My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 14

Anything you say.
Wenren Ye obviously didn’t believe the “fix the door” excuse. Staring at Jiang Zheliu’s blood-stained lips, he undid the metal clasp and his blood-soaked cloak dropped to the ground.

Wenren Ye reached out with his hand, using a finger that had not been soiled by fresh blood to wipe away the red stain from the other’s lips, he frowned and said: “Be serious.”

Jiang Zheliu’s lips were very soft, carrying a slight chill. Just from that one touch, he could feel his frosty breath.

Jiang Zheliu grabbed a hold of the other’s wrist, not at all fazed by the wet blood on the other’s hands. He glanced over his wrists but did not discover any injuries. He didn’t ask anything about it, instead he took another look at the two horns on the other’s head and then with a serious tone in his voice: “Little monster, my shidi smashed the door and I accidentally activated the bracelet.”

Wenren Ye frowned: “How could there be so many accidents?”

It really wasn’t wrong to call him a monster, as soon as he was away from Jiang Zheliu, his entire body would reek of death and unbridled killing intent, resembling exactly those evil doers in novels, killing anyone in their path without a trace of mercy.

Wenren Ye turned around, swept a glance over to the damaged door. Then his gaze followed the long trail in the snow that led up to a person who was trying to get up with difficulty. Zhu Wuxin was pressing the palm of his hand against the sword to try to pull himself up.

Wenren Ye recognised that sword. He also recognised the scabbard.

The entire scabbard of the Ling Xiao Sword was a faint blue. It was made from Millenium ice. On it were a number of engravings and carvings of rare and precious beasts,namely the four divisions 1four divisions of the 28 constellations in the sky according to Chinese Astrology – Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise. Upon it was even the engraving of the two words “Ling Xiao” that was personally carved by the founder of the Ling Xiao Sect. The sword was impressive and imposing.

The first time Wenren Ye had seen this sword, it was in the hands of Jiang Zheliu. The sword had exhibited an extremely insipid and deep chill. The tip of the sword was moistened by bright-red blood that was left from the strike to his chest, a bloody stain from his heart.

Jiang Zheliu had flicked his wrist and stuck the sword back into the scabbard. That small glimpse of the world’s most indescribable sword-intent was collected and preserved in that icy scabbard, and the sword intent had sunk into silence in an instant.

Wenren Ye clenched his fist, his bones making a crunching sound as he did. His murderous purple eyes grew darker and darker, the still moist blood dripping from his fingertips.

He had hastily changed back into his human form when he was hurrying back here. The bodies of devils are fierce and atrocious looking. He was in a hurry that he hadn’t actually fully transformed completely. In this moment, the double horns covered with devilish patterns on his head silently faded away, as if they had ever existed.

But just as he was walking towards Zhu Wuxin, he was gently called back by Jiang Zheliu.

In this world, aside from him, there could be no one else that could stop this Devil Lord. But at this time, Wenren Ye’s rage was so inconsolable that he didn’t even want to listen to Jiang Zheliu. With his back facing the latter he said coldly: “I can’t believe I didn’t know you were such a masochist? You don’t fight back when hit, you don’t retort when being insulted.”

How could he possibly speak to Jiang Zheliu this way. To be able to say these words showed that in this moment he was truly furious.

Wenren Ye stretched out his hand and from mid-air a long pitch-black blade appeared in his hand. It was an extremely long and thin blade, barely two fingers in width. Forged from an unknown material, the sharp bent edge of the blade was exuding a pitch-black substance, slowly flowing downwards from the blade.

His murderous intent was too heavy, and as he walked over holding the black blade, Zhu Wuxin had the ominous feeling that his death was imminent.

Wenren Ye used two blades, one black and one red. The blacck blade cuts through bone and the red blade cuts into the soul. One to annihilate the body and slice into bone, the other directly attacks the soul soul, hacking the soul into a million pieces, the cruelest form of torture.

Zhu Wuxin braced himself whilst still leaning on Ling Xiao Sword, whilst keeping a deathly focus on the other. Just as the violent devilish energy contained in the black blade was about to reach him, he heard his shixiong’s indifferent and icy voice.

“Wenren Ye.” Jiang Zheliu said: “If you kill him, I have no way to face my shifu in the Netherworld.”

