My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 16

Take this more seriously!
This was the first time that Jiang Zheliu had travelled like a mortal.

They travelled from the icy and snowy Zhongnan Mountain, through the verdant and lush Mountain Ranges, before entering the major cities of the Mortal Realm, going past the world’s largest brothel full waving flirtatious ladies, and finally passing by the misty patchwork of waterways.

Although Wenren Ye was young, he believed that Jiang Zheliu could not take care of himself. All along the way, he was more meticulous than anything.

But the truth was, Jiang Zheliu really didn’t know how to take care of himself. He was conversant on all things past and present. He was also once an unparalleled swordsman across all the Realms. But now, he was hardly in the state pick up a hoe to weed the garden, and he was totally ignorant of the climate and the needs for each type of flower. He was always forgetting about the temperature outside due to his own cool body temperature.

In fact, this person didn’t understand temperature in the slightest. Every time Wenren Ye held his hand, Jiang Zheliu felt cold which made Wenren Ye unbelievably annoyed. However, this person was as flimsy as a sheet of paper so he could neither be beaten nor scolded, as if in the next moment he would disperse into the air.

But Jiang Zheliu was indeed very light. In Wenren Ye’s opinion, he was so light that he almost didn’t weigh anything at all. His waist was narrow and thin. It showed even through the thick plush cloak, it would be very easy to just encircle an arm around it.

But this was all in his estimation. He had not had the chance to encircle him with one hand.

Dan Xin Monastery was in the middle of Chibi Lake. Surrounded by small bridges made of ancient decaying planks of wood. It looked extremely old as if it wouldn’t be able to support the weight of a person walking upon it. There were not any boats docked anywhere, it was just a lake full of carp who were leaping around creating bubbles.

In the middle of the lake, there was an island and upon it sat Dan Xin Monastery.

Although Jiang Zheliu had met Yu Jinnian before, he had never set foot in Dan Xin Monastery. He fixed his snow cloak and looked across the lake, sighing inexplicably, “The residence of a Spiritual Physician is just exquisite, surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear waters.”

A certain devil who grew up in the barren hills and wild rivers felt slightly offended: “……Is it.”

Jiang Zheliu didn’t dwell on the matter. He was just about to walk onto the bridge when he was pulled back by Wenren Ye.

The Devil Lord looked at him with a stern face. Encircling an arm around his waist, he secretly accomplished what he’d been thinking about the whole trip. He looked down and said, “This bridge looks like it’s going to break, I’ll carry you.”

Without waiting for Jiang Zheliu to reply. Wenren Ye had tightened his grip on the other’s waist, picked him up and took him across the lake.

This was different from a teleportation method that requires cultivation to perform. It was simply carrying him over. After Jiang Zheliu’s feet were firmly back on the ground, he patted the back of the other’s hand and said, “Are you not done?”

Reluctantly, the little devil slowly moved his hand away.

There was a very nice scent on Jiang Zheliu, it was just that there also was a very faint chilliness emanating from his body. However for the devils, whose bodies were naturally warm and dry, it was like an air conditioner on a hot summer’s day. The embrace was so comfortable.

Wenren Ye tried to hold his hand, only to have it be brushed away. He was like a youth who after arduous effort was finally making headway with his first love but was then given the cold shoulder again. He felt aggrieved but he was also too embarrassed to tell Jiang Zheliu, so he could only stare at the other’s face, which looked as normal as ever. The devil’s heart was so twisted and tangled that it was quickly turning into a fragrant sour Fried Dough Twist.
Jiang Zheliu pushed open the door and was greeted by a medicine grinding counter. There were two young Daoist children sitting on praying mats, their arms supporting their horsetail whisk whilst they directed a row of paper dolls to grind the medicine. One of the Daoist children wearing grey-blue Daoist robes was the first to see Jiang Zheliu. His eyes shone brightly, he elbowed the one next to him and whispered, “Look, it’s a beauty!”

The Daoist girl wearing the grey and pink Daoist robes next to him opened her sleepy eyes and instantly looked refreshed, tears of excitement were rolling down her face. She was drooling from the corners of her mouth. As she raised her hand to wipe off the drool, she blinked and asked, “Who has gongzi come to seek?”

Jiang Zheliu was not exhibiting the slightest bit of spiritual energy on his body, so the two Daoist children thought he was simply a mortal and addressed him as gongzi.

But very quickly, they realised the address of “gongzi” was incorrect. From behind Jiang Zheliu, a devil in black robes and purple eyes, covered in a devilish energy was following behind him silently. He was giving off an aura of “I am vicious, don’t mess with me”, as if he was going to become the Great Devil written in the books in the Cultivation World that would destroy the whole world in the next moment.

The Taoist girl’s words were stuck in her throat for a moment, before she quietly said to the boy beside her, “…… Urghh… are they here, here for revenge?”

