frantically, violently revealing his love so evidently that he was losing face.

Jiang Zheliu didn’t seem to notice, he wiped off some blood from his lips with his fingers. His frail shoulders slid down into the Spring water, almost sliding closer into Wenren Ye’s embrace. His body was cold, the only heat it had was radiating from the outside where it was drenched in the Hot Spring. This frail and fragile body was scarcely alive, as it slowly continued to slide down.

The more Jiang Zheliu coughed, the more the clotted blood in his body loosened. He clutched Wenren Ye’s sleeve tightly as he lowered his head to spit out a mouthful of blood.

The blood fell on the ground next to the Hot Spring, leaving a dark red stain.

Then, Jiang Zheliu tugged at the other’s sleeve lightly, closed his eyes for a moment before saying softly, “It’s okay, it’s good to spit out the blood. Cough……”
Wenren Ye treated him like a soap bubble that could pop at any moment, he didn’t even dare to move and was even breathing very softly. Only after hearing these words did he tentatively raise his hand to wipe away the blood from the corner of his lips. He slowly said, “Are you really alright?”

“I’m ok.” Jiang Zheliu said, “I feel weak.”

Wenren Ye froze for a moment as if a thought had rushed into his mind. He paused for a moment before reaching out and carried Jiang Zheliu out of the hot spring. Then he took off his outer cloak to cover him, to make sure that not even the slightest wisp of a wind could enter. He stood up, embracing the other in his arms and walked towards the little pine house.

This was really testing his willpower.

Any part of Jiang Zheliu’s body that he came into contact with, seemed to be scolding hot, bringing with it an unusual and wonderful temperature. He hid his youthful love carefully, making countless excuses, only to find that they were useless the moment he was before the other party. All these excuses were utterly useless.

Whatever the other party was doing, he couldn’t help loving him.

Jiang Zheliu was only feeling weak but not delirious from the effects of the medicine. He noticed the other’s abnormal heartbeat almost instantly, but Jiang Zheliu was not particularly familiar with the Devil race so he wasn’t sure about their normal heart rate, so he just calmly started counting.

Over 300 beats per minute ……

He had no experience in love and could not tell from the way Wenren Ye behaved, but he could see the devil marks that were running up his neck.

The devil marks were spreading up from under his robes. The devil marks were a distinctive characteristic of his Devil form….. It was also said that these devil marks would appear when there was an abrupt change in the Devil’s mood that he was unable to control.

Jiang Zheliu looked at the devil who had “abruptly changed his mood”, and thought carefully about what the other party’s goal might be, it seemed as if he had vaguely figured out something.

But before he could think in more depth about it, he heard the low voice of Wenren Ye.

“I’m harbouring some ill intent.”


The other side was unexpectedly candid.
Jiang Zheliu looked over at him and said, “There are many people who are harbouring ill intentions against me.”

Wenren Ye choked on his words and violent hostility suddenly surged up within him: “They are all seeking death.”

“Some wanted to kill me to seize the Leader of the Immortal Sects position, whilst others appeared to be at odds with me, and wanted me to retreat and give way. There are others …… *cough*, who will pretend to be my friend to gain an advantage and then take the chance to get rid of me, which one are you, Junior Lord?”

He asked so calmly and gently that he slowly suppressed Wenren Ye’s violent and murderous intent.

The Devil Lord was silent for a moment and said in a muffled voice, “Neither.”

After closing the door of the house, he placed Jiang Zheliu back on the soft bed. He dried his half-wet hair and thin shirt with a devilish spell. He kept the outer cloak wrapped around him and lit the furnace to the side.

“How do you feel?” Wenren Ye asked as he pressed down on his wrist to probe his condition.

The clotted blood that had accumulated in his chest had dissipated. But his meridians were still broken, a tangled up mess like a ball of string that a cat had been playing with.

And right now, the sickly cat owner in front of him was pulling tightly on his collar, too sleepy to keep his eyes open, he said slowly, “…… Aside from the pain, I feel nothing.”

Chang Qian had transformed back into his original form, and was coiled around an unlit candlestick. The little deer Ah-Chu seemed to be absent, he stayed upstairs quietly.

Jiang Zheliu’s voice was very quiet, like a light breeze that would dissipate at any moment. Hearing him, Wenren Yecould not help but feel panic in his heart. He couldn’t stop himself from moving closer, he was almost against the tip of his nose. He asked: “Do you blame me for acting first, you actually didn’t want to ……”

He doesn’t want to get better; his final wish is to be free to choose if he wants to leave this life.

Jiang Zheliu was first dizzy from the steam of the Hot Spring, and then stimulated by the effects of the medicine. At this moment, all he wanted to do was sleep. He slowly blinked twice as if to wake up a bit, and said, “Didn’t want to …what?”

