My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 15

Soak in the scent of the Heavenly Spirit Body, refreshing.
The day before leaving Zhongnan Mountain, Jiang Zheliu went to tidy up his master’s grave.

That day was a light snow day, no one knew what he had said in front of the gravestone, but Wenren Ye could guess that it was only about the Cultivation World, Ling Xiao Sect, or even Zhu Wuxin.

Wenren Ye stood just a short distance away, watching Jiang Zheliu until the snow-white figure finally left Zhu Wenyuan gravestone and walked back up to him.

Jiang Zheliu was not well, and it is cold outside in Zhongnan Mountain. Wenren Ye didn’t actually want to even let him pay his respect to his shifu, but Jiang Zheliu was stubborn and wilful in nature. Although he looked indifferent and cold and didn’t get angry about anything, he often decided what he wanted to do on his own.

However, that didn’t seem to be the case this time for the trip down the mountain to see the physician. It seemed that a large part of the reason was down to Wenren Ye’s persuasion.

Wenren Ye rubbed his hands together, he felt a real chill, and couldn’t help but frown, “You …… nevermind, you won’t listen anyway.”

The ruthless Devil Lord was always helpless before Jiang Zheliu. All he could do was warm the other’s hands whilst saying, “It’s a long road, but I can’t use a teleportation technique to take you there. If it wasn’t for Yu Jinnian’s dumb rules, I would have captured, no …… invited him to come to Zhongnan Mountain.”

Yu Jinnian was one of the world’s leading spiritual physicians, a master of both medicine and poison, and was also known as the “Divine Sage of Medicine”. However, he would never housecalls so one could only go to Danxin Monastery to seek medical treatment, this was his iron-clad rule.

Jiang Zheliu had actually met him before, and the two of them had dealt with each other quite a lot, but they were not close so the two of them did not really know each other’s character very well.

Jiang Zheliu jerked his finger but he was unable to retract his hand, and could only let the Junior Devil Lord in front of him hold it tightly.

“I wish to return here before the Spring.” He paused and continued, “I’ve discussed with Ah-Chu to use the empty space in front of the house, we will plant some flowers and medicinal herbs and set it up as a flower and herb garden.”

Jiang Zheliu said it really seriously, as if he had really planned it carefully with Ah-Chu for a long time. Wenren Ye couldn’t bear to burst his bubble, but after a moment’s silence, he said hesitantly, “Are you even able to pick up a hoe to do the weeding?”
Jiang Zheliu stopped talking and looked over at it.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a moment.

The Devil Lord, not sensing the awkwardness, frowned and asked again: “Do you even know how to grow flowers?”

Jiang Zheliu:“……”

He really didn’t know how.

Jiang Xianzun was unparalleled, there was nothing in this world he couldn’t do, he could even get pregnant, there were even a few unspeakable characteristics of his Heavenly Spirit Body that he could also do. But this was the first time he has been asked and realised that he didn’t know how to do these menial mortal tasks at all.

Wenren Ye had callously broken the sickly beauty’s flower garden dream, he straightened the snow cloak around the other’s shoulders, and walked back to the house with him while saying, “That …… Heavenly Spirit Body you mentioned before, I went back to the Devil realm to check the ancient texts.”

The Devil Realm had a wide range of records and ancient texts but they were also quite vague. Wenren Ye used his knowledge taken from these ancient texts and what Jiang Zheliu had previously told him and put two and two together, he asked: “If this physique….. regarding that side of things, well why do you have cut yourself off from love and emotional attachment.”

The little devil faintly expressed his worries about his future.

Jiang Zheliu glanced at him: “The closer one is to the natural physique, the more one will like the exuberant nature of copulation and reproduction.” As soon as essence and blood meet and Dao bodies are combined, it will make people completely infatuated and head over heels, unable to control themselves.”

He didn’t say it cryptically, but he still let Wenren Ye think it over for a while, the latter mulled it over for a long time before he understood. He looked at Jiang Zheliu’s face as usual, stretched out his hand to caress his face, and subconsciously said: “…Isn’t that better?”

Jiang Zheliu said indifferently: “Then it will make people become obsessed and gradually decline onto unrighteous paths? The previous generations who have tried are well-known righteous cultivators, of course, they will naturally dissuade later generations. It is a painstaking effort to preserve the reputation of the spiritual body and take into account the spiritual development of the younger generation.”