The Daoist boy pondered for a moment and said honestly, “Haven’t you ever seen a Great Devil using a mortal beauty as a cultivation furnace?”

“What a shame, it’s just a pity that the little gongzi will be completely spoiled.”

The girl nodded her head quickly in agreement, “They must be here for the Hehuan love potion. Let’s say that our Monastery Master is not home. He’s not going to kill us is he?”

The two children seemed to be talking quickly and stealthily but with Wenren Ye’s hearing, there was nothing that they could hide from him. He silently looked at Jiang Zheliu and then at himself, wondering for a long while what was so wrong with him.

And given Jiang Zheliu’s age and status, he was actually being called “little gongzi” …… pffff, it must be extraordinary to have been born looking so tender and elegant.

On the contrary, Jiang Zheliu, who had lost all his cultivation, did not hear what the two children were talking about so he asked, “I have come to pay my respects to Monastery Master Yu Jinnian, could the two of you let him know?”

The girl made up her mind, she said offhandedly, “Little gongzi has come at an unfortunate time, our Monastery Master is not in.”

Jiang Zheliu looked at her and raised his eyebrows slightly, saying, “Monastery Master Yu isn’t present, but he’s willing to leave two thousand year old Ginseng1Ginseng is a type of root/plant. In Cultivation World anything can cultivate or be infused with spiritual energy to be “alive” and take human form spirit children here alone?”

The two children having their original forms being pointed out, stared at him blankly. They were about to deny it when they heard the other speak again slowly.

“You two were dug up from the back mountains of the Ling Xiao Sect by him when he was just a child. If I hadn’t been in a good mood and let him go, you two would still be under that Musa Basjoo tree at the back of Ling Xiao Sect.”
The two Daoist children, hearing that, felt a chill down their spines. Seeing his head of snow-white hair they suddenly understood who he really was, their hearts skipped a beat, they hastily got up and saluted, “Please forgive us, Jiang, Jiang Xianzun …… our Monastery Master is in ……”

Before the children could finish speaking, another male voice cut in across the room.

“Were you really in a good mood and let me go back then? I remember you were injured so you didn’t bother with me.”

Jiang Zheliu walked past the grinding medicine counter, reached out and lifted the bamboo curtain to see a man in light green daoist robes sitting in front of a medicine stove. But this daoist robe made him look rather scandalous. The front was gaping open showing a small section of his snow-white chest and his nipples were faintly visible. He really didn’t look too proper.

Jiang Zheliu didn’t think anything of it, but the little devil next to him was furious and lowered his head to get close to the other’s ear and said, “Vulgar and indecent, it’ll ruin your eyes, don’t look.”

Jiang Zheliu glanced over at him and said, “Even if he is naked, he is just a skeleton with flesh and blood in my eyes, so what is there to fear?”

Jiang Xianzun, self-assuredly approached with a calm face — Then he saw that behind the other, the shelves were full of d*ldos, aphrodisiac elixirs and dual cultivation manuals….

Jiang Zheliu looked puzzled for a long time before asking, “You ……”

Yu Jinnian was just sticking a red label on a bottle of aphrodisiac elixir, when he tilted his head and looked at him, and said logically, “Each to their own. Jiang Qianbei, please take a seat.”

Except that the floor was full of medicine pots, it would have been nice to have somewhere to sit, but there wasn’t even an empty spot in sight.

Jiang Zheliu looked at him for a long time, confirming something from his expressions and finally said, “It seems that the whole Cultivation World already knows what happened.”

Yu Jinnian said: “Not only that, I’m afraid even the remote Netherworld must also know about it now. Back then, the news of the Boundary Membrane being damaged hadn’t travelled as quick as this. So it’s clear that when you’re around, these bunch of idiots think that if the sky falls down, you’ll be able to hold it up for them. Now that you’re not holding it up, many people are so worried they can’t even sleep at night.”

He moved to the side and pulled out a futon for Jiang Zheliu to sit on, then narrowed his eyes to look at Wenren Ye behind him and muttered quietly, “…… Qianbei, even if you’ve lost all your Cultivation now, it doesn’t mean you should keep just anyone with some fighting skill by your side, something like this devil ……”

No sooner had he spoken, was he already locked up in a deathly devilish energy. He managed to stop talking in time, and said very sensibly: “The suffering of each and every sect in each Realm is only known by themselves. I have been observing for a while, I guess many will be going after Ling Xiao Sect. How much your shidi can withstand, Qianbei should know in his heart ……”

Jiang Zheliu was sitting opposite him, he replied indifferently: “That’s none of my business after all.”
Yu Jinnian finished sticking on the red label, propped up his chin with his hand and looked the other up and down as he said, “If it really were none of your business, Qianbei would not have taken so long to come to me. The more you truly let go, the less you will care. But Jiang Qianbei’s worries are already infused into your bones, it has already become your habit.”