The only one that could stop Wenren Ye would be him. Jiang Zheliu only managed to say these words before he felt a tearing pain in his lungs and he couldn’t stop himself from coughing violent, but he just frowned and continued, “But if you really do it, it’s fine, I can’t to tell you what to do, it’s just ……”

There was a short pause in his words.
“When shifu was on his deathbed, he held my hand and said that he wanted me to protect him for the rest of my life.” Jiang Zheliu stared at the back of Wenren Ye, his tone softening as he slowly said, “Ninety li is merely a half of a hundred li journey2 fig. the closer one is to completing a task, the tougher it gets; a task is not done until it’s done, I am only one step away from departing this life.”

The devilish energy hovering in front of Zhu Wuxin did not dissipate.

It took a few more breaths before the black blade which had killed countless people, withdrew itself and was slammed viciously into the snow, making the snowflakes dance wildly around it.

Standing between the two, Wenren Ye turned to Jiang Zheliu and stared at him, “Why do you say it’s only one step away? When did I allow you to die.”

Jiang Zheliu was stunned for a moment hearing the insistence in his voice.

“I won’t kill him but you have to come with me to see the physician. If you refuse I’ll immediately kill him!”

The Devil Lord slowly eased his grip. He retracted his hand, the slender black blade followed suit and dissipated into the air.

“Don’t tell me that you want the choice to live or die. Jiang Zheliu, you have never really lived for yourself. How do you dare say that there is nothing left to live for?” Wenren Ye walked up to him. The red devilish marks on his neck were faintly glowing, his fury still unabated, “I want you to recover. You must listen to me.”

Jiang Zheliu remained silent for a moment, then finally said:“……My situation is hopeless. There is no cure.”

“That’s nonsense!” Wenren Ye was unable to take his eyes off him. “Promise me that you will listen to me and get treatment. There must be a way.”

Jiang Zheliu looked at him for a long while and sighed deeply, before saying: “What’s the point in forcing me. There is nothing for me to live for……”

“Do it for me.”

These words seemed to break through all kinds of obstacles and hesitations, blurted out in the midst of the howls of cold winter wind.

Jiang Zheliu didn’t know what to say. He looked into Wenren Ye’s eyes and suddenly felt that even someone like him, was surprisingly unable to resist this kind of utter sincerity. What is more, this scorching piece of sincerity, this passionate unbridled devotion was open and visible in front of him.

He reached out and took hold of Wenren Ye’s hand and coaxed in a low voice: “I promise you. Don’t be angry anymore okay? Little Devil Lord, I won’t see him again.”

Even if the Devil Lord was a hedgehog, the latter’s words were enough for him to retract his quills. When Jiang Zheliu said this, his voice was low and gentle, permeated with an imperceptible sense of tolerance.

Wenren Ye held his hand tightly, he suddenly felt jealous of Zhu Wuxin.

Jealous that for so many years he had unknowingly enjoyed Jiang Zheliu’s unconditional tolerance and love. Even in the moment, he was still protected by Jiang Zheliu, all the name of one word “responsibility“, but this was the latter’s habit.

He was used to protecting others.

Wenren Ye leaned in closer to embrace him. He closed his eyes and hugged him tightly, whispering, “How could I let someone else harm the person that I hold so dearly close to my heart?”

Jiang Zheliu was silent for a long time, and he gently stroked his back to sooth him, coaxing this raging lion into submission before he said softly, “It’s okay, no one is bullying me, I haven’t been harmed.”

Wenren Ye looked at him and understood that the other had no idea what he was actually angry about. The more Jiang Zheliu spoke like this, the more Wenren Ye felt he’d lose his head. He reached out and ran his hands through the other’s long, snow-white hair, and said:“……First drink your medicine.”

Wenren Ye didn’t know when Zhu Wuxin left and he didn’t want to know either. The conversations and promises between him and Jiang Zheliu had always carried a heavy weight. Even though he was filled with killing intent, the thought of disappointing Jiang Zheliu forced him to endure it and hold himself back.

The door was repaired, and this time, it finally matched with the style of the interior of the small pine house. Except that the colour became dark and dull, like the mouth of a hideous evil beast, and wholly unlike a place that a Xianzun would live in seclusion. Seemingly more like the residence of some evil cultivator or great devil.

But Jiang Zheliu didn’t really mind. He didn’t dislike Lie Zhen’s fiery red jade door, so naturally he was not bothered by this new door either.

Wenren Ye re-heated the medicine and left it on the table to cool. Chang Qian had just returned from buying some things at the foot of the mountain, he almost couldn’t find the new door, and had stood there in a daze before it for half a day.

Jiang Zheliu sat on a chair with the snowy white cloak covering his legs. He reached out with his hand to rub the ointment on the teary-eyed little deer Ah-Chu in front of him.

