My Darling Sick Beauty – Chapter 17

Hmmm.. That sounds like me.
Yu Jinnian felt as if he was meeting Jiang Zheliu again for the first time.

When Jiang Zheliu still had his eminent status, he would never have even cracked a light-hearted joke. Instead, he was as renowned for his icy reticence as he was for his strength. So even though Yu Jinnian was telling him to take things more seriously, the former was in reality quite relieved.

It was already a pleasant surprise that his heart had not been broken by that bunch of people.

Jiang Zheliu’s injuries were too serious to be completely cured. It was just as Wenren Ye had seen every time he had sent some devil energy into the former’s body to investigate. Jiang Zheliu’s meridians were broken and tangled together, like a tangled ball of wool. Under these circumstances, it’s perfectly normal that health issues were rampant all over his body. Besides at the moment, his vision was only slightly impaired.

When Yu Jinnian said these words, Jiang Zheliu did not react much, his pair of dark, cold eyes looked over quietly, not reflecting the slightest change in emotion. But Wenren Ye, who was also listening, looked not only very serious but a little annoyed. As he listened, he’d also glance over at Jiang Zheliu, and finally his gaze stopped, and fixated on the other’s eyes, not budging from there one bit.

Yu Jinnian said:“Jiang Xianzun, if you don’t want to go blind you should stay here for a while. An incurable disease like yours means I have to prepare a lot of medicines. Recently I just finished writing a Book of Medicinal Recipes. I’ll ask the Ginseng children to cook for you. As for the treatment fee……in order to repay Qianbei’s previous kindness, of course this junior would never ask anything in return. I hope this opportunity will also allow me to prove my medical expertise and reach great new heights.”
Jiang Zheliu nodded. He knew that Yu Jinnian had already encountered dubious and hard-to-treat cases. Whether he was able to cure him or not was still a benefit to Yu Jinnian so he asked: “The Ginseng children…They’re not tall enough to even reach the stove.”

“Don’t worry.” Yu Jinnian said, “Jiang Qianbei will be so impressed with their cooking skills that you’ll want to stay here long-term.”

He spoke with much certainty. But Jiang Zheliu had fasted for many years that he couldn’t even remember what food tasted like, so he wasn’t totally convinced by Yu Jinnian.

After that, this Divine Sage of Medicine continued to blabber on for another shichen. He explained brimming with passion the treatment plan, including the medicinal pills and all the methods under the sun that he was planning on using. Jiang Zheliu was tired from listening to him, he propped himself up with a hand under his chin feeling sleepy and casually agreed with the other a few times. But when he occasionally looked up, he saw Wenren Ye listening intently with bright eyes, nodding with much seriousness.

……how focused was he?

The little Devil Lord’s purple eyes often varied in shades of colour depending of the light and on his mood,Jiang Zheliu looked at him at this moment and thought to himself that this pair of Devil eyes were truly beautiful, a serene purple that reflected the light, so bright that they seemed like two precious sparkling gems, bringing with it a feeling of absolute concentration.

Jiang Zheliu continued to watch him for a while, then finally he gently tugged on Wenren Ye’s sleeves. When he saw Wenren Ye turn to look at him, he asked:“Do you understand?”

Wenren Ye said firmly: “Although he is explaining it in quite a complicated way, I got it.”

“What’s he trying to say then?”

“What he means is” Wenren Ye said solemnly, “Even if you’re a bubble as long as we put a protection layer around you, you won’t pop.”

Jiang Zheliu:“……You’re so great at metaphors.”

At this moment, Yu Jinnian finally finished his explanation. He took a sip of water to wet his throat. Then called over the two Daoist children to prepare a guest room. Then he turned to Jiang Zheliu and said: “Behind Dan Xin Monastery there is a medicinal pool, so you can continue to use the Immortal Jade Cultivation Pill, and……”

He stopped there, as he suddenly remembered that the Immortal Jade Cultivation Pill was a precious item from the Devil Realm. He looked over at Wenren Ye and whilst still pondering over it, he asked:“You….what position do you hold in the Devil Realm? Do you know the Devil Lord?”