Wenren Ye thought it over again, and only then did he realize what he meant. Although this physique was a spiritual body, it had almost become a type of cultivation furnace1炉鼎- also known as Human Cauldron. Like the furnace which often helped dual cultivators of the Hehuan Sect to increase their cultivation. But in this particular case, contrary to what one might expect, it produced the opposite to the desired effect and instead created internal demons through obsession.

For those righteous cultivators who needed keep their Dao-Hearts pure and resolute2道心 – pure and resolute Dao Hearts are valued highly by righteous cultivators. Cultivators who have weak Dao Hearts or who deny/betray their feelings won’t easily progress on the path of cultivation, and they may even experience Qi Deviation, the avoidance of this was indeed necessary. But for devils… no one knew what the effect would be.
In this moment, the Devil Lord fully exhibited his fearless mindset: “Really? I don’t believe it.”

Jiang Zheliu stopped outside the small pine house, he looked down to undo the clasp of his cloak, and walked in after shaking off the light dusting of snow. Calmly saying: “If you don’t believe it, why don’t you try it.”

He put down his cloak and glanced at Wenren Ye: “Great timing, we don’t need to go to the Dan Xin Monastery then. But throwing me down will inevitably kill me and then you can just bury me here. I’ll leave the details for my burial to you. The inscription is easy. You don’t need to add another name, just engraving the three words “Jiang Zheliu” will suffice.”

Wenren Ye:“……”

This little soft willow branch, Wenren Ye was already afraid of breaking him, so how would he ever dare to throw him down.


The next day the carriage and horse were ready, and even Chang Qian and Ah-Chu had their luggage packed for the journey. Only this horse did not look like a normal horse, it had a single horn on its head and barbs around its hooves, it was fierce and gave off an air of the barren hideousness of the Devil Realm.

Holding his hand warmer, Jiang Zheliu looked at the horse in front of him and saw an untamed look in his eyes.

Sure enough, it was a horse from the Devil Realm, otherwise if it were an ordinary horse or spirit animal, it would have come up to lick his hand.   

It’s just that even a horse from the Devil Realm cannot resist the temptation of the Heavenly Spirit Body close at hand. Even if the meridians in Jiang Zheliu’s body were leaking like a sieve, it didn’t stop the sweet and fragrant spiritual energy emanating from his body, captivating the horse like a large piece of pastry.

The devil horse only held on for about a quarter of an hour before surrendering, shamelessly going up to him and rubbing up against him, burying itself in his arms and trying to soak up as much of the scent as possible…

Then the Devil Lord pulled the horse back by the horse’s mane, with enormous killing intent he said, “Don’t touch him.”

Oh man, he didn’t even dare to act like that, let alone letting the horse.

The devil horse snorted reluctantly. The horse was still standing under the roof so it had to bow its head down and let the careful Devil Lord help the great beauty onto the carriage.

Jiang Zheliu lifted the curtain and found that the space inside was divided. It seemed to have a very delicate and impression seal cast to be able to make the space so large inside. He sat down by a small table, and placed his hardwarmer upon it and casually asked, “Is that a war horse?”

“Yes.” Wenren Ye wasn’t unsurprised in the slightest, this was the same person who had suppressed the borders of the Devil Realm many years ago.

Even if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he knew that Jiang Zheliu was a man with a decisive and perceptive mind who wouldn’t fail to recognise the war horses of the Devil Realm.

“You’re using it to pull a carriage?” Jiang Zheliu gently denounced, “Such a waste.”

“I’ve already picked out the most docile one.” All the horses in the Devil Realm are quite unpleasant, it’s hard to find an obedient one. Wenren Ye said whilst handing over their identity papers.
Because Jiang Zheliu’s cultivation was destroyed and his body was weak, it wasn’t possible to use any form of transportation techniques or displacement methods. For this trip, they could only rely on the mundane mortal roads and comply with the rules set for cultivators entering the Mortal Realm.

The identity papers were naturally fake, and even the devil horses had been disguised. The two carriages looked like the carriages of a gongzi from a well-to-do family going out on a trip, visually on the outside, it looked completely normal.   