Jiang Zheliu frowned and said, “You talk too much.”

Yu Jinnian had always had a lot to say. As he twirled the elixir bottle in his hand, and continued, “Thank you for the compliment and Jiang Qianbei is as graceful as ever. I originally thought that you wouldn’t come, after all just as you said, there is no better place for you to return to than under the ice and snow of the Zhongnan Mountain ……”

His words were not unfounded; he had seen Jiang ZheLiu injured when he went digging for ginseng as a child…… In a way, he knew him better than both Zhu Wuxin and Jin Yujie. Because unlike the others, he knew in his heart that Jiang Zheliu was not really indestructible.

At that time, Zhu Wenyuan had not yet passed away and Jiang Zheliu was still the da-shixiong of the Ling Xiao Sect, and was supposed to take his turn to guard the Ling Xiao Sect’s formation in accordance with the sect rules. At that time, Jiang Zheliu must have just returned from his mission. He looked calm and did not say a word, so no one knew that he was injured.

Only Yu Jinnian knew. He watched as Jiang Zheliu lowered his head to undo the gauze to reveal a deep wound which was spilling out with a devilish energy. The wound almost penetrated through his arm. Accompanying the stinging sensation of the devilish energy was a faint smell of blood that cut through the air slowly making Yu Jinnian vaguely understand the reason why he’d been able to leave the Ling Xiao Sect that day.

Over time, he came to detest those inflated flattery praises about Jiang Zheliu being indestructible and omnipotent.

The furnace fire continued to burn. The medicinal pills inside exploded with a crackling sound.

Jiang Zheliu looked at him with an indifferent gaze and calmly said, “The ice and snow of Zhongnan Mountain is too cold, perhaps I will, in the future, prefer to be somewhere else.”

“What a joke.” Yu Jinnian curled his lip, completely unconvinced that he could possibly have a second location in mind, but the fact that the other was willing to come over meant that he was at least considering getting treatment. He himself was a self-proclaimed benevolent healer so naturally he was still quite happy.

Whilst he rambled on about the past, Yu Jinnian raised his hand to Jiang Zheliu’s wrist and sent in a trace of dark green energy, using this method to slowly permeate the energy through the other’s body.

The two of them were silent. Wenren Ye was overly anxious beside them, he watched Yu Junnian’s frown became more severe, so he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s going on? What will it take for him to be cured?”

Yu Jinnian slowly withdrew his hand and looked at Jiang Zheliu with his hand propping up his chin, saying, “How much virtue did you accumulate in this past life? It must be the work of the Gods to be dealt such a hand and be walking along the line of death.”

Jiang Zheliu said, “Perhaps in my previous life I was devoid of conscience and utterly heartless. We can’t say for sure.”

“Perhaps.” Yu Jinnian said, “How else could you explain having been stuck with those b*stards. And to this day, you are still repaying that debt.”
Yu Jinnian stood up and picked out a bottle from the other side of the medicine rack, he took many bottles down and put them in front of Jiang Zheliu, and said, “Take this first.”

“……Take this first?”

“Yes.” Yu Jinnian said,“It’ll reduce the pain.”

Jiang Zheliu finally felt that the trip had not been in vain and nodded happily.

“Don’t ask such things as whether he can be cured or not, you should ask how long we can prolong his life. His previous level of cultivation reached a certain realm, as long as he maintains himself well, with a breath of energy he may hang on for another few decades. I noticed that you have used the Immortal Jade Cultivation Pill, you can continue to use it…… There’s something else, your eyes……”

Yu Jinnian slowly turned around and looked into his dark, cold eyes and said, “Can you feel it yourself?”

He was so quick to speak that Jiang Zheliu wasn’t able to stop him even if he wanted to, so he could only nod gently, “Yes.”

Yu Jinnian was leaning against the medicine rack, with a horsetail whisk in his hand when he grabbed the other’s arm and looked at him for a while, then he extended out two fingers and said, “How many can you see?”

Jiang Zheliu was silent for a moment and said slowly, “Two.”

“Can you see it clearly?”

“I guessed.”

Yu Jinnian:“……This is grave, can you take this more seriously!”
Author note:

According to the Ginseng spirit children: The domineering Devil Lord took the beautiful little gongzi as a wife forcing him to give up his life.
Reality: Can’t hold him in his hands for fear of dropping him, can’t put him in the mouth in case he melts. Don’t ask. Asking will kill off two more little deers.

The great beauty is not being serious at all now. Casually joking with Little Yu, he is only slightly short-sighted, otherwise wouldn’t he be too lonely just reading books everyday…..

Readers who have glasses, lend them to him!

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