Wenren Ye looked at him, unable to speak.
“You seem to always act first, like you staying by my side.” said Jiang Zheliu.

He was really overly sleepy and added vaguely, “But that’s okay, I’m quite used to our current situation.”

It was like accepting the death of his shifu more than a thousand years ago, accepting all the chaos created by the Ling Xiao Sect, as well as the decay and division of the righteous Immortal Sects. Furthermore, he was accepting of the gradual changes in his shidi, the secretive calculations of his good friend, the other difficulties that he might have faced in the natural order of things …… He was accepting of the life and death of those around him, good and evil. From his body to his mind growing in weariness and declining.

Without the coming of the spring breeze, the willow branches will wither.

Who is able to predict the ups and downs of the World?

Jiang Zheliu slowly nestled forward a little and whispered with his eyes closed, “Good neighbour …… thank you very much.”

Wenren Ye stared at him with surprise, not making a sound for a long while. He reached out with his hand, wanting to touch the other’s white hair, but before he made contact, he retracted his hand.

…… Those who were dear to Jiang Zheliu, not one of them, didn’t put their own selfish gain before him. It was like this for Zhu Wuxin, it was also like this for Lie Zhen.

No one was worth making Jiang Zheliu suffer.


He slept from near dusk until the early morning.

The morning light was still weak, it was still dark. The lamps and candles seemed to have been lit by Chang Qian. The little deer Ah-Chu had come and heated up some medicine, but Jiang Zheliu never woke up so the medicine was getting cold.

Jiang Zheliu reluctantly awoke, still sleepy, he opened his eyes to see his good neighbour holding his hand, his gaze immediately looking over to him.

Jiang Zheliu: “…… Aren’t you going to sleep?”

The other’s eyes were sparkling, he was fully attentive, his purple eyes glowing, “Not sleepy.”

Jiang Zheliu looked at him for a moment and said, “Sleep is one of the greatest pleasures in life.”   

Wenren Ye hesitated for a moment, “Which sleep are you talking about?”

Jiang Zheliu failed to react for a moment, stunned, and then said jokily, “The one you’re thinking of, are you coming or not?”

It was his good neighbour’s turn to react.

Jiang Zheliu picked up the cold bowl of medicine and drank only a little before hearing Wenren Ye’s hesitant voice.


Jiang Zheliu raised an eyebrow and after drinking half a bowl of his medicine, he put the bowl down, as if he intended to see what the other party wanted to do.

Afterwards, the Devil Lord nervously took off his outer robe and came over to lie down next to Jiang Zheliu, he pulled the other into his arms and embraced him, saying with satisfaction, “There.”

Jiang Zheliu: “…… The Junior Devil Lord’s ill intentions are indeed top notch, you have taste.”

“That’s for sure.” Wenren Ye wanted to kiss him, but refrained himself and whispered, “There’s still a while before dawn, it’s the coldest time of day right now, hold me, I’m warm.”

Jiang Zheliu said, “Got it, little furnace.”

He felt sleepy so he simply went back to sleep, but before he did so, he raised his eyes again to look at the young, talented and fearsome devil.

Who was unexpectedly thoughtful, unexpectedly childish, and unexpectedly loveable.

It seemed that his prejudice against the inferiority of the devil race could not be used to refer to every devil. This neighbour of his turned out to be, so far, actually very good.

An utterly quiet and calm space.

At dawn, the bed was still warm, it seemed that Wenren Ye had only recently left.

Jiang Zheliu had some more of his medicine and then ate something. Then he heard Chang Qian ask with a reluctant and confused face: “Gege, is your relationship with my little uncle …… really that good?”

Before Jiang Zheliu could answer, Ah-Chu, who had come down from upstairs, also came over and tilted his little deer head: “Shenxian was sleeping with him, I heard that sleeping together makes new fawns!”

“That’s a male snake and a female snake.” Chang Qian corrected, “Gege and little uncle are both male, they won’t make any baby snakes. Nothing happens when two men are together, right, gege?”

Jiang Zheliu nodded as he listened and thought for a moment, twirling the teacup in his hand as he said casually, “No, I can do anything, even give birth.”

Chang Qian was dumbfounded: “…… ah?”
Author note:

The Little Willow Tree1小柳树 Xiao Liu Shu = is the author’s nickname for JZL that can do anything√

The Yeye-zi2夜夜子 = author’s nickname for WRY who is just purely sleeping√

Laugh it up, it’s a perfect match.
Translator note:

O M G – this chapter (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
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01/09/21 – Updated names, flow, grammar
29/01/22 – Realm Boundary → Boundary Membrane

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