Yu Jinnian spent all his time studying and making new medicines and drugs. He’d only occasionally go out and pick up some materials from the outside world. He had lived in the Mortal Realm for many years, so he was not really aware of what was happening in the other realms. Take for example, the news of the change of leadership in the Devil Realm, although he had heard about it, he didn’t even remember the name of the new lord, let alone know what he looked like.

But because Jiang Zheliu had used the Immortal Jade Cultivation Pill of the Devil Realm, with the addition of Wenren Ye’s extremely conspicuous purple eyes, he could guess that the one before him must hold at least some position or status in the Devil Realm. He figured that this devil must have been captivated by Xianzun’s beauty……it wasn’t only the Devils, even Yu Jinnian himself being in such close proximity to Jiang Zheliu was trying hard to keep himself in check.
Wenren Ye frowned and said: “I am the Devil Lord.”

“Oh… You are……ah?” Yu Jinnian replied very slowly and took some time to recover his senses, as he stared blankly.

He reflected for a while before slowly turning to look at Jiang Zheliu, saying with much sincerity: “……Qianbei is already in this state but is still willing to sacrifice himself to stabilise the Devil Realm, this kind of great selfless act of love is really inspirational.”

Jiang Zheliu was looking at Wenren Ye at this moment with a somewhat astonished expression but at the same time he didn’t look so astonished. He thought about it and then replied:“Yes……that does sound like me.”

Wenren Ye’s achievements even surpassed his father’s back then. The change in leadership, the succession of the next generation, those things were not particularly surprising, what was surprising was…

“Devil Lord” He changed his way of addressing him in good faith. Raising an eyebrow, he said,“The Devil Lord has shown a great selfless act of love towards me, making Jiang Zheliu feel truly humbled.”

Wenren Ye was fixated on the other’s pitch-black eyes, he leaned forward towards him. There was a faint aura of pine and cypress, which was mixed in with his devilish energy. It was spilling over, almost surrounding Jiang Zheliu.

The little devil’s breath was soothing with a hint of apprehension, his thin lips were pursed tightly together. He maintained a very precisely calculated distance from Jiang Zheliu, that was enough for the latter to not avoid him. He moved in closer before whispering, “It’s not a great selfless act of love, it’s that I want to hold on to you and take care of you.”

Jiang Zheliu looked at him whilst asking:“And then?”

Wenren Ye swallowed and then said somewhat tensely, “…… Then take you by force back to the Devil Realm.”

Jiang Zheliu wanted to laugh a little, but held back and reached out to poke the little devil’s head and said, “Okay.”

Wenren Ye didn’t expect him to agree and was stunned for a moment. As he got poked in the forehead by the other, he grabbed the other’s cold, slender fingers in his hand and added, “…… I’m the Devil Lord. I will kill without blinking, eat people without salt, so can’t you be a little scared of me.”

The two of them were interacting so smoothly that Yu Jinnian couldn’t find a chance to interrupt, so he could only write down the quantity needed on a piece of paper and hand it to Wenren Ye. But according to what he had just seen, no matter how much of that Devil Realm treasure was needed, Wenren Ye would just take it out and give it to Jiang Xianzun willingly as if they were sweets.

The following few days,Yu Jinnian was able to see first-hand this newly-appointed Devil Lord’s passion ——

He completely re-decorated Jiang Zheliu’s room.

Originally every room in Dan Xin Monastery was simple and peaceful with regular basic furniture. But Wenren Ye…… this devil was actually extremely picky. He changed everything. He even spread a plush carpet on the floor with a gold and silver threaded trim. As soon as you entered the room, it was filled with an air of luxury and romantic style.