The antlers on Ah-Chu’s head had split open, some reddish cracks had appeared from the top of his translucent antlers. The capillaries and tiny blood vessels inside seemed to have been broken and looked painful.

He leaned on Jiang Zheliu’s lap and with great resentment he said, “As expected he really is the great villain, even if I haven’t read the ending, I can tell this person will definitely cause trouble for Shenxian gege.”

Whilst still applying the ointment to the cracked antlers, Jiang Zheliu instructed, “Don’t touch or rub your antlers after cultivating. Your antlers are too soft, and the meridians inside will break when external pressure is applied.”

Ah-Chu nodded pathetically and rubbed against Jiang Zheliu and asked:“Gege, why don’t you kill him? Eliminate the root of the cause and resolve it once and for all.”

Jiang Zheliu paused for a moment and then said: “Then what would happen to Ling Xiao Sect?”

Ah-Chu hadn’t thought about it, he was lost for words for a moment.

“I am now a broken man. I can no longer lead Ling Xiao Sect.” Jiang Zheliu said indifferently, “It’s not worth it to destroy a thousand year’s worth of blood and sweat as well as the blood of several generations. The thousand years I spent building and protecting the Sect would destroyed in one fell swoop.”

“But, but, there are others who could lead ……”

“The unrighteous are abundant, even if leadership was changed this fact remains the same.” Jiang Zheliu said, “Wuxin is just wilful. He doesn’t deserve a death sentence. If I, the one who has always protected him, becomes the one to also kill him, wouldn’t that be completely laughable to fail through lack of a final effort in the end.”

Ah-Chu nodded as if he understood, but he was just an innocent person who had transmigrated into the book and he hadn’t even read to the end. So naturally he could only hug the protagonist’s thigh3Lol this expression makes me laugh – it means ride someone’s coattails, hang on/benefit from someone who is stronger than you/has better abilities to aid your own success or survival honestly and nod and applaud at whatever he said.

But Jiang Zheliu was not saying all this for his benefit, but it was actually to Wenren Ye who was listening beside them.
He turned his eyes to watch the sulking little devil staring at the medicine stove, not saying a word to him.

The candle flickered. Jiang Zheliu continued to look at him for a moment before saying, “What were you doing before you rushed back today? Is everything okay?”

Before Wenren Ye rushed back, the Devil Realm were prying open the third Xuan Tongju Gate4玄通巨门 hmmm.. lit Giant Mysterious Connecting Door, yeh.. will just leave it in the pinyin to eliminate the beings inside. When the battle was gaining momentum, the trembling sound of the bracelet suddenly called out to him so he returned to Jiang Zheliu’s side without even thinking.

Xuan Tongju Gate isn’t actually a gate, but just an underground crevice. The Devil Realm is barren and infertile so the Devils replied upon the three naturally formed Xuan Tongju Gates in order to obtain a large amount of resources and treasures. But living beneath the cracks, there were many, many different species of indescribable creatures, that have not yet gained spiritual enlightenment so they were truly fiendish.

At that time, it seemed the battle was going their way, nothing should have gone wrong.

Wenren Ye looked at the hot medicine and said, “It’s fine.”

After he said that, he turned his head to look at him, just in time to see Jiang Zheliu looking down at the box of ointment, his eyelashes fluttering slightly, casting a faint shadow under his eyelids. He paused for a moment before saying: “……I didn’t frighten you being covered in blood right?”

Jiang Zheliu looked surprised but then he joked with a slight smile in his tone, “I was also covered in blood when I suppressed the border of the Devil Realm back then, were you scared by me?”

Only then did Wenren Ye come back to his senses and realise his own silly question. But he was also still too young when Jiang Zheliu had suppressed the Devil Realm, so he had only heard about it, and not seen it with his own eyes.

The medicine had cooled down sufficiently, and Jiang Zheliu had only taken a few sips when he heard the other’s voice.

“In a few days, let’s go to Dan Xin5丹心 dānxīn loyal heart; loyalty Monastery.”

He wasn’t unfamiliar with the words Dan Xin Monastery, even the Immortal physician there wasn’t unfamiliar to him. His name was known across all the Realms.

“To see Yu Jinnian?” Jiang Zheliu said, “He doesn’t save sick people that have one foot in the grave.”

“You’re not.”

“Okok. I’m not.” Jiang Zheliu could only agree with him. He said in a placating way, “I will work hard to keep on living, do anything you say.”
Author note:

Every time they argue, it’s always Yeye that suffers.

Translator Note:

My zombie brain only just registered when I was editing this chapter that deers have antlers and not horns. hahaha.

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