Jiang Zheliu took the paperwork, and looked at the two names on the papers, they hadn’t been changed. He moved his eyes down and read, “…… Gusu Residents, cousins ……”

He raised his eyes to look at Wenren Ye and continued on to look at the rest of the papers to check nothing else was out of place before speaking, “Cousins? I’m the same generation as your father, Junior Lord, you ……”

That was true, but he also wasn’t one to reproach others about it. After all, Chang Qian was Wenren Ye’s nephew, but still called him gege.

Jiang Zheliu didn’t think of anything else to say to him, the most he could say was that Wenren Ye was taking advantage of the situation. He wasn’t too bothered about it and put down the paperwork after saying that. But Wenren Ye couldn’t resist pulling out another piece of paperwork and said candidly, “Actually, I was going to use this.”

Jiang Zheliu took a sip of tea, his eyes swept over the words “married couple” on it, and he almost spat out his tea. He choked followed by a few light coughs. He felt his ears inexplicably burn a little, having lived in vain for so many years, he was actually a little annoyed by these two words.

He slowly breathed in and looked down, reaching out his fingers he pushed the paperwork away, what remains unseen is deemed to be clean3眼不见为净 -what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

Wenren Ye, hearing him cough, immediately became more worried. Seeing that Jiang Zheliu seemed fine, he finally noticed that his ears had become slightly red. He stared for a moment, his purple eyes couldn’t help fixating on them, he said slowly: “You…..”

He gradually leaned closer, the devilish energy in his body was fluctuating back and forth, the impact of this moment accumulated into a single restless breath. Jiang Zheliu was encircled by one of his hands and pressed against the wall of the carriage, whilst he gently touched his earlobe.
This area should not be touched, it was a little too sensitive.

Jiang Zheliu had never had his ears touched by another. He had become famous and respected at a young age, and had kept his distance from everyone since he was very young because of his physique. Even his shidi Zhu Wuxin, who he had been brought up with had only ever touched his hand.

It was only when Wenren Ye touched him that he realised he was a little sensitive here, it was indescribably hot. He took hold of the other’s wrist, took a deep breath, and said, “Stop moving.”   

Wenren Ye:“Your ear……”

“……Stop talking. ” Jiang Zheliu,“If you continue, I’ll get mad.”

Jiang Zheliu with his white hair and black eyes, his eyes grew darker and darker, colder than the snow that had not melted in a thousand years on the Zhongnan Mountain. Although his words exhibited little emotion, what he said was something that Wenren Ye had not heard him say before.

How could Wenren Ye have made him angry? His train of thought had been broken by the other, he paused for a moment before slowly coming back to his senses. He withdrew his hand with restraint and sat back down.

The carriage driver had been conjured up using puppetry, it was just a paper charm to keep up with appearances. The wheels rolled over the fallen leaves as the carriage drove past the foot of the Zhongnan mountain, the sound of crunching dead leaves could be heard.

There was a hint of awkwardness between the two..

Jiang Zheliu poured himself another cup of tea and took a sip to moisten his throat. The light redness of his ears had subsided and he felt that everything had gone back to normal. He looked down at the tea surface and spoke to lighten the mood: “Junior Lord, you can’t just make such jokes so lightheartedly, if you are a philanderer, I’ll use it to extort you.”

Wenren Ye’s mouth was also dry, so he followed his lead to drink tea. This time, he didn’t think it tasted as bitter, all he could feel was his heart thumping, he didn’t even think about it and asked: “Extort me for how much……”

Jiang Zheliu raised his eyes to look at him, and seemed to really think hard for a moment before saying, “Half the Devil Realm is not much.”

Wenren Ye: “Half of it is okay, Do I look so insincere?”

Jiang Zheliu didn’t expect him to reply like that and nodded, deliberately joking, “You’ll bring your realm to financial ruin. It’s lucky you’re still the Junior Lord, otherwise I foresee that the future of the Devil Realm would be in jeopardy.”

Wenren Ye was silent for a moment and replied hesitantly, “Well, perhaps then the situation may already be somewhat worrisome.”
Author note:

Devil Realm: I’m a bit afraid. I’m afraid of becoming a betrothal gift.
Devils previously defeated by Liuliu: …… Stop it, we’re a bit scared too. QAQ
Translator Note:

Thanks @Key for the additional Ko-fis! Inspired me to finish this chapter earlier ♡

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