Jiang Zheliu was sitting in the room, simply put he was the most precious thing in that room, a truly astonishing beauty.

But that was not the most important thing, as when Yu Jinnian discovered the wardrobe full of …… clothes.
There were forbidden immortal robes as well as Daoist robes, there were also rare and precious fur cloaks and overcoats, as well as some brightly-coloured robes, daoist robes with pearls and precious gems as buttons, and countless other types and styles.

That day he’d come over to do a routine pulse diagnosis1诊脉 – In TCM, chinese docs will check the patient’s pulse to diagnose them, he watched as the little deer who served upon Jiang Qianbei opened the wardrobe and then carry over a forbidden black velvet cloak that was even too expensive to mention in the Cultivation World, whilst casually saying, “Let me see today’s amazing Liuliu ……”

…… The room was filled with a decaying spiritual jade energy everywhere.

Jiang Zheliu was very calmly accepting of the circumstances. It wasn’t the first time that Wenren Ye had built a sort of cocoon around him, nor was it very difficult to accept that Ah-Chu has a little fetish of dressing him up. It’s all good, it’s all okay, it’s all fine. He had long become complacent, with a kind of calmness that meant even if he were to die tomorrow he would not care.

Chang Qian and Ah-Chu both followed him there but the two of them rode in the second carriage. As soon as Chang Qian arrived, he had become fascinated by the Ginseng children’s cooking and had been stealing tips from them in the kitchen.

Unlike him, Ah-Chu loved to stick to Jiang Zheliu, nuzzling against him. He’d always try to get a whiff of that delicious scent on his body and then go off and do some other things. But it didn’t seem one bit like he was actually interested in cultivation, instead the little deer had turned sucking up to him into almost a full-time job.

Ah-Chu sat by the window sorting out the medicines according to the physician’s instructions. He collected many bottles and jars of elixirs together, wrapping them in paper and dividing them into daily portions for each meal. Then he reached out to touch the edge of the bowl of medicine, feeling that it was the right temperature, he hopped over to Jiang Zheliu to give him the bowl.

Although his eyesight was not as good as it used to be, Jiang Zheliu still enjoyed reading books, especially the racy romance books here in the Monastery, it seemed he hadn’t lost his ultimate pleasure.

Jiang Zheliu took the medicinal meal and observed the portion size. He thought to himself those two ginseng children were definitely trying to fatten him up, how come each meal became bigger than the next.

But they did cook very well. Jiang Zheliu ate slowly and politely whilst listening to Ah-Chu muttering and counting the days, finally he seemed to have thought of something, he blinked, “Shenxian gege, isn’t it time for you to take a medicinal bath today.”

Jiang Zheliu stopped eating and looked up at him, his slender snow-white eyelashes twitching gently.

Wenren Ye wasn’t around that day because……

“Wenren-gege seems to be waiting for you by the Medicinal Pool.” Ah-Chu who was cupping his face between his hands, winked at him again, “Are you guys able to do this and that and then I’ll …… owww!””

Jiang Zheliu tapped him on the head.

Jiang Zheliu said slowly and deliberately: “You need to read less of the books here.”

Ah-Chu puffed up his face as he watched Jiang Zheliu talking whilst flipping through an illustrated erotic book. He said quietly: “Then why does gege read them.”

“I’m expanding my knowledge.” Jiang Zheliu said with a straight face.

Ah-Chu:“Uh …… well I, I’m just plain horny …… hey …… don’t hit, don’t hit me anymore QAQ……”

Yu Jinnian’s medicinal pool had many spiritual plants surrounding it. They were all nocturnal spiritual plants that did not need sunlight and could still bloom.

The pool was made from white jade, the water temperature was adjusted but it was still a little hot.

Just as Jiang Zheliu felt sleepy, a pair of hands took hold of him. This little devil lord stayed by his side, quietly reminding him not to fall asleep or the medicine would not be as effective.

The water rippled in every texture directions and the textures slowly dispersed. There were two lit lamps beside the medicinal pool, the lampshades had been decorated with flowers and vines.

“…… The second visit from the Devil Realm?” Jiang Zheliu was barely able to focus and tried to recall from his memory the words of the other, “Was that little kid you?”

Wenren Ye didn’t expect that when Jiang Zheliu was talking about back then, he would actually think that he was still a child: “I was already outstanding back then.”

Even now, in front of Jiang Zheliu, he’d sometimes displayed a slight hint of youthful exuberance.

Jiang Zheliu thought about it for a long while before remembering that he had actually stepped in to end his provocation, and casually said, “…… I really fought with you? If I had been in a bad mood that day, you would have been dead.”

Wenren Ye held his hand, staring at the long, snow-white, wet hair on his shoulder, and whispered, “You wouldn’t have, that was a good opportunity to reconcile with the Devil Realm, so you would never have ruined it.”

Jiang Zheliu finally remembered the scene when the other had met his first love. Only that in his own memory it was a very vague and insignificant event. Compared to how Wenren Ye in front of him saw it, there really was a wonderful sense of illusionment.

“Just because of that?” Jiang Zheliu said, “You’re also too vindictive.”

Wenren Ye’s words trailed off, “…… it’s not because I’m holding a grudge, but ……”

He stared into the other’s dark eyes. Originally, his heart was beating at a normal pace but then it began to thump widely again – killing off a few more little deers. He was always like a deer caught in headlights every time he was in front of Jiang Zheliu. Finally he swallowed and then gently reached out to cover the other’s eyes.

Jiang Zheliu’s eyes went black before he could react: “…… What is it. You still won’t let me talk about it?”
The other’s breathing was a little sharp, full of urgency and confusion in his mind.

His hand covered Jiang Zheliu’s eyes, feeling a pair of snow-white, slender eyelashes gently blinking against his hand, making his palm tickle and burn a little. Wenren Ye’s other hand held onto the other’s shoulder, only separated from his skin by a thin, wet shirt.

The body beneath his palm was so thin and fragile that one could trace the thickness of the other’s of bones. But Wenren Ye did not dare to move. He felt so nervous he wanted to die, he was more nervous saying what he wanted to say to him than how he had felt heading into the Xuan Tongju Gate to kill his enemy. He was having trouble finding his voice, his voice was submerged in a deep pit. He wanted to display all his affections, let him know all of his deepest darkest thoughts.

But what kind of person was Jiang Zheliu? He sensed the change in atmosphere and stayed silent for a moment, not rushing him, but then asked softly, “…… can’t I look at you?”

The words made this Devil Lord who was petrified in front of his first love find his way back to the subject at hand and leaned close to the other’s ear to explain, “I wouldn’t dare say anything if you were looking at me.”

Jiang Zheliu’s ears were warmed a little by his breath, or perhaps it was not rendered by the other’s breath, but perhaps his ears were just burning themselves.

“I’m not holding a grudge.” Wenren Ye said, “Actually, I am ……”

Again his words paused, as if those following words were the critical juncture. In his heart, Wenren Ye was cursing himself for being so useless, but when he saw this person in front of him, he really was utterly useless, his mind was just completely blank.

After a short while, Jiang Zheliu felt a very soft touch land on his brow, a little ill-at-ease, a light kiss that took a lot of courage like a dragonfly that touches the water lightly. Wenren Ye’s hand that was covering his eyes slowly moved away, but his breath became scalding hot.

Jiang Zheliu heard Wenren Ye’s voice, his deep but gentle voice came forth.

“Do……do you understand now?”

Jiang Zheliu slowly opened his eyes and saw the other’s eyes gazing at him – a serene glowing purple, wholly devoted and attached, even if he didn’t say so, he had already offered up his heart.   
Author note:

If you had met him earlier, would you have so readily just given up just like